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animation process

About Yans

Where are you located?
We have two locations: Yerevan in Eastern Europe and Portland, Oregon. Most of our animation production team is based in our Yerevan office, while our content team is located in Portland.
How long have you been around?
The core team and founders have been in the industry since 2007, but Yans Media was officially founded in 2012.
    What makes Yans Media unique or different from competitors?
    Yans Media is not just an animation studio creating motion pictures. Our team of marketers will collaborate with you to suggest solutions that will help you win more market.

    Additionally, we take design very seriously and create only custom, hand-crafted style videos. Most of our projects have been featured in the biggest design communities.

    Finally, our unique setup spans two continents - with expert writers in the USA and cost-effective production in Europe, we offer unmatched quality and value.
    What kinds of videos are you best at?
    We specialize in creating explainer, company introduction, commercial, and product videos for businesses, covering a wide range of video styles.
    Our expertise lies in understanding any product or service and conveying its message in a simple yet engaging manner. This approach not only captures the viewers' attention but also inspires them to take the desired action.
    Where can I see your client's feedback?
    We're proud to say that we have consistently received 5-star feedback from our clients. You can read these reviews on various platforms.
    We particularly recommend checking out our client feedback on Clutch. Clutch is a highly reputable and trustworthy platform that verifies every piece of feedback, ensuring you get an authentic picture of our clients' experiences.
    What if I’m in another country or city?
    No problem at all! We successfully work with clients globally, delivering high-quality content regardless of location.
    Additionally, having offices in different parts of the world allows us to provide you with 24/7 support. So, no matter where you are, you can count on us for continuous assistance and collaboration.

    Production Process

    How does your production process look like?
    Our production process consists of 7 stages, each custom-crafted and approved with you to ensure the final product meets your expectations.

    1. Brief & Research: The process begins with a detailed conversation to understand your product or service. This includes market research to identify the best messaging strategy for your brand.
    2. Script & Concept: Next, a concept is developed and turned into a script, ensuring the message is presented simply and effectively.
    3. Mood Board & Storyboard: Mood boards and storyboards are created to visualize how the script will unfold scene by scene.
    4. Style & Illustrations: Custom, full-color visuals are designed to give a clear idea of the final video's look.
    5. Voice Over: The best-suited voice talent is selected to complement the video.
    6. Animation: This phase brings the script and storyboard to life through animation.
    7. Post Production & Revisions: In the final stage, sound mixing, background music, and graphics are added, with opportunities for revisions.

    The entire process is flexible and can be adapted to your specific needs.For more detailed information, you can visit Yans Media's Process Page.
    How long is the standard production process?
    For a 60-second video, the production process typically takes 4-6 weeks, from the initial discovery phase to the finalization.

    It's important to note that various factors can affect this timeline. These include the video's length, style, complexity, the number of revisions required, and the time it takes for you to provide feedback at each stage of production.

    Rest assured, your dedicated project manager will closely work with you to plan the production efficiently and meet your deadlines.
      How should my involvement be?
      The process for you is extremely easy. Initially, you just need to fill out our project questionnaire and participate in our kickoff call to answer a few more questions.
      After that, all you need to do is provide your feedback at each stage of the production process. We'll take care of everything else, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free workflow for you.
      Who will I be working with?
      You will have a dedicated project manager assigned to your project. This manager will work closely with you, providing regular updates throughout the process.
      They will be your main point of contact and will ensure that all your needs are met efficiently.
      What if I have an urgent project that I need done fast?
      What if I have an urgent project that I need done fast?Absolutely, we can assist with urgent projects. If you have a tight deadline, please reach out to us directly to discuss the specifics.
      We'll work closely with you to understand your timeline and do our best to meet your deadlines.
      Can you create a video for my industry?
      Yes, most likely. We’ve created over 600 videos for all sorts of businesses and industries, and we invite you to browse our portfolio for many examples.
      If you can’t find what you’re looking for, however, please reach out since we only post a fraction of what we’ve done on our site.
      What kind of video style will work best for me or my business?
      Honestly, there’s no right or wrong general answer here. One of the things we do during our discovery phase is use our expertise to guide you to a style and tone that fits your needs, goals, and budget.

      Can I use my own script?
      We have our own expert writers in-house that do amazing work to translate your brand and message into video, but if you have something already written, feel free to send it along and we will let you know if it will work or can work with a polish.

      Can you create a video for my industry?
      Yes, most likely. We’ve created over 600 videos for all sorts of businesses and industries, and we invite you to browse our portfolio for many examples.
      If you can’t find what you’re looking for, however, please reach out since we only post a fraction of what we’ve done on our site.
      Can you use our company colors and assets?
      Absolutely! We always incorporate any fonts, logos, colors, or other brand standards you have to fit the video to your company.

      How does your revision work?
      We give 2 free revisions for every stage in the process except for the VO stage, which has one.
      Once you approve a stage (i.e. script, style frame, concept, storyboard, voiceover, animation, sound design), any unused revisions are forfeited.
      Also, you can get unlimited revisions for an agreed price.
      Once the video is finished, who owns the rights?
      After the video is completed, all the rights for unlimited usage of the designs will belong to you. However, we retain the right to display the project in our portfolio, if you don't mind.
      Do you provide support after production is finished?
      Yes. We save all assets and project files in case you’d like to make any changes or adjustments in the future. This can happen when a logo or slogan changes.

      Pricing, Payment, & Terms

      How much does a video cost with Yans?
      The cost of an animated video at Yans typically ranges from $2,500 to $6,500. This price can vary depending on factors such as the video's length, style, and other specific requirements.
      For a more accurate quote, please contact us directly or schedule a custom consultation with one of our video strategists here.
      This will allow us to better understand your needs and provide an accurate estimate tailored to your project.
      Why are your rates more affordable for high-quality videos?
      Our unique business model is the key. We span two continents, combining the expertise of writers in the USA with cost-effective production in Europe.
      This setup allows us to offer unmatched quality and value, making our high-quality videos more affordable.
        How does payment work?
        We make it as easy as possible for you by splitting the fee into two equal payments. 50% is owed up front, and the other 50% is due upon completion of your video.
        Are there any extra or hidden costs I should know about?
        Absolutely not. We ensure that everything is agreed upon in advance and included in the agreement. Our rates are all-inclusive, meaning there are no additional fees of any kind. This transparency in pricing helps you budget effectively without any surprises.