Website Video Production Companies

Video marketing is more important than ever. Choosing a video production company for your website video can be tricky with so many options, so we show you 10 great options.

Website Video Production Companies

If you’ve tried to search for a video production company for your website video, I’m sure one of the first things you’ve noticed is there are a lot of studios to choose from. Even figuring out who is worth looking into and who is a waste of time can take a lot of effort. That’s why I’ve made it easier and compiled my list of the top 10 website video production companies for 2022.

1. Yans Media

More than 500 different companies have already worked with Yans Media to create videos for their websites. Yans has many years of experience in video marketing and the businesses they have partnered with showcase that.

Their team specializes in creating explainer videos, product demos, introduction videos, and much more.If you’re interested in video marketing solutions for your website, then Yans Media could be the right partner for you. They’ll not only create a unique and inspired design for your marketing message, but will also start the conversation with your audience with the right engagement.

Even a quick look at their portfolio page shows that these guys love what they do and consider every project as a new opportunity to produce a winning video.

2. Epipheo

If you’re looking for veterans in website video production, then Epipiheo is here for you. This company started its journey long ago, and since then Epipheo has become one of the most recognizable names in video production.

Even if you haven’t heard much about them by name, you’ve surely already seen their work across the internet.

They’ve created videos for such big brands as Google, P&G, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.“We believe that, above all else, people need to understand what you do, why you matter, or how you’re different because they won’t buy what they don’t understand.” This is the motto of the Epipheo team, and if you take a look at their videos you’ll notice that this approach is apparent in all their projects and is part of what makes them so successful.


It’s hard to avoid talking about art or design when you bring up Italy or anything related to that beautiful country. And yep, you guessed it, the next video production company I’m going to mention is based in Italy and, yep, they are pretty damn good at designing things.

Illo has proved again and again that website promotional video is more than just video, it’s the first conversation and the first impression that many potential customers will experience with your brand. That’s why watching Illo’s videos is also an example of the power of the beautiful visual art they create.

If you’ve decided to create a design-driven video for your website, then Illo should be near the top of your list.

4. Sandwich Video

“We do things differently.” What can I say about this company, they really do do things differently.

What I like most about their projects is that they are incredibly engaging and these guys know how to use humor to both capture the viewer and make a lasting impression in their thoughts.Although Sandwich VIdeo creates both live-action and animated videos, I would say it’s their live-action works that are their crown jewels.

It’s almost unbelievable that such a successful company entered the video production industry accidentally by creating a personal video for their app back in 2009. That video turned out so good, they eventually decided to stay in the video production industry and create stories for other businesses too.

Don’t skip out on checking their portfolio, I’m positive you’ll find yourself hooked with their awesome content.

5. BluBlu Studios

BluBlu Studios is an award-winning website video production company that creates compelling visual stories for brands big and small. The businesses they’ve partnered with describe them as a reliable company that helped drive huge traffic to their websites with their short and expressive videos.

Their main focus is on creating online and offline video stories that communicate with the target audience in the most effective way.

6. Giant Ant

If you’re searching for stellar website videos that will excite your imagination with animated visual effects then Giant Ant’s portfolio is something you must take a look at.

Their works are refreshingly unique and will easily turn your website visitors’ attention spans directly toward your brand message.Giant Ant works fluently both with 2D and 3D animation styles, so if you haven’t yet decided what animation choice would work best for your website video, then connect with these guys to discuss both options.

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7. Buck

All of the video production companies I’ve included in my list are great storytellers, and even if you aren’t going to collaborate with any of them, I strongly recommend that you check their work.

You’ll not only learn what successful storytelling looks like, but you’ll also find inspiration for your own website video.The videos created by Buck are not an exception. As one of my favorites, I’ll mention they’ve done content for Mailchimp, New York Festival, Amazon Halo, and Hulu, but you can see a multitude of other clients on their website.

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A website video is a strong marketing tool, and if you use that tool in the right way you’ll be far along the path to success. So before you get started on creating your own website video, don’t rush things. Instead, be thorough about understanding why you need a video and what the main customer problems or questions you’re going to answer with it should be.

Nerdo is a studio that is not only specialized in crafting beautiful visuals, but also finding new ways to deliver brand messages in the most simple and understandable way. So if you don’t have any specific ideas on how to create a successful marketing message, then Nerdo is another great company to partner with.

9. Cub Studio

Cub Studio was founded by two enthusiasts that have years of experience both in video production and video marketing. Those two guys are Fraser Davidson and Ben Skinner, and their knowledge of both production process and marketing helped them built an influential website video production company where the works receive lots of recognition and are very popular and discussed among video marketers. Another fine option to choose from, or to investigate to get some fresh ideas for your own website video.

10. MotionLab

This video production company based in Australia offers a wide range of video content for their clients.

Motion Lab creates television advertising, online videos, music videos, and much more both in 2D and 3D video formats.“Stand out from the crowd” is their approach to every single project they take on, and that’s what really separates them from other video production companies as their videos really stand out, making every new project different and exciting.

Final Words

Choosing a video production company for your website or homepage explainer video can seem like a difficult choice with so many options out there. That’s why I put this list together – you can’t go wrong with checking out any of the 10 studios I’ve mentioned here. If you’re looking for further information or have some specific questions you’d like to ask, feel free to connect with us at any time!

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