Our Production Process

Discover how we create videos that start a conversation and connect people with your business.
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1. Brief & Research

Every marketing video starts with a conversation about an idea.

Our team of researchers talks with you to learn as much about your product, service, or issue as possible.

The process of research also evaluates the market to figure out the best method for putting out the right message in the best way for your brand.
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script and concept

2. Script & Concept

The script is a crucial element in creating a killer explainer video. Before a single image is even put into motion for the explainer video, we talk to you to plan the concept.

Our video production creative team puts their heads together for nailing the right concept which is then fleshed out into a full script.

The key is to present the message in the simplest, most comprehensive manner to your target audience.

3. Mood Board & Storyboard

We will send you several mood boards (a type of collage consisting of images intended to project a particular style or concept) and sketch out a storyboard that shows how the script will play out – scene by scene.
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4. Style & Illustrations

Next we will send you 2-3 custom, full-color visuals that will give you an accurate idea of what the finished video will look like. Depending on your video, this may include text, characters, backgrounds, icons and more. After you sign off, we will create the full story with the final visuals. This process includes the design of all the characters and the environments in the animated explainer video.

5. Voice Over

The most engaging male or female voices with the right accent are selected from our pool of talent to set the right pace for the animated explainer video.

The perfect voice-over reinforces the message of the video and can make a world of a difference.
voice over artist
animation process

6. Animation

Once the script and storyboard are approved, we move on to putting the words into action. The animation production & motion graphics phases involve building the necessary images to go with the message. This phase requires great attention to detail and each step ensures that the visuals created in the production stage reflect the initial concept.

7. Post Production & Revisions

This is the stage that gives the video its final look. Post-production involves the complete process of creating and editing the sound mixing, background music, and graphics including lower thirds. Once the video is finalized, we send it to you for feedback and make any needed revisions.

Finally, your video is ready to be shared with the world.

How it works (the process)

Of course, the process is completely flexible to your needs, and we can also take on your project from any stage.


If I Already Have My Own Script, Can We Use That?
Sure. We will also help you edit it and make sure it works well as an animated video.

Many provided scripts are well written but without animation in mind and so require some tweaks. We are happy to help make sure everything is aligned to work in the animated explainer video style.
Can You Use Our Company Colors And Assets?
Absolutely! We always incorporate any fonts, logos, colors, or other brand standards you have to fit the video to your company.
I Have My Own Illustrations. Can We Use Them In The Video?
The short answer is YES.

However, keep in mind that usually images need to have been created in a scalable (vector) format so that we can work with them and they’ll look crisp in video form..

Sometimes visuals created for websites and design aren’t made that way and look poor when used in video. However, if we can re-create the visual in a vector format, then it is possible.
How Does Your Revision Work?
We give 2 free revisions for every stage in the process except for the VO stage, which has one.

Once you approve a stage (i.e. script, style frame, concept, storyboard, voiceover, animation, sound design), any unused revisions are forfeited.

Also, you can get unlimited revisions for an agreed price.
Do You Provide Support After Production Is Finished?
Yes. We save all assets and project files in case you’d like to make any changes or adjustments in the future. This can happen when a logo or slogan changes.
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