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100% Custom-made to solve your obstacles

Our team works from the first draft of the script to the very last animation tweak to provide a fully custom video to help you achieve your marketing goals.
  • Show a problem and a solution
  • Explain the powerful benefits of your product
  • Highlight the unique features
  • Show how your app works
  • Increase app installs
  • Grow daily active users (DAU)
  • Increase brand awareness

Why Yans Media?

Global Team Synergy

Our unique setup spans two continents - expert writers in the USA and cost-effective production in Europe for unmatched quality and value.

Beyond Video Production

We're more than just animation experts. We will examine your market strategy and provide solutions that perfectly match it, helping you make the most of your video.

Delivering Results

We approach every project with just one thing in mind: delivering business results.
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Discover your exact investment for improved results.


How long Does it take to create an app explainer Video?
Typically, our the process takes 5-8 weeks. This covers:
  • Discovery, where we learn your needs and goals
  • Story conceptualization
  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Voice recording and audio mixing
  • Animation & video finalization
How much does an app video cost?
At Yans Media, our typical rate for an app video usually falls between $4500 and $7500, depending on length, style, complexity, and quality level desired. We are also happy to talk with you about longer, multi-video campaigns.
How Does Payment Work?
Half the payment is due up front, and half is due when the project is complete. This makes it easy and simple for both of us!
Do you provide support after production is finished?
Yes. We save all assets and project files in case you’d like to make any changes or adjustments in the future. This can happen when a logo or slogan change
Where I can learn about your past work and reputation?
You can read what our clients say about us on Clutch, where we have 100% positive feedback. These are all verified feedback comments from our happy clients and partners.
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