Should I Buy a Cheap Explainer Video?

They say you get what you pay for. Read on To Know Why You Shouldn’t Get a Cheap Animated Explainer Video?

Should I Buy a Cheap Explainer Video?

We’ve seen a lot about cheap animated explainer videos that cost around $500 – $1000 per minute.

Normally, we’d say “you get what you pay for,” but that doesn’t exactly apply here.

We believe you’d be better off finding other solutions — solutions that we’ll share in this article — or even have no video instead of having a low-quality one. Here’s why:


  1. What Constitutes a “Cheap” Animated Explainer Video?
  2. Why Does the Video Cost What it Cost?
  3. What Should I Do if My Budget is Really Small?
  4. What About Online Explainer Video Creators?
  5. I Was Promised I Could Get a Video for $1500 or Less
  6. What if I’m OK With Getting What I Pay For with a Cheap Video?
  7. Conclusion – Why Shouldn’t I Get a Cheap Animated Explainer Video?
  8. FAQ

What Constitutes a “Cheap” or "Afordable" Explainer Video?

Before we begin, we’d like to let all the entrepreneurs and business people know that animated explainer videos or any other type of explainer video are first and foremost marketing tools. This means that cheap animated explainer videos aren’t just referring to low-quality visuals. It means a low-quality marketing concept with the wrong message and bad hooks or triggers.

Let me explain.

We come across a lot of template-based videos (more on that later in this article), or online video makers that promise you’ll have a video starting at $100, or even free. As you could probably guess, it simply isn’t possible for you to get something valuable at a price that low.

But let’s imagine that it’s acceptable to use a template (which we strongly recommend against) for your production. What about the concept and story? Or the message that connects your brand with the right audience? I know, I know, you’re planning on handling all that.

Read on for reasons why you may think it’s a good idea, but actually isn’t.

Example of a cheap explainer video

Why Does the Video Cost What it Cost?

Some people think that creating an animated video is done just by pushing some buttons. In reality, it’s a project that requires 6-10 people. There’s an account and project producer, marketer, creative director, illustrators, animators, a voice-over artist, writer, sound designer, and editor.

All of them working hard and working together get the video done in about 6-8 weeks. That means the explainer video cost to you will be $4500 – $7500 for a minute-long video which is still affordable considering the value it provides.

Explainer Video Production Process (7 Steps To Creating An Explainer Video )

animation services


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10 Step Guide To Create A Perfect Explainer Video

What Should I Do if My Budget is Really Small?

pricings of explainer videos

It depends on what kinds of objectives you’re trying to achieve.

For example, you can run a YouTube channel. Use a screen recorder and demonstrate your product or application and talk about the benefits.

You do need to have a strong plan and script(learn what to consider when creating explainer video ). If you’re not sure, don’t do this as bad video will hurt your business.

Also, you need to hire a video producer that can edit your video and add text animation and graphics. You’ll need to spend about $1000 for all these steps plus devote much of your own time to it. Some do, and are really good at it. Mostly though, it isn’t a great idea. You’d be better off concentrating on your business and letting the video professionals focus on what they can do for you.

What About Online Explainer Video Creators?

pricings of online video creators

Okay, first we do think that they can work and solve some tasks if your budget is super tight.

For example, you could use it for an announcement, for simple text animation on social media, or other basic video needs.

However, how could any platform like that understand what makes your company special? They won’t know what style works with your brand, at what second the solution should be revealed, or how long to spend on mentioning the pain points and benefits. They can’t.

I Was Promised I Could Get a Video for $1500 or Less

This is an even worse idea than paying $100 for the online creator. The thing is, yes, they will create a script and concept for you. But it won’t be good, and the visuals will be downright ugly. Many times companies like this are using downloaded templates from a place like Envato and then charging you ten times more.

As you can see the quality is still low

What if I’m OK With Getting What I Pay For with a Cheap Video?

Sure, that’s your decision to make. Just note that every time a potential customer clicks the play button on that video, it’s your company that’s being imprinted on them. The video will be displaying your branding. If it’s cheap and low quality, the viewer’s going to think that same thing about your company.

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Do Cheap Explainer Videos Work for Marketing?

If we are talking about online video creators, they can do very basic tasks. They’re also good for things like happy birthday videos. But if you need to create a custom message for a specific audience, then you need a custom created animated video made for you by a professional team!

Where Can I Get a Cost-Effective Animated Explainer Video?

Cost-Effective Animated Explainer Video?

You can check the list of best explainer video companies here. Contact them, see who understands your needs and meets your budget and deadline.

What if I See High Quality for a Low Price?

That can happen. Some companies have great sales. Others are located in countries where cost of living, overhead, and labor is cheaper.

How Can I Plan My Production so that My Final Cost is Low?

The two main factors that affect pricing are style, and length. You’d be best off going with a short 60-second video (the best all-around duration) in 2D motion graphics style. It’s one of the most effective styles for creating corporate explainer videos.

Will I Encounter Other Hidden Fees?

If you plan your production right, there won’t be other fees. But you need to know what you want, and have your strategy. If you don’t, unplanned changes, revisions, or delays will cost you, sometimes lots of money. You should always double-check the revision policy with your video production company.

Conclusion – Why Shouldn’t I Get a Cheap Animated Explainer Video?

Your company isn’t cheap and poorly made, your marketing — including video — can’t be either. It won’t look good.

You won’t have a custom concept and properly created message that speaks directly to your target audience. Nor will you have a style that is designed precisely for your business.

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