If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is surely worth a thousand of each. There’s no better way to grab customer attention and start a conversation with them about your business than with a website video.

Placed strategically as the first thing website visitors see when they come to your site, a well-done video can work wonders for your business. But what does “well-done” actually mean? Read on to see 10 examples of website marketing videos done right.

1. CoinDogg

Created by Yans Media

Ever since blockchain came onto the scene, we’ve seen many videos explaining what blockchain is. One of the best website videos I’ll share with you is a piece introducing the CoinDogg cryptocurrency platform. It takes only 1 minute for website visitors to understand what CoinDogg is and how it works.

Now, let’s imagine that explanation without the benefit of a video. How many words would a content writer need to explain the complexities of CoinDogg? How long would it take for the visitor to read and understand everything that’s so easily done with visuals?

To find out how much you actually need a marketing video to explain your product, go to your site’s analytics and check the average time your visitors spend on your website. How much text can they read in that amount of time? How much do they even want to read? It just doesn’t compare to video. For me it’s obvious, there’s no better way than visual storytelling, and the CoinDogg video is solid proof of that.


2. We Need to Fight Microplastics

This explainer video was taken from an environmental organization webpage that provides pertinent information about the impact of plastic pollution on health and the environment.

It’s surprising how a well-made video can change our perception of so many different things. And here on their webpage, we see how video can impact the viewer and make the message stronger. And yes, there is so much information about plastic pollution to take in, but this video amazes me with how efficiently it can cover all those issues in just seconds.

3. Paste By Wetransfer

Paste is a platform that helps with converting designing ideas into meaningful presentations. If you go to this page, the first thing you’ll notice is this video that leaves no questions on what their platform is all about and how you can benefit from it.

The Paste team created a website video that helps them better engage with their visitors, and this is what a website marketing video should be all about. They created an outstanding style, smooth animation, and coupled it with a simple message for their video that easily captures the viewer’s attention. If you’ve got similar goals on how you want to start the conversation with your visitors, then you’ll get great inspiration from the Paste video.

4. Headspace | Meditation

Headspace is a guided meditation program for everyone. There are lots of meditation apps across the internet, but Headspace is the first one that started using website video and that’s what made them so popular. Soon after they launched their first video, it started to drive noticeable traffic to their website. Now they have more than 10 million downloads on the Play Store alone.

Watching this video, we can also see how to use product branding to create a story with benchmark characters, style, and colors.


5. Permission To Move

Your website can be about anything, and a website video can be about anything as well. In this next website marketing video, we’re going to see how author Dave Moen uses an animated video for the website of his book “Permission To Move”.

In this case, the lesson is how different animation techniques and different styles can create an impressive introduction. The production team worked hard to create a visual explanation for the pain points and the solutions for them.

The lesson to take from this video is that your website is not the place for dry explanations, instead, it’s the place where you can experiment with different styles, colors, and techniques to get the most out of every single visitor that comes to your page.

6. Ennismore

Your website is often the stage where customer conversation starts. Let’s see how easy and compelling that first talk can be with an explainer video.

“Working From” uses animated characters in their explainer video to not only show but also explain the benefits of their workspaces. They used minimalistic characters to retain the viewers’ attention without distracting them. And this is the reason this video makes my list, as it masters how you can create a video where all the attention is funneled to the product. In this case, the producers of this video created characters that keep all the attention focused on the working environment they offer for their clients.

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7. Army of Nannies

If you can create the perfect marketing message, it will always be easier for you to promote your business. Like in this case. This is an explainer video created to promote a platform for finding nannies. With this video, they raise awareness about their system and make it obvious it’s a professional and trustworthy website for parents to search for nannies.

If you too have a platform or a service that could use promotion and explanation while maintaining trustworthiness this video is one you can learn from.

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8. Google Cloud

Experienced marketers know that website video is not only a tool that can be used on your website, but it’s also a great medium that can be easily shared across different online channels and serve as a hook to bring more traffic to you. That’s the reason the most successful companies invest so much money in video marketing.

Google is one of those companies that produce videos for all of their new products (or even system updates) and oftentimes these videos serve as a tool for promotion and attracting more traffic to their pages.

9. Slack – Where Work happens: The big pitch

You don’t need hard and complicated concepts to create an outstanding website video. Just take a look at this Slack 15-second video that’s one of my favorites. The video has everything to hook the viewer to learn more about their services while using recognizable brand assets and sparkling with positive energy.

10. The Future Vision of Microsoft 365 (2020)

Sometimes, no words are needed at all, like in this video for ”The Future Vision of Microsoft 365”. Dynamic animation with a complementing design style can establish your website as a place where your visitors will find a solution for their project needs.

Final Words

Website marketing videos are a must in the digital age. There’s no better, more efficient way to introduce visitors to your product or service than with a website video. If you’re interested in creating one for your own website, we are always available for a free consultation. Our strategists can answer any questions you may have about how to get customers in your funnel with a website video of your own.

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