The 10 Best App Explainer Videos in 2024

We tried to select application explainer videos in different styles and concepts to help you brainstorm ideas to create your own.

The 10 Best App Explainer Videos in 2024

In this post, we chose the 10 best app explainer videos to inspire you to create your own. Before moving forward, here are a few things you should know about the list:

  1. We tried to select application explainer videos in different styles and concepts to help you brainstorm ideas
  2. The list is in no particular order
  3. We’ll be updating the list every 2-3 months, so make sure you sign up to get notified

The New Google Calendar App for Android and iPhone

I think that one of Google’s secrets of success is that they’ve always been great at explaining. Let’s face it, they’ve brought a lot of innovations to market.But not only that, they’ve convinced people to use them. And in each instance, the first step starts with them explaining the product.

Now, this video was created much later than when the app was launched. But since it already had some exposure, that allows them to get more creative and explain and hint about how you can use it to make your life more fun. The video’s target audience is young people, but you can see they try to relate to different groups:

-People who love to have fun
-Those into healthy lifestyles
-People who like the arts (museums)
-And others, all covered in a short video.

It doesn’t hurt that the video is a great production, combining motion graphics animation with live-action.

And here’s a quick story to show its effectiveness: I asked my colleagues at the studio to pick the best app videos from a list of 50. 6 out of 10 chose this one from Google because of the things they saw in this video!

Ways this video can inspire you:

•A style solution: motion graphics with live action
•How to target multiple audiences
•How to show an app demonstrating and explaining benefits at the same time.


Varpet App Explainer Video

This is a classic app explainer video format that works perfectly for startups. It covers the customer’s pain points, suggests the solution, and drives conversion.

However, success is not just due to the classic explainer video concept. You also are taken on a journey with an interesting and intriguing story.

Captured by a unique hook – the detective character and awesome sound effects – you’re engaged till the very last second. The result? Within only 1 month after publishing the video, Varpet’s orders have increased by 15%.

Created by Yans Media

Ways this video can inspire you:

  • It has a unique and engaging story
  • The sound design captivates and adds to the message
  • Classic explainer video tactics are used perfectly

Neat Streets App Explainer Video

This explainer video is great because of its simplicity. No story, and no complicated concept. They show what they need to show and nothing more.

Usually explainer video producers try to hook the viewer within the first 15 seconds by addressing pain points. But here, they find a different great solution. Starting with a nice visual of a street light, we then follow a cyclist as he tries to avoid road hazards. Then the message shifts to “you”; “when something isn’t safe in your neighborhood”. It’s a very strong way to connect with a viewer making sure they’ll stick around to learn more.

So, in just 25 seconds, the video covers the problem and solution, shows how the product works, and displays the main benefit. Then wraps it all up with a strong CTA directing people where to download the app.

One note: You could say the style could be cooler or more modern. But I believe they selected this simple style because the product isn’t niche, and there’s no need for trendy branding. It’s a simple style that fits the message, and we believe it’s the right decision.

Ways this video can inspire you:

  • It’s short
  • It’s simple
  • The style choice is great for targeting a wide audience

BreatheSmart Explainer Video

From the opening seconds, this video directly targets those who would be interested in their message. It addresses their fears and hesitations. Discusses and predicts all the hard situations that a patient may have. And, of course, gives hope. I think that’s the most important concept the creators added to this video. The hope for a better life.

Also, the style is magnificent. They made all the right decisions, conveying warmth, a friendly dream, etc. It’s the perfect style to share the story of a boy suffering from asthma.

Ways this video can inspire you:

  • Detailed information about the topic
  • Perfect, fitting style
  • A Big idea – Hope

Amazon Go

Sometimes you may think your idea is so simple or so revolutionary that you don’t need to put any effort into explaining it.

Well, that’s a big mistake! Let me explain what I mean.

If you see a guy talking about the benefits of a fast ticket window or animated videos talking about long lines at the supermarket, it can seem artificial. But in this video, there is the magic of seeing it all in action. The guy enters the store and walks out just like you should if you spontaneously decided to shop there. You even get the impression that he invented it himself, he’s so satisfied.

Also, the script writer has done a great job. They predicted what the viewer would ask (like how it all works) and explain the tech at the right moment. This is one of those rare examples where you’re 100% convinced you want the product before even getting to the end of the video!

Ways this video can inspire you:

  • Showing the product in a realistic, believable situation
  • Great work in answering potential questions from the viewers
  • Starts off with the main benefit

Chevy / Call Me Out App

Using a celebrity in a commercial is a dangerous game. It can work well, or it can be en expensive total disaster. You may see Kim Kardashian advertising perfume and never believe she would buy it for $50. She seems like the type who uses fresh unicorn milk mixed with a rare flower only found in Himalayan temples. So I’m not buying that pitch.

Mike Tompkins in app explainer video

But when they are done right, they can work well. In this video, Mike Tompkins tells his story while explaining the benefits of the app. Also, as a musician, he fits the profile of someone who would actually use it. Great video with the right celebrity and awesome animation production.

Ways this video can inspire you:

  • Good use of a celebrity in an explainer video
  • Using a personal story
  • Vivid animation production

Amazon Prime Day

When you’re a big company like Amazon, you don’t need to spend time building a relationship with the viewer. And marketers from Amazon know that. In this app explainer, they cut to the chase by demonstrating the features and telling you exactly what you’ll get out of it.Another advantage is that they can use a video for just one feature knowing that millions of people will pay attention. They’ve established that their products are something you’re going to want, so viewers already know it will improve the way they do things daily.

Ways this video can inspire you:

  • Shows how a short video can work with a big company
  • Use of other characters (like the cat) to add entertainment value

MyHeritage App

This is one of my favorite mobile app explainer videos because it lights a warm, cozy fire inside you. There’s no voiceover, no story, and not even a reference to the age you live in. However, it captivates you to want to watch it and download the app.I think it makes you think about more important things in life that we all want to talk about but don’t often enough.

Ways this video can inspire you:

  • Shows a message can be powerful even without a voiceover
  • Emotionally touching

Doctors in Italy

We’ve selected this app video to our top list because of its style and the way it connects the brand message with the art and common themes of Italy.

The idea of the app is simple. If you’re a tourist and need a doctor in Italy? This is the app you need! On the other side, if you’re a doctor and you speak English, you can make more money. Even if you don’t need this service at this exact moment, the concept sticks in your mind. You know there’s an app available to you if you find yourself in this situation.

Ways this video can inspire you:

  • Great visual design
  • Using general knowledge and ideas (like the leaning tower of Pisa) to connect the product to viewer’s mind

Signing Up for Twitter

This is my wife’s favorite app explainer video. Of course, that isn’t the only reason why it made the list! The video starts and plays out like a blockbuster movie. It keeps you smiling and concerned for Kenny G the whole time. But it also explains and shows how fun and interesting your life can be once you sign up.

I’ve never thought that just because a commercial or movie is expensive, that makes it good. The message is still the king in every marketing video. But in this app explainer video, you can see everything is perfect. The script, the shooting quality, the story, the sound, and the CTA. It’s all top quality.

Ways this video can inspire you:

  • Everything is perfect here. But you better have a big enough budget.

Final Words

This is a lot of information we’re sharing. And we’ve made a lot of research to collect and examine these videos for you. We really hope that you can find inspiration for your own explainer video. And here’s another bonus from us. If you don’t know where to start, just book a free consultation with our video strategist at any time. We’re always happy to show how an explainer video can work for your business!

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