Blockchain video production

Getting your message out in a simple way

Why do I need a video to explain blockchain?

Investors are excited about the possibilities but may not completely understand what blockchain is. Also they need to understand how it is utilized in your service or product.

While it is indeed the golden age for blockchain based companies, many decision-makers are still unaware of the nuts and bolts of how blockchain works.

To many, blockchain is still only a buzzword. Creating a video for your blockchain company helps ensure that your message is delivered clearly and simply – engaging viewers and conveying the excitement you have!

Examples of blockchain videos

How does Yans Media create blockchain videos?

At Yans Media, we start our process for blockchain videos the same as we do with all our partners – by listening to YOUR needs and working to achieve YOUR digital media goals.

Our studio has extensive experience creating blockchain videos, and have partnered with dozens of blockchain companies, from start-ups to multi-billion dollar tech corporations entering the field.

We know what it takes to explain the complexities of blockchain-based business and make it palatable for your target audience – especially investors and persons who take part in ICOs. 

What questions should a blockchain video answer?  

Because blockchain is a new technology field, it’s important that the right message is simplified and delivered in your video. Here are some answers that should be covered.
  • What, exactly, is blockchain?
  • Why should a potential investor care?
  • How does your product utilize blockchain?
  • What makes your blockchain-based product or service different from a non-blockchain product or service?
  • What can put a potential investor at ease when putting money toward your company?
  • Is there an ICO? If so, what are the details?


How can I use my blockchain video?

Blockchain product videos are useful for video marketing presentations, ICOs or ICO announcements, and as explainer videos on a landing page or homepage.

The saturation of social media (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, et al) has also given rise to digital sharing.

We also encourage all our partners to spread their product videos on every app or site they have a social media presence on.

How much does it cost to?

Our general price range at YANS Media is between $4000 and $6500.

The pricing depends mostly on length and style. We are also happy to talk with you about bigger projects and ongoing campaigns.

How long does it take?

We typically quote a time frame between 6 and 8 weeks. We will also gladly talk with you about rush projects.

The video production service is fluid, and we try to make ourselves available for your special needs.
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