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We’ll handle every step of your animation production
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Quality & Experience
We’ve been helping big-name clients for over 10 years.
scalable production
Flexible & Scalable Production
Need 1 video? We’ve got you. Need 10 videos? We’ve still got you.
production manager
Dedicated Project Manager
You’ll work directly with someone who will always be available for your needs
in house production
In House Production
All our work is original and completed in-house
fixed delivery
Fixed Timeline Delivery
Got a deadline? We’ll get it finished on time, every time
We’re fully experienced with white label fulfillment for your privacy needs

Some Of Our Work

When you work with Yans, you get  

  • A professional animation production team for a much cheaper price than your local market rate
  • Custom designs with original art
  • Fixed turnaround times
  • Free unlimited consultation
  • Fixed pricing
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How it works (the process)

Of course, the process is completely flexible to your needs, and we can also take on your project from any stage.

production process


Why outsource animation
Let’s be realistic – in your agency, your job is to create content that helps achieve your customer’s goals. And production is laborious; it can drag your team down with multitasking and cause you to waste time on things that you’d rather not be doing. While that’s a key reason, here are others given to us by agencies who prefer to outsource animation:
  • Your work is delegated to a team with more experience animating on a daily basis.
  • Sometimes there are special requests that your client will ask for that you won’t have a staff on hand to fulfill. But with your animation outsourced, you’ll be covered. You won’t need that extra staff on hand (which of course means you won’t have to pay extra salary, benefits, etc).
  • You can avoid spending on additional office expenses such as furniture, hardware/software, etc.
  • You can focus on growing your business and obtaining clients, instead of getting mired down with production needs.
  • Outsourcing is ultimately cheaper because labor costs will be less expensive when you hire organized professionals, especially offshore. With Yans, we guarantee you will get the same exact quality for less cost due to our cheaper cost of living and government benefits for businesses.
What animation styles can you fulfill?
Motion graphics, 2d animation, mixed media, isometric. If you need something other than this, please ask, and we can at least point you in the right direction.
What software do you use?
Our design team uses Adobe Suite, which includes:
  • Adobe Illustrator.
  • Adobe Photoshop.
  • Adobe After Effects.
  • Adobe Animate
In addition to the Adobe collection of software, we also use Cinema 4D for some 3D projects.

We never use any templates or toolkits; all our work and techniques are original and created by professional artists and animators.
Do you help with a script?
Yes, we can help with that too!
How much does it cost?
Pricing depends on the length, style and complexity. Since every project is unique, get in touch with us to get full pricing information custom created for your needs.
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