10 Highly Effective Corporate Explainer Video Examples

We break down 10 of the best corporate explainer video examples online. Each video features a different approach that can be replicated in your next campaign.

10 Highly Effective Corporate Explainer Video Examples

Large corporations with global name recognition face unique challenges regarding video marketing. In this post, we break down the strategies household names utilize to produce their corporate explainer video. After reading, you will be able to incorporate a similar methodology into your next marketing campaign.

1. Arrow Electronics

Arrow is one of the leading electronic components manufacturers in the world. While they aren't well known to everyday consumers, they are a force within the technology manufacturing industry.

In order to stay competitive in the highly competitive B2B global sector, corporations like Arrow Electronics must convince other major companies that they are constantly innovating. The corporate animated video above demonstrates how Arrow positions itself in the market as an innovator and leader in research and development.

The corporate video starts by identifying notable scientific achievements and asks us, "what's next?" The copy implies that Arrow is currently working on new technology that will revolutionize communication without getting into specifics. We are left with the company's brilliant tagline "5 years ahead," supporting the company's pursuit to innovate and create new solutions.

2. Airbnb

Airbnb gives us a great example of how to communicate a mission statement through branding creatively.

One of Airbnb's main selling points is the option to rent from an actual person rather than a massive hotel corporation. The video argues that travelers can enjoy a sense of belonging anywhere in the world safely with their platform.

Using the corporate animation video above, Airbnb demonstrates how its company message ties into the Bello logo and the company's branding. The four elements of the logo represent people, places, love, and an "A" for Airbnb.

If you can find a way to incorporate your company messaging into your branding, your video marketing will resonate with viewers on a more personal level. Now every time we see an Airbnb logo, we will be reminded of people, places, and love.

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3. The Coca-Cola Company

A corporate explainer video usually delivers a broad company message rather than highlighting a specific product or service. The iconic brand Coca-Cola uses the explainer video above to educate viewers on what the company offers beyond a tasty, carbonated beverage.

Throughout the video, we see shots of not only people enjoying the products but how the company provides countless jobs all over the world and funds incredible social initiatives. Coca-Cola reminds us that the brand has been a leader in the space for decades and, in two minutes, lists multiple specific reasons why viewers should support the company outside of the quality of the product.

4. HubSpot

HubSpot chooses a 3-minute, 1980s-styled movie intro for its corporate marketing video. Through storytelling, the digital marketing company identifies how it is different than competitors.

Viewers are guided through the company's journey, different departments, background on the founders, and how HubSpot treats its employees. The storytelling creates a personal connection with potential clients and also builds consumer confidence.

If your company has a unique inception story or even operates differently from competitors, you can leverage stories to relate with viewers and humanize the brand.

5. Apple

Apple's top-tier marketing is on full display in the corporate explainer video above. The technology company does an incredible job of delivering a company message while focusing on the user and product.

While many companies promote messages of inclusion, Apple directly relates the message to its value proposition. We see shots of people utilizing Apple products to help them connect and overcome obstacles over an incredibly strong voice-over. The messaging is much more powerful if you connect people to your products or services.

6. Lego

Lego's bold corporate animated video provides us with an example of straightforward messaging. Instead of making vague claims using popular buzzwords, Lego decides to showcase actual worker policies and specific pledges to sustainability in its explainer video.

The video is predominantly made up of text to drive home the policies. This is an excellent choice by the animators because the messaging is so profound and specific, it needs to be amplified.

At the end of the video, Lego ties the messaging of inclusion and sustainability into the product with the perfect tagline, "Rebuild the Future.”

7. General Electric

In many cases, an agency offering corporate video production services will do too much.

I'll explain.

Many agencies focus on producing over-the-top visuals, music, and a VO. While these are essential aspects of every corporate video, the process can overlook the aspects that make the company unique.

Instead of creating a cutting-edge explainer video, GE highlights why it is one of the most recognizable American companies. The visuals and music are incredibly simple, focusing on GE's unparallel resume as a leader in US electrical manufacturing.

The critical takeaway is to focus on your company's strengths rather than over-producing and distracting viewers from what really matters.

8. Ahlstrom Munksjo

Paper products can be a boring subject, but Ahlstrom Munksjo created an engaging corporate marketing video using the power of animation.

The explainer takes us on a journey from a simple piece of paper to how the company is providing sustainable solutions. Ahlstrom Munksjo's use of animation allows the producers to bring excitement to an otherwise uninteresting subject.

Once the video gains your attention, the paper products wholesaler communicates plans for the future and outlines how it sets itself apart from other companies.

9. Geocent

Geocent gives us another excellent example of an animated corporate explainer video. We featured the video because we love how the producers incorporated a play on words into their script.

The education services company guides us through examples of its services like cloud computing, deep space exploration, and dev sec ops with a visualization of walking through each field. As the video goes on, you will notice how it stays on topic by using phrases like "pave the way for progress," "walk through our approach," and "we're there every step of the way."

By using cohesive language, Geocent drives home its value proposition as a leader in technology education services. The video ends with the brand's tagline, "we make YOU our mission," wrapping up the ad and completing the unified messaging.

10. Lyft

Humor is a great way to build a relationship with customers. Lyft offers an example by incorporating jokes to lighten the mood and present the company as relatable in its 3-minute corporate explainer video.

As we learn how the idea for the ridesharing company came about, the VO and visuals offer us a refreshing, entertaining journey about Lyft's values and vision for the future.

Adding comedy to a video ad can be risky, but quality scriptwriting can lead to an incredibly engaging and converting explainer video.

Final Words

A corporate video is an essential marketing tool to communicate company values and create a relationship with potential customers. Hopefully, you can draw some inspiration from the videos we featured, but if you still need help, Yans Media is the perfect partner. Reach out to our team of professional animation specialists today for a free consultation.

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