10 Best Service Explainer Video Examples in 2024

A detailed breakdown of 10 service explainer video examples from successful brands. Draw inspiration from our analysis so you can incorporate these strategies.

10 Best Service Explainer Video Examples in 2024

Insurance, healthcare, and other service providers face highly competitive industries. To gain an edge in the market, they utilize a service explainer video to increase brand awareness, describe their unique selling proposition, and drive impressions on various platforms.

In this post, we will explore 10 of the most compelling videos we could find online. Each service promo video was featured in a successful marketing campaign from a well-known brand. After watching our examples and reading the analysis, you can incorporate these video marketing strategies into your next campaign.

1. CaraKit

Our first video demonstrates how to identify a target market and hook viewers while you have their attention.

CaraKit Starts the healthcare service video with the question, "Did you know chemotherapy patients need to redo their medicine cabinets?" immediately separating viewers likely to use the product from those who don't.

Within 6 seconds, the viewer is either uninterested in the service explainer video or hooked and likely to convert.

CaraKit is a subscription service catered to women undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Certain chemicals, dyes, and fragrances in common products aren't safe for these women. Marketing the service is challenging, but with an explainer video, CaraKit can reach people looking to support a friend or family member in treatment.

2. Yelp for Restaurants

Our next service video uses the power of character development to create a connection with viewers. Yelp for Restaurants is a new service from the popular mobile review platform. The video keeps viewers' attention with the help of two characters, Glen and Ann.

The characters help humanize the technology and incentivize the adoption of Yelp's latest product.

Customers are more likely to write a review when they have a connection to a restaurant. You can build a relationship with your target audience by featuring your company's introduction video, a company history, an introduction video, a customer testimonial, or how the business has helped an employee in your next explainer video.

3. Ford Insure

The American manufacturer, Ford, has been producing automobiles since the early 1900s. We've selected the company's service explainer video to demonstrate world-class branding techniques.

The producers choose the iconic Ford blue as the primary color throughout the service explainer video to instill the company’s branding. Viewers aren’t overwhelmed with logos but imagery like the F-150 and cargo van are reminders that the service is exclusive to Ford.

Ford's low-key branding sends a powerful message but gives the producers the space to focus on the new insurance product. While viewers are walked through the evaluation process, the animators leave subtle hints Ford owners can relate with.

4. Contra

Contra's highly visual service video is an excellent example of using an upbeat tempo to keep viewers engaged.

The explainer clocks in at over a minute but feels like a 15-second ad because of the pace and visuals. Until the final scene and call to action, each frame is under 1 second. Utilizing a quick tempo is effective when your product is easy to explain, and you need to get the point across.

Contra's major sell is a commission-free platform. The USP is offered at the end once the frames slow down, and the viewer has committed to watching the entire video. This strategy works well for Contra, but we recommend against it for a product that requires an in-depth explanation like CaraKit.

5. eero by Amazon

Animation is the perfect solution to sell a less tangible product, like WIFI. Communicating the speed of a WIFI connection is nearly impossible in live action, but animation can send viewers through cyberspace to showcase ultra-fast bandwidth.

eero from Amazon utilizes animation beautifully to demonstrate superior speed, range, and smart home capabilities.

If you have a complex product to communicate, consider taking a creative approach that isn't limited by the constraints of reality for your next service explainer video.

6. Firefox

We're thrilled to bring you an example of an attack-style animated explainer video on our breakdown. While it isn't as blatant or cringy as a political ad, Firefox does throw shade at other internet browsers in the example above.

The strategy is bold, but you must put it all out there to get attention when facing competitors like Apple, Microsoft, and Google. Firefox separates itself from other companies in the service explainer video by highlighting the fact they are non-profit. The approach is an effective strategy as more internet users become aware of how our data is mined for massive profits.

7. Network Rail UK

Promoting more people to travel by train is an initiative the UK government pushes in the service promo video above. We chose this example to demonstrate high-quality script writing and a corresponding voice-over.

Trains are convenient, comfortable, and affordable means of traveling around Europe; however, Network Rail chose to focus on the environmental cost. The decision is supported by familiar eco-friendly buzzwords and a soothing, calm voice-over artist to deliver the message.

Make sure to consider terminology and an appropriate tone during the pre-production process of your next explainer video.

8. Airbnb

Many software companies incorporate the product's user interface into their video advertising campaigns. However, few execute as well as Airbnb.

Instead of simply showing how the Airbnb app works, the animators creatively work the UI into the video without disrupting the flow. Typically, videos will stop and walk viewers through how to use the actual interface to explain the product more effectively. Airbnb incorporates the app visuals into the story, keeping viewers engaged and effectively demonstrating the platform's value.

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9. Walmart Text to Shop

In the service video above, the American supermarket chain Walmart takes a similar approach to Airbnb. But instead of working the UI into a storyline, Walmart demonstrates how its new Text to Shop service works in real-time.

The producers incorporate text bubbles into scenes with different characters. The approach is highly effective at demonstrating the service is as easy to use as sending a text message.

10. TruVide

Our final service promo video flawlessly lays out a problem and then offers a solution to viewers. While all our examples do this in one way or another, none offer a more straightforward problem than the commercial food prep service, TruVide.

Viewers feel the pain of two chefs with literally too much on their plate as they attempt to prepare food for a senior citizen's home. TruVide is offered as a solution that simplifies the process, making the lives of the chefs easier and ultimately producing better meals for their clients.

Final Words

Explainer advertising, such as a  service video, can make or break a marketing campaign. We hope you have learned new strategies to help you produce an effective video that converts your viewers into loyal customers. If you need help getting started, feel free to reach out to one of our animation experts for a free consultation.

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