10 Awesome Banking & Financial Services Video Ads You Need to See!

We review the most influential banking video examples online to help inspire your next marketing campaign and produce content with high conversion rates.

10 Awesome Banking & Financial Services Video Ads You Need to See!

Video content is an excellent way to capture your target market and increase conversion rates.

In this post, we will review some of the most successful financial commercial examples to help you diversify your next marketing campaign.

After watching these curated examples from some of the world's most recognizable financial and banking companies, you will have a better understanding of the elements critical to producing an effective video ad.

1. Naehas

Our first banking video demonstrates how shapes can be used to capture your viewer's attention and put emphasis on key selling points. The cloud-based financial services company, Naehas, utilizes shapes throughout its video to highlight different character interactions, transition scenes, demonstrate the UI, and visually represent statistics.

Animation allows you to implement geometrical designs to engage users with unique visuals. Shapes work especially well with the financial industry because you can use stats and graphs to support your USP.

2. Chase

Chase has produced some of our favorite financial commercial examples over the years. While they typically choose live action to showcase their banking products, they decided on animation to demonstrate how the Chase First Banking app works in real time.

Visualizations of the app in action help viewers set expectations and understand how it can help their lives. If you are advertising a financial service app, you should consider including the UI complimented with how it affects users in the real world.

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3. Mintos

Our next banking commercial is from a European investment group called Mintos. We chose this video as an example for its well-executed use of audio.

Throughout the finance ad, we hear subtle noises that complement the visuals. For example, the sound of coins stacking up demonstrates investment growth. These additions to the video's audio may not seem like much, but they play a significant role in keeping users engaged and focused to the end of the video.

Incorporating short, simple, and straightforward audio into your scenes is a great way to help the viewer focus on important talking points, just don't overdo it with the sound effects, or they will become distracting.

4. PlasmaPay

Linear story development is challenging in short-form advertising but incredibly effective when done right.

The banking animation from PlasmaPay follows the journey of a character's currency as its deposited, withdrawn, converted to Bitcoin, and used to buy dinner. Representing the money's journey visually helps users understand how PlasmaPay can be implemented in everyday life.

Creative story progression keeps users from clicking away from your content while simultaneously showing viewers how your product or service adds value to their lives.

5. Behalf

Representation through a diverse group of characters is a must when creating a banking commercial. We chose to highlight the video from Behalf, a business financial services company, because of how well they use characters to connect with their audience.

Throughout the video, people from various walks of life utilize Behalf's services. If your videos feature numerous characters, you need to avoid only representing one type of person. Not only does Behalf's video represent various ethnicities but a multitude of lines of work. Inclusivity is not only ethical socially, but it also ensures you aren't leaving out sections of your target market.

6. Highvern

Statistics are essential to many of the most effective financial ad examples. Including a relevant stat provides legitimacy and communicates urgency to your audience.

Highvern does a great job using the following stat in the banking video above; "62% of managers who change service providers, changed because of a poor service." The statistic brings awareness to the decrease in quality service in the Fintech industry.

Once urgency is established, viewers are more likely to engage with a solution that solves the problem.

7. First Nation Bank

First National Bank keeps its banking ad simple and short in the example above. Viewers are only given one scene, the collection of relatable items amassed together in the shape of a house against an all-white background.

The ad is just 15 seconds long but still communicates how First National Bank helps regular people get the best mortgage possible.

Minimalism is a great approach for spreading brand awareness. FNB wants consumers to associate mortgages with their brand. However, if you are a smaller company competing for market share with new, innovative, or disruptive financial services, we highly recommend dedicating more time to explaining your product.

8. J.P. Morgan Wealth Management

Buzzwords are a great way to get your audience's attention, even if your company isn't providing services directly associated with these trending topics. For example, J.P. Morgan leverages some of the most used terms in digital finance to captivate viewers in the video above.

While J.P. Morgan isn't involved in the Metaverse or Cryptocurrency, the financial commercial uses these terms to spark viewers' interest. The buzzwords represent the overwhelming amount of information we see about finance, and according to the video, J.P. Morgan can help you cut through the noise.

You can use trending topics negatively or positively when creating financial marketing content; either way, the decision will help you keep viewers entertained.

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9. Citi Bank

Starting your videos with a question is a great way to hook viewers.

Citi Bank takes them to the next level by relating with its audience. The question, "Do you know where your passport is?" works to hook viewers who responsibly keep their passports in a safe place and those who have no idea where their important documents are hiding.

Hooking your viewers within the first 5 seconds is extremely important in digital marketing. As the internet becomes more interactive, users have infinite content options other than your finance commercial. Starting with a question may be how you can keep them watching well into your video ad.

10. Mastercard

Simple animation is highly effective in financial marketing. A minimal approach lets you focus on aspects that hold value rather than details like backgrounds and facial features.

Mastercard utilized simple designs in their finance ad above, focusing on human interactions with the MasterPass payment app. For example, the first scene shows a woman in a kitchen using up the last of her milk. She then goes to her smart refrigerator to order another carton.

A detailed kitchen scene is unnecessary in the video. The imagery of a bare refrigerator and a simple sink establishes the location. Emphasis is allocated to communicating the value of Mastercard's touchless payment app rather than focusing on over-the-top visuals.

Final Words

The banking and financial services industry is highly competitive. More companies rely on video marketing to introduce new products, instill brand recognition, and communicate USPs. As a result, your banking commercial needs to be well executed to make a return on your investment.

If you struggle with producing engaging video content that fits your company's brand, contact us today for a free consultation.

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