Top 10 Website Promotional Video Examples for 2023

2023 brings new ideas for website promo videos, but of course some strategies are evergreen. Here are 10 successful examples and why they work so well.

Top 10 Website Promotional Video Examples for 2023

Website promotional videos are hotter than ever for getting people into your sales funnel. With mobile video big and still growing, it’s key to understand how to make marketing content as effective as possible. In this article, I examine 10 website promotional videos and what makes them successful.

1. DotShop

Created by Yans Media

There is no better way to reach your target audience and attain higher engagement for your website than with a promotional video.

The Dot Shop website promo video(case study) perfectly shows how effectively we can use video to quickly and easily reach and engage with our target audience. A fitting tone, mood, and story in this video creates a perfect connection between the viewer and the website. After watching this 60-second video, the viewer’s trust in the product is established, elevating Dot Shop to the top of the list. How? Easy! When you place value on your website visitors' time and create a short video for them instead of thousands of written words that they need to ingest, this leads to appreciation from their side. They’ll be more likely to trust and choose you instead of your competitors.

2. Contra Launch

Thanks to the internet and social networks, it’s now become easier to promote marketing videos and garner large scale recognition. That’s yet another reason to jump into creating a promo video for your website if you’re still considering methods to drive more traffic there. used this promo video to launch their website and of course attract more attention to the benefits their target audience can get by using their product. The video is a success at focusing the viewers on the message. It works by using a kinetic typography technique, one of the smartest visual tricks to get people to pay attention to the message. They also did an amazing job with the animation, creating smooth transitions and combining them with an upbeat music track.

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3. DOH How’s Your Head

Have you ever noticed that when you visit a website for the first time and see a promotional or an introduction video to that website, you automatically start looking for the same kind of content on other websites too? This happens because your mind subconsciously prefers learning information from a source that stimulates both audio and visual receptors. It allows it to grasp the idea more easily. But what’s more important, it automatically makes you more emotionally engaged with the websites that have connected to you through video content instead of leading you into long and boring text.  

For a website that offers mental healthcare support, using a website promo video instead of a wall of text is even more emphatic. "How's Your Head Today" uses a short and visually compelling concept, making it easier to connect with and suggest support to the people who need mental health assistance.

4. A better home | Family

"A better home | Family" is probably one of the shortest website promo videos I've ever seen. If you’ve read my other articles, you know being concise is one of the tested and guaranteed techniques to drive attention to your website.

The video runs only 9 seconds, but that’s enough to grab attention and persuade the viewer to visit their website. If you're looking for ideas on creating short promo videos, then this is one of the best examples you can pull useful ideas from.

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5. Matmatch

A website promo video is also a great tool to walk your site visitors through a story that will help them solve their problems or take advantage of the benefits you offer.

This video turns a boring topic into a visually compelling story that explains how you can use Matmach’s website to find materials for product development. Experimenting with different shapes and textures, they created a visually powerful and intelligent explanation for the products they showcase.

Choosing the right animation style for your promo video has another benefit. You have the freedom to demonstrate complex visuals that are hard (or impossible) to show with live-action.

6. Rakuten Free Money

This video employs two strategies at the same time. First, it goes down the tricky path of having a very broad target audience - basically, everyone and anyone. For this reason, they shot the video using different scenes with different individuals to try to narrow that aim a bit within different segments of the video.

The next thing they did was create an emotional connection for the viewer to feel satisfaction by saving money every time they purchase something using Rakuten.

I think for this video choosing live-action played a crucial role, as it helped the producers to build more credibility throughout the video. The goal is achieved, and the video successfully promotes their website.

7. About Scioto Properties

Understanding your client's values is important, especially if you're going to create a marketing video for them.  

Watching this video, we see how the producers created a warm, visual tone with both the visuals and audio (voice and sound design). The animation just flows so well, making it look like a real masterpiece.

8. Wood Turtles: A year in the life of a Species At Risk

Sharing a piece of valuable information or educating your website visitors with a promo video is one of my favorite tactics. As a result, when you give a piece of knowledge to your target audience, you earn their appreciation and gain their trust on a subconscious level.

As you can see in this video, the producers have selected specific problems that farming can cause to wood turtles. And although not all viewers will likely be farmers, the information in the video is interesting for everyone. Creating a compelling story around wood turtle life with beautiful visuals can nudge the viewer to follow through on the website to get more info about it.

9. What's my super claim worth?

This video is a great example of how you can promote your website using a simple and concise strategy. No unnecessary or disrupting info - every detail focuses on only the most important benefits that the target audience can get. And of course, a strong call to action in the end compels people to visit the website.

10. Refinery 29

Why tell when you can show!

Even for the fashion industry, it’s now become more preferable to rely on animation video content. Why? Because animation gives freedom to the creative teams to explain and show things more easily, using a shorter amount of time, while creating stronger visual associations. While live-action requires more effort and time to get the viewer to the point, animation works much more quickly.

This video masters the way you can promote your website in 30 seconds using only text animation, visuals, and an upbeat track that complements the mood.

Final Words

I hope you were able to gain insight to the most effective techniques for website promo videos. Some things change - like attention spans and visual styles, but some things like sales techniques remain the same. If you’ve got questions about a website promotional video of your own, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation with our expert strategists.

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