10 Inspirational Company Introduction Videos

A great company introduction video can make the difference in a successful business or product launch. Here are 10 winning examples and explanations of what makes them work.

10 Inspirational Company Introduction Videos

First impressions are important, and that’s no different with business. That’s why a company introduction video is essential. The good news is, there many different ways to succeed. We’ve compiled a list of our 10 favorites to help inspire your own ideas.

1. Dot shop

There used to be a time when there were only a few domain extensions available to purchase on the internet. Now, there are scores of different extensions. One of them is .shop, a perfect domain name for businesses (especially businesses that sell goods).

This video was created to give an example of the kinds of business that can benefit from choosing .shop over another domain name.

Read the full case study


2. 108 Years of Herman Miller

Competition between big companies today is intense. Even the big brand names sometimes struggle to stay in the race. Telling your company story is one of the marketing solutions that can help remind your legacy customers about your brand, or educate and introduce it to new adopters.

The producers of this video did a wonderful job creating a company introduction video. We’re taken on a journey as they talk about the 108 glorious years of their company while showing their experience and passion for designing furniture.
To honor those 108 years they timed this video at exactly 108 seconds. And with its minimalistic color palette, dynamic pace, awesome animation, and a rich story this video went wild across the internet and is included in multiple top lists of animation.


3. Living A Richer Life

If you want to attract and keep the attention of a viewer with your video, it often helps to develop new ideas to help you convey your message. Airbnb is one of those companies that’s always ready to amaze the video marketing world with innovative solutions. By watching their videos you can always find a couple of new ideas on how to create a compelling video that will help you engage with your customers and build a positive image.

This video shows another creative approach; interviewing actual users of their platform. They had Airbnb users introduce the company, speak about it, and gain viewer trust. What’s more trustworthy and engaging than the opinions of the people already experiencing it?

If you have loyal customers, you may find you can interview them to create your own interesting and engaging company intro video.

4. The Story of GANT

To celebrate 70 years of Gant, the company came up with this elegant introduction video that starts with the story of founder Bernard Gantmacher.

The producers of the video didn’t use any voice over; the story is crafted in a way that there’s no need for it. With the use of gentle sound design and vibrant, engaging visuals, the viewer perceives it as a short film rather than a marketing video.

Since it’s seen as entertainment, the viewer is more relaxed and can learn with heightened interest where his favorite shirts come from.

This video gives us another good example of how we can use animation to revive the past to tell a company story.

5. 75 Years of BIC

Bic is famous for its pens, lighters, and razors, and remembering the items that made this business famous is another excellent idea of how you can build a company introduction video – by showing your best and most recognizable products.
Bic chose animation, so the actual products are shown as animated graphics. Since the video is not actually about the products, but about the company, showing animated versions of them worked well to stay close to the story and the message they had crafted.

This company introduction video is yet one more example of how you can use animation to showcase your products to introduce the story of your company.


6. Adidas – Adolf Dassler History

The story of Adolf Dassler is the story of Adidas – a company that has revolutionized sport shoes and the way people wear them.
Using a stop-motion animation style, they’ve created this poetic company introduction video. With careful attention to every small detail, the producers restored the original environment where Adi Dassler worked and created the legendary Adidas prototypes.

The objective of this company intro video is to engage the viewer and make them feel a part of the story and brand. And that goal is achieved, as you can’t help but watch the full 3 minute animated video breathlessly from start to finish.
Stop-frame animation may possibly inspire you to create great work, but before you get too excited you should know that this is one of the most expensive styles there is, so the video production expenses on this will exponentially inflate your budget.

Useful Resource
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7. Coffeecompany: The Coffee Story

To create this 3-minute company introduction video, the producers built a custom 17 meter long table with all of the models and objects placed along on the top. Original, right? They tried to replicate the entire process Coffeecompany beans pass through from farms to cups.

Combining earth tone colors with natural wood, they evoke the feeling and atmosphere of coffee drinking. Using this, they trigger your own desire of wanting it.
This is how you can use a company introduction video to both introduce the company and make the viewer crave your product.

8. Progress Naturally

Different characters guide us to take a look at how Gas Network Ireland has changed the future of energy. Clear, affordable, and efficient – that’s how the company introduces itself. So, to stay aligned with that concept, they created their video using a paper style animation. Why paper? It’s an organic material and creates a perception of clean, natural energy. Using high-quality animation, this video leaves no doubt to the casual eye that the scenes aren’t built out of real paper material (it’s actually all done with software).

This video shows us how we can use animation to create a positive perception of a company.

9. HubSpot Culture

Humor is one of those things that can always garner more likes and higher engagement with the viewer. But you must be very careful, as you don’t want to use too much humor, use the wrong style of humor, or overdo it.
The HubSpot Culture introduction video is a great example of how we can create a company introduction video using wittiness.
Another interesting technique they have used is that they didn’t rent a filming space or hire actors. Instead, they show their own office space with their own staff (who played their roles perfectly). This is how you can create an affordable, yet interesting and engaging company introduction video.

10. Dollar Shave Club

The “My Dollar Shave Club” video is one of the most discussed marketing videos in the past decade. It appeared in most of the top ad charts since it first launched and by now has nearly 27 million views on YouTube. The buzz this video made impacted sales immediately, and still does to this day.
This video worked not only for its creative spirit but also for the direct, clear, and simple promise it makes.
If you too can come up with a company intro idea that perfectly matches the identity of your brand, then chances are your company and product can achieve sales success too.

Final Words

There are a lot of different ways you can launch your company, brand, or product, but in the digital age, a big part of that must include a company introduction video. As you’ve seen, there are multiple ways to do even that. We’ve created hundreds of intro videos in the past decade, and we’re always happy to share what we’ve learned so that you can get the best ROI possible on a video of your own. Contact us any time for a free consultation!

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