10 Best Animated Product Video Examples

When executed properly, animated product videos are a great way to introduce your product to the world. Here are 10 examples that do exactly that.

10 Best Animated Product Video Examples

There are many ways to introduce a product with animated video. Sometimes, you don’t even need to show the product if your brand is strong enough.

Other times, using unique hooks or strong stories work exceptionally well. Here are 10 examples of great animated product videos.

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1. Tornado Alert

Victims of severe weather are often caught unaware, especially at night. This tornado detection device monitors the weather and signals when a storm is detected.

With this animated product video, it was easy to show how storm detection works and how it can help to keep families safe. The narrator builds product trust by showing how the use of this product can help the user to avoid becoming a casualty from a dangerous storm.

2. Google Pixel 4

This product video animation introduces the Google Pixel 4. Using the bright brand colors and graphics, the video shows a new model of Google Pixel that tempts the viewer with new features and a modern design.

It’s a new product, and they take a new approach to connect it to other Google products. The text “phone made the Google way” tells the viewer what to expect based on the stellar brand reputation they have built.

3. Run For The Oceans

Each pair of Adidas Ultraboost Parley shoes prevents 11 plastic bottles from entering the oceans.

This animated video is a great example of showing instead of telling to introduce features about the product. Using active sound design and cool animation works great to get the viewer to love the shoes.

4. Polaroid

The iconic Polaroid logo was an obvious inspiration for the creators of the video. Playing around with color patterns and graphic images helped them to convey the colorful and explosive experience you can have with Polaroid.

The actual product isn’t shown, but they know with a legacy brand like Polaroid, you don’t have to flash your product every time you want to share something.

Showing only a logo and featuring the bright color palette is enough to wow the viewer — which is exactly what a good product video animation should do.

5. The Better Sweater Just Got Better

The Better Sweater is made out of completely recycled materials.

Using subtitles makes it easier to understand this animated product video. It also makes it perfect for social media campaigns where viewers often watch video content on mute. The goal of the video is to show the support the manufacturers have for environmental issues and connect to like-minded people.

6. Every U Does Good

Unilever uses this brightly colored video animation to walk the viewer through its products and to support their sustainable living program. The video utilizes the interesting idea of how it’s possible to use an animated product video to demonstrate not just one but several products.

Unique sound design makes the video even more vivid and engaging.

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7. Ride The Future

Right from the beginning, this glossy animated product video captures the viewer’s attention, showing the innovative features of the VanMoof bike like its invisible battery, speed display, and theft protection system.

This is another great example of showing instead of telling about the features of a product. And the video flows in a way that any bike lover would want to watch.

8. Play History Make History

What would capture a hardcore PlayStation gamer’s attention better?

The creators of this video evoke the nostalgic experience Playstation fans associate with from early PlayStation games. Recreating classic PlayStation games in this video stimulates and triggers powerful memories and emotions that are hard to ignore for anyone familiar with the original system.

This video is an example of how you can engage the viewer emotionally with the right approach, animation style, sound design, and timing.

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9. Just Gentle Cooking

This video shows how you can create a harmonic product video mixing animation with live-action.

Most parents are concerned about the food they give to their children, so the more informed they are, the better they feel about the product.

In this case, coming from the perspective of the pain points of the parents was a great decision that informs while at the same time comforting them.

10. Creativity For All

Adobe showcases an incredible editing experience in this product video animation. They created this powerful video without using any voice over or text animation. Instead, they simply show and play around with imaginary animated objects. Using this as an example highlights a limitless creative process that excites the imagination of creative people.

Final Words

As you can see, there’s much more possible with product videos than simply showing the product. Sometimes simplicity works wonders, but there are countless examples of how to grab the attention of potential customers with imaginative concepts. If you’re looking for a creative way to introduce your product, contact our expert strategists for a free consultation.

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