10 Great Examples of Property and Real Estate Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are one of the most valuable pieces of marketing available for business, including property and real estate. Here are 10 successful videos.

10 Great Examples of Property and Real Estate Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos have been used to great success by Silicon Valley, the tech industry, and big corporations for years. But they work incredibly well for other industries as well. If you’re in property, construction, or real estate, an explainer video could be exactly what you need to market your company in the digital age.

In this article, we take a look at 10 successful property and real estate explainer videos and why they work so well. Read on to pull inspiration for your own ideas.

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1. Odagled

An explainer video is a type of content that helps businesses - including those from the real estate market - to build long-term loyalty with their customers. If your goal is bigger than enticing one-time purchasers to your market, then you should definitely think about using an explainer video.

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer report, 81% of consumers insist that confidence in the brand influences their buying decision. Watching the Odagled piece, we see how video can totally change the way others understand and see our business. And the better the production quality, the more professional and trustworthy you’ll look in the eyes of the viewer.

2. Meet Eqpt

This real estate marketing video works well, as it has simplified its ideas and the solutions in a way that everyone can understand. They selected a lovely style and a calm pace for the video, allowing the viewer to focus their attention on what's important.

3. Walliance

Bright colors can work wonders. It’s a simple, yet effective marketing trick. This video makes it all but impossible to ignore or skip due to its vibrancy.

Everyone knows that playing with right color palette can play a big role in evoking a reaction. In this video, colors create a powerful drive for viewers to stick around all the way to the end. Another good creative inspiration you can pull from this video is its manipulation of shapes that naturally follow the narration and create a deeper connection to the explanation.

4. Discover a Better Place to Call Home

Visual storytelling is a universal language and, if crafted well, can spread your message to anyone.

'’Discover a Better Place to Call Home'' is one of my favorite real estate animations, and draws a beautiful canvas of possibilities that the EYA team offers. A valuable lesson we can learn from this real estate animated video is that the more detailed and broader you are in your descriptions, the better your chances to be clear to your audience and connect with them emotionally.

Adding beautiful visuals will always emphasize your story and amplify your message.

5. Ility

Processing detailed information and transforming it into a more structured and simple explanation is what explainer videos are designed for. The Ility video has been picked for this very reason: to show how organizing and simplifying ideas is so crucial, especially for businesses that provide complex solutions for their clients.

6. Spike Construction

Saving time can often be the most important aspect of your business operation. One of the ways you can ultimately save time is paid ads. Time is money, and if you can get your idea to a wide audience quickly, you can both raise your effectiveness and save your resources in the long run.

The same is true with video length. This content is only 30 seconds, but that makes it no less effective than a longer piece of content. A short explainer video can work perfectly on a website homepage or on social media channels - and also be great to run as an ad.

This video is unique in the way that it could be viewed both as a real estate ad animation or as an explainer video. If you're looking for ways to create versatile content that works across different channels, then this video is worth your attention.

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7. About Scioto Properties

What, if not a story, is the best format to create an animated explainer video for real estate services? It's been proven that whenever we hear a story, our brain waves start to naturally synch with those of the storyteller. And if we look deeper into all the research around storytelling, we'll understand why many business giants use this format to achieve their goals. This story is a beautiful example of how we can implement storytelling to create an endearing and emphatic real estate explainer video.

8. Property Works

This real estate animated video catches your attention with its unique color and design. In real estate, like in any other type of business, you shouldn’t worry about straying from being serious and conservative with your design. On the contrary, it's usually better to stand out and create memorable content for your audience.

In this video, finding a new property is fun, rather than a hard and overwhelming job. Breaking the norms almost always works, as it breaks all the negative expectations that many people mistakenly associate with your business niche.

9. Private Property at Scale

While short videos can work great, whoever said that explainers shouldn't be long is also mistaken - as long as it’s done right. If you can find a way to be interesting for your audience, then time isn’t a problem.

For those who are looking to buy a new property, this video will be rather compelling, as it combines a real-life story with detailed information about the specific services they offer. Although it's rather a long video, I'm sure any relevant viewer will enjoy it. What's most important is that it creates a strong call to action to use their online property portal.

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10. West Green - Auckland

This vertical video was designed specifically for social media channels. Statistics show that more than 50% of the world's total population uses social media. And creating an explainer video specifically for social media can be a very smart move.

Here we see how animation in the hands of different artists can turn into unlimited shapes and structures and create an incredibly convincing message for online communities.

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Final Words -

Animated explainer videos aren’t just for tech companies. As you’ve seen in this article, they work incredibly well for the real estate market, especially when built with beautiful designs and compelling stories. If you’re interested in creating one for your business, our expert strategists are always happy to give you a free consultation.

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