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Learn How To Hook A Website Visitor In 8 Seconds

Homepage Video

Did you know that human has less attention span than goldfish?

Goldfish’s average attention span is nine seconds. Meanwhile, we only have eight seconds attention span.

The research found that since 2000, a human’s average attention span dropped from 12 seconds to eight seconds. Despite we have such decreasing attention span, we can’t neglect that our multitasking ability has been drastically improving in the internet and mobile age.

man's attention spam on websites

Based on the fact above, we can’t overlook the fact that the businesses (both offline and online) should really use these slits to engage with their potential customers.

If you are developing your website, remember:

You’ll only have around 8 seconds to do a wonderful thing to attract your potential customers.

Amongst the other things that you can add to your landing pages, adding videos in it can be more effective than the other visual aids.

The reason is simple, people are more attracted to the whole package of the medium. Reading text is boring. Videos are rather entertaining to watch.

What Is Actually The Homepage Video?

Well, as the name suggests, this is the video that is hosted on your landing page. Homepage video can help to illustrate the image of your company, new product, new service, or other specific information for the audience.

In most cases, the video is hosted on the video hosting sites like Vimeo or YouTube, then embedded to the landing page.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

What Are The Advantages Of Homepage Video?

Homepage videos have tons of benefits if they are handled properly.

Let’s talk about the irresistible benefits that you could consider.

Call-To-Action And Easy Access

Obviously, with the effective landing page video, you could conduct such an effective call-to-action.

Your video will provide easy access to your products or services so that your customers won’t waste their time to browse around your site.

Also, keep in mind that we mentioned about human’s short attention span. This can be very effective to encourage your users to check on your products or services.

The videos can illustrate all the important points that you’d like to share with your audience in a much more attractive and engaging way. They’ll likely to check on your product soon after they finish watching

It’s Entertaining To Watch

You can have unlimited ideas about what to add to your video.

The good thing here is that you can do everything to make your prospects entertained. The more they are entertained, the higher the chance your website converts the traffic.

An entertaining homepage video indeed has emotional cues that needed to attract your customers.

Well, obviously.

Engaging your prospects can be a challenging aspect. The video can really help you to engage your prospects. Converting them will be much easier.

Homepage Video Breaks The “Boring” Niche

Since the nature of the video is entertaining, it can be very effective in enhancing such “boring” niches. While some people are selling entertaining stuff like toys, video games, etc, you might end up promoting insurance, stationery, and other boring stuff. But that does not mean that your company image is boring in the eye of the beholders. Using the video on your landing page will make your brand more attractive and appealing. Who can guess that a boring insurance company has such a cute mascot in every marketing video it publishes?

Homepage Video Raises Conversion Rate

Before the trending of homepage explainer video, businesses and companies were using the landing page to lead their visitors to take action. Well, videos also uphold the same reason. Videos can get the action from the visitors with higher conversion rates.

facebook video conversion rate

Keep Your Visitor’s Attention Slightly Longer

The longer your visitors browse around your site, the more they will become familiar with your brand. In term of brand awareness, explainer videos are the best thing to present to keep them engaged. So, before their attention span is running out, you will have the hook to make them stay longer on your website. That works as long as you have such entertaining and attention-grabbing videos.

Make your visitors trust you more

Many people have the trust issues. They might have bad experiences from your competitors or other entities. Trust is an important factor for your business conversions. If you are focusing on online business, then this factor will become more particular.

When your visitors visit your homepage for the first time, chances are they don’t know you well. If they don’t know you, there’s no reason to trust you, your brand, and your product. The video is the best approach to introduce your brand and products to your visitors. The professional-made videos will show them that your company is trustworthy.

make your visitors trust more

Create landing page videos that convert

Be it for a Facebook video campaign or to go to YouTube, a great video ad always pays off well.

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