Best B2C Explainer Videos

Launching a brand, product, or new feature? A B2C explainer video is a must. Here are the best to help you with ideas.

Best B2C Explainer Videos

Getting the word out to potential customers seems simpler than ever in the new digital word. But just because it’s much easier to reach people, that doesn’t mean they’re going to care or even pay attention to your message. The good news is, there are plenty of successful examples that have already been proven. Let’s take a look at some of the best B2C explainer videos, and what makes them work.

1. Tourbuds

The quality of your B2C video matters. You simply can't attract consumers with a poor quality video. This Tourbuds video shows how professional storytelling can form the perception of the services you provide. And, what's more important, attract your potential consumers and drive them to take the desired action.

2.  Our Blades Are F***ing Great

I couldn't miss adding the Dollar Shave Club video, as it’s one of those videos that made a huge impact and led to dizzying success. We can safely say there wouldn't be a "My Dollar Shave Club" brand at the level it’s at without this video. It’s one of those cases when we can say for sure that a successful marketing video alone can do magic for your business and command big recognition.

The video was created long ago, all the way back in 2012, but it doesn't make it any less effective in terms of crafting a strong, convincing, and humorous message. It’s also an evergreen inspiration for those who want to create a marketing video for their business on their own. Cut away the fluff, and it’s simply founder Michael Dubin making a clear sales pitch in just a minute and 30 seconds. The result? A massively viral video that boosted their sales to a billion dollars.

3.  Really hurts | Zocdoc

A B2C explainer video shouldn't be forcefully selling. Instead, it should be educating. It also has to be influencing your potential audience to love and remember your brand. All the Zocdoc videos are created in a way that triggers the viewer to get engaged with their services.

Using humor not only creates positive associations with a name that provides medical services, but also connects emotionally. So, next time you need medical treatment, Zocdoc will be the first thing that comes to your mind.

4. What is Airbnb

If you want someone to pay attention to your message, the first step is to define who you want to address your message to. This is a fundamental part of any marketing video. But what if you have to reach two different audiences with one B2C marketing video? That can be a real challenge. To overcome this you should know one simple rule that will change everything.

When you have multiple target demographics, you should be precise with every segment you're targeting. Like in this video when the narrator targets two types of audiences with one incredibly convincing and clear B2C video. If you have a similar task too, then watch this video to learn how you can explain your service to two different audiences with a singular message.

5. Introducing Studio

B2C video marketing is one of the most frequently used marketing techniques for IKEA. They’ve shown us many great examples of marketing videos, both animated and live-action. This one grabbed my attention for its simplicity, showing the studio in action and ensuring the audience that the best designer for you is you.

With this app, you can visualize the IKEA furniture in your spaces and experiment with your design skills even if you aren’t a designer. Showing your app or software in action with a few text and logo animations is another great idea for creating a successful B2C video.

6. Sanlam Indie - Wealth Bonus

Focusing on users' needs, this explainer video from Sanlam Indie opens up about their wealth bonus offerings. The calm pace and awesome visuals of the video add credibility for the type of company they are. The visuals were created following their brand guidelines, so it could be used both as an explainer video and as a homepage video.

7. Amazon Key, Now With In-Car Delivery

By choosing a live-action B2C explainer video, you'll be able to add an extra human touch to your messages. It makes it easier for your audience to imagine themselves in situations when they would need your product or service. Also, live-action is a great choice for those who want to build trust around their brand, as showing real people with real emotions will create more familiar associations that eventually help you build a more reliable perception in the eyes of the viewer.

You can see all the above-mentioned techniques used in this Amazon key video and see for yourself that this is a tactic that can help you achieve the same results.

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8. JOVIA - A Dog for All Seasons

When your B2C business is something perceived as serious, careful, and solemn, sometimes you need to change those perceptions. In banking, it’s kind of a tradition to create a serious and dour mood that almost always drains the viewers' energy and can easily end up being not appealing at all.

"A Dog for All Seasons" is another video that also offers banking services and instead of a gloomy and serious mood, they created this compelling and convincing B2C video. If your business is in an industry that also evokes negative perceptions, then this Jovia video is great content to draw some inspiration from on how to break the stereotypes.

9. SMARTY 3 x 6”

This B2C explainer video is special in terms of being extremely short and uniquely designed. Hardly any viewer will be able to ignore this video message. The producers knew that to grab the viewers' attention they needed to be very specific. That's why they created these interesting and fast-talking characters. They also chose an accent that would emphasize the whole scene.

10. Limitless Curriculum for Cardinal Stritch University

Complex ideas need explanation in order to get their target audience's attention. This new B2C video from Cardinal Stritch University works because the narration highlights and explains all the benefits with a simple and understandable conversational voiceover. With such an approach, complex ideas become easy to understand for a B2C explainer.

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Final Words

Hopefully you come away with this breakdown of B2C explainer videos with some inspiration and ideas for your own marketing plans. If you’re ready (or even just getting interested) in creating an explainer video for your company, our expert strategists are always available for a free consultation. Contact us any time!

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