10 of the Best, Most Effective Tech Explainer Videos Ever

We've selected 10 of the best tech videos online and break down each unique approach, giving you inspiration for your next digital advertising campaign.

10 of the Best, Most Effective Tech Explainer Videos Ever

Today we are reviewing videos about technology from 10 successful explainer video marketing campaigns. Watching successful approaches to design and production styles is one of the best ways to learn what is working within your industry.

After reading our tech explainer video breakdowns, you'll be inspired to incorporate what you've learned into your own marketing.

1. Gauss Aurora Lab

New technologies generate immense excitement from the target market. The technology intro video above does a great job of leaning into the audience's passion by setting an upbeat pace.

The striking visuals, rapid voice-over, and welcoming background music all drive the viewer forward and encourage excitement.

Metaverse technology is highly stimulating, both in a literal sense and as a topic of conversation. The designers do an incredible job of reflecting the excitement for the new tech in Aurora FS's video.


2. Pendo

Our next video is from Pendo, a product-analytics app that helps software companies improve their user experience. We choose this video because the producers demonstrate an understanding of the customer and speak directly to potential consumers.

Pendo's target market is other technology companies that develop proprietary software or buy, improve, and sell applications. The video uses highly technical language and animation to speak directly to the target market, never wasting any time explaining the product in simple terms.

The tech explainer video functions as a product demo by featuring the app's user interface and going step-by-step through the user experience, helping viewers understand the product on a high level.

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3. Ericsson

The style of the technology intro video from Ericsson is best described as "beautifully simple design," a phrase also used in the explainer to define the product.

Ericsson does an incredible job of describing its services through visuals. A representation of 5G connectivity is difficult to emulate, but the designers were able to capture simple yet sophisticated technology through carefully styled animation.

If you have an abstract product that can't be demonstrated through characters or your UI, animation offers an opportunity to present a visual representation of your value proposition. Ericsson nails it with a sleek, futuristic style to capture its communication products.

4. Spline

We choose the tech promo video from Spline as an example of character development. The design software company uses a central character to relate with viewers and present the product's value.

Characters are a great way to connect with an audience because they humanize your problem. While stating that 3D modeling is complicated is accurate and will resonate with some viewers; however, it's not nearly as effective as showing the struggle through a character.

Spline continues to use the character by demonstrating how easy the software is to use in real-time. The character takes a 2D cube, transforms it into a 3D cube, then into a smartphone.

Viewers relate to the steep learning curve of traditional 3D software and discover how Spline works by building a connection with a character.

5. Adobe Shasta

Every professional animator should be aware of the latest trends in the industry. Shasta from Adobe gives us an example of one of the most popular trending styles in their tech explainer video, collage animation.

The designers incorporate black and white body parts into their animated video to capture the viewer's attention and drive home the value proposition. Collage animation makes the video look modern and fits well with Adobe's new, highly intuitive recording software.

While utilizing popular animation isn't an absolute must, presenting an outdated style in your technology intro video is an excellent to increase your bounce rate.


6. Eero

Many technology companies that offer B2B services leave out the end consumer in their marketing. For example, they will feature the product or service's benefit in the tech explainer video to their direct client but fail to present the value to the client's consumer.

Eero by Amazon focuses on its WIFI service's benefit to service in the first 30 seconds, then transitions to how the products can improve the lives of their customers. Finally, the last 1/3 communicates the advantages offered to the service providers using examples from the Eero Insights UI.

While the producers recognize that their target market is service providers, they still dedicate 1/3 or 30 seconds to end-users strengthening their value proposition.

7. Google's Quantum AI Project

Our example from Gauss Aurora Lab showcased how to apply an upbeat pace to exciting new technologies; the following video provides the slow-paced, relaxed approach.

Quantum AI from Google uses earth sounds as background noise, pastel animation, and a soothing voice-over to explain its quantum computing project. The tech explainer video depicts how the parallels between the natural and digital world can solve humanity's most complex issues.

A slow tempo works for Google's technology intro video because it complements the subject manner and purpose of the video. The goal isn't to sell a product or build hype. Instead, the explainer spreads awareness and supports Google's overall branding.

8. Spatial

The best tech videos demonstrate the versatility of the product or service. We chose Spatial because of how well the producers use different settings to communicate usefulness.

Each setting represents a different way the 3D rendering soundscape software can adapt to the environment. The animation takes viewers through a hospital, workplace, and amusement park to show the versatility of the software.

The designers differentiate each space using a dissimilar, uniform color pallet, increasing the software's value while simultaneously supporting the branding.

9. Botsociety

Botsociety, the chatbot design platform, offers an excellent example of communicating a problem. Through cluttered chat bubbles and overwhelming, disorganized shapes, the designers show the challenge of building out chatbots.

The technology explainer continues to differentiate Botsociety from other platforms. Competitors focus on appearance while offering user-friendly conversation flows seamlessly on various popular messaging apps.

Botsociety's problem in the tech promo video is supported through an animated user experience. The medium allows the company to effectively communicate the issue because of the limitless potential of animated design.


10. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Synergy and Primera

Our final tech promo video provides an excellent example of incorporating a visual representation of the solution to a problem.

HPE Primera is a tier-0 enterprise storage solution using predictive diagnostics and intuitive analytics for cloud-based apps. The character is overwhelmed with deployment requests UNTIL she simplifies her workflow with HPE Synergy and HPE Primera. She can then automate, deploy, and diagnose apps within a singular platform.

The solution is supported by imagery of our main character, needy developers, and the platform's interface. Once implemented, our girl boss conquers her work while enjoying a sunset with her feet up beachside.

Final Words

Videos about technology require in-depth explanations complemented by visuals to convert viewers into customers. Hopefully, you've learned through our examples and are ready to implement the proven methodologies into your next campaign.

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