10 Awesome Medical and Healthcare Explainer Videos to Inspire You

Medical and healthcare explainer videos have a long track record of potential success. We take a look at 10 of the best and talk about what makes them work.

10 Awesome Medical and Healthcare Explainer Videos to Inspire You

Both the medical and healthcare industries use explainer videos to great success due to that style being great for explaining procedures, new medical devices, patient portals, etc. But when creating a medical or healthcare explainer video, extra care must be taken to convey empathy and compassion to viewers. And of course, there are other must-includes for a successful production in these industries. Read on to learn all about them.

1. Carakit

Medical explainer videos are proven to be effective. They can be a great solution for building awareness, especially for those who run a healthcare business. I've selected this video to show how choosing the proper mood for the explainer can gain favor for your healthcare product or service.

Creating a warm and welcoming design for this video, the producer establishes a supportive atmosphere that also encourages and motivates the viewer. If you're looking for great visual concept ideas that can help you create a wonderful atmosphere for your healthcare explainer, this video is a strong example for inspiration.

2. The Side Effects of Vaccines - How High is the Risk?

It's hard to digest medical books and texts, especially if you don't have any formal medical education. On the other hand, for most people, this kind of information is extremely interesting. We want to get answers to questions to everything; how our internal organs work, how our immune system works, why we develop different health problems, etc. And if you're not a specialist or a medical professional, it's hard to digest written text, especially when it's often created for those who already have formal medical knowledge.

Today you can find visualized explanations for nearly every syndrome, every disease, see how internal organs work, and a lot more.

This explainer video is created for one of the most discussed topics - vaccination. This rather honest medical explainer video helps explain "The Side Effects of Vaccines and How High is the Risk?"

Using statistics, they have created this thorough explanation that answers the question, “Is getting a vaccination good, or bad?” The creators did a good job giving their audience a reasonable explanation that goes beyond the basics, serving as persuasive educational content for those who perceive vaccination not as a solution but as a problem.

3. Book An Appointment Anytime Anywhere

The world is changing fast, and today you can plan your treatment with modern means. Like finding the best doctors online and making an in-person appointment with them from your phone. You may find similar services in nearly every country, but this app became extremely popular among users. Here’s why.

Sure, you'll never succeed without a good product, but having a great product is not a 100% guarantee for success. To achieve success, you need to make your voice heard loud and clear to your potential audience, motivate them to choose you, and explain to them why they need you over your competitors. It can be tricky - there are so many things you could tell your target audience, so many ways to start the conversation. Planning all these aspects is equally as important than having a valuable product in your hands.

This Zocdoc video showcases its own unique technique of creating a healthcare explainer video, and it gets my praise for having a great concept, style, script, and visualization. Nobody watching this video will be left unmoved.

4. Lifekey

A poorly produced healthcare explainer video can be a fatal blow to your chances of success if your product is something complicated and your video doesn’t work to simplify. Your success depends heavily on how your potential clients understand your healthcare business.

In this video, creating bright and smooth visuals contributes to making the video more digestible and clear, increasing the possibility for people to absorb the message. From this video, we can also learn how showing different life cases where the product is useful helps with targeting potential customers.

Lifekey wearables are built to make life more secure and safe, and the technology is described in this video in a way that’s simple and convincing.

5. Switching

I will never stop saying that 30-second explainer videos are fantastic. The shorter, the sharper. The Healthcare industry isn’t an exception to this rule.

Health insurance is one of the most competitive industries, and being empathetic to people’s concerns works out well as an attention grabber in this short piece.

6. Med Mart App

It's always hard to make the right choice when it comes to deciding which doctor to choose for a cosmetic procedure. You're making a decision that will change how you look, and you need someone that will guide you on that life-changing journey.

For the Med Mart app, this explainer video plays a crucial role for people searching for doctors by not only showing the way it could be used, but also promoting itself. This is one of those cases that proves an explainer video doesn’t just have to be a dry explanation, but can also be a great tool to help you garner appreciation from your target audience.\

7. Imaginary Friend Society – Feeling Sad

The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation has produced a series of explainer videos to support kids fighting cancer. Using incredible animated characters, they’ve created 20 different explainer videos to help kids better understand the different treatment processes they may encounter, and help them be less scared of the procedures.

This healthcare explainer video looks more like a cartoon by design, capturing the attention of any child who watches it. Using bright colors and imaginative characters, the creators intrigue and connect with any viewer, helping them develop a better understanding of how to deal with their emotions when sadness comes.

8. What’s that ringing in your ears?

TED-ED has created a series of animated medical videos explaining different health symptoms that happen to us. I'm sure most of us have experienced the tinnitus that causes different auditory noises like hissing, ringing, buzzing, and clicking. So what in the world is going on with that?

"What’s That Ringing In Your Ears" by Marc Fagelson is an amazing video that explains the syndrome in a way that even a 5-year old child can easily understand. By using representative visual images in this video, Marc Fagelson reached an incredible level of simplicity to explain a complicated syndrome.

9. Denovo Dental Space Maintainer

This Space Maintainer video is a perfect example of how a message can be crafted into a more positive and pleasant introduction. This primes the viewer to be more confident about the procedures they are going to undergo.

Since Space Maintainer is a solution for kids, delivering a positive and happy message plays a crucial role in the success of the content. Watch the video again with that in mind and ask yourself whether your child would be more accepting of a procedure after watching this gentle explainer video.

10. Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America

This healthcare explainer video is about Crohn's disease, and teaches those afflicted how to live a full life regardless of their diagnosis.

Let’s face it, nobody really loves to speak about their digesting system issues. That’s probably why the producers decided to create this video in a creative, dialogue heavy style. This way the viewer is more comfortable receiving the information; instead of them, the characters interact in in-depth conversation, making the information more receivable.

When creating a concept for the healthcare industry, it's very important to have your target audience in your mind. You should know all sides of your demographic, from their sensitivities to their frustrations and more. And with that, know how to best work with those points to convey your message. This video is a perfect example of that.

Final Words

Hopefully these 10 healthcare and medical explainer videos give you inspiration for your own video ideas. Even though explainer videos have a lot in common across every sector, every industry has its own nuances that need to be handled with experience and care.

If you’re interested in creating a medical or healthcare explainer, contact us for a free consultation. Our expert strategists have worked with dozens of businesses in the healthcare and medical fields, and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about how to make your own explainer video a great success.

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