Top 10 Premium Explainer Videos

We cover different elements that make the best explainer videos. Each video we feature takes a different approach and will help inspire your next campaign.

Top 10 Premium Explainer Videos

Great explainer videos are highly effective components of a successful marketing campaign. The video style allows organizations to speak directly to a specific target audience, offering a unique solution to a problem affecting their lives.

We've collected 10 of the best explainer videos we could find from some of the most recognizable brands across various industries. After watching the videos and reading our analysis, you will understand how effective explainer videos can be and apply aspects to your next video campaign.

1. The Watch Standard

Our first explainer video example is from a high-end timepiece reselling platform, The Watch Standard. The video is one of our shortest selections running just over 30 seconds. However, within this short time period, the company successfully explains the platform's process while appealing to its target market.

Producing an explainer that will keep your audience engaged is essential. We can tell that the animators understand the target consumer based on the sleek tone of the VO, crisp visuals, and upscale script writing.

2. NPR Invisibilia – The Power of Expectations

NPR provides a long-form explainer video that goes in-depth on a complex topic. The subject matter is fascinating; however, the average human attention span is shrinking as interactions online become more engaging.

The producers keep viewers interested by including multiple narrators. This technique speeds up the pace exponentially, making the video seem shorter.

Don't be afraid of creating long-form content. While keeping a user's attention is challenging, the idea that our attention span is shorter than a goldfish is an exaggeration. As long as you find ways to keep viewers entertained with quality content, videos exceeding a couple of minutes can be highly beneficial.

3. Purple

Many great explainer videos use humor to keep users engaged. Purple provides use with a perfect example that also proves that less can be more when it comes to animation.

Watching an assortment of exaggerated, absurdly shaped animals get comfy on a Purple mattress communicates that the company's proprietary technology will satisfy humans. Simple animation allows Purple to deliver this message in a fun, humorous way that will leave an impression on viewers.

4. Google Wallet

Google also takes a simple approach to its Wallet explainer but uses a highly effective, real-world example. Comparing an old, disorganized, overstuffed wallet with Google's simple interface instantly builds a connection with viewers.

Premium explainer videos create a relationship with prospects by presenting a relatable problem. Google achieves this while also explaining lesser-known Wallet features and staying on-brand.

Notice all Google marketing videos feature a white backdrop that emphasizes the brand's iconic green, yellow, red, and blue branding. The technique is simple but easy to recognize and resonates immediately with viewers.

5. Grammarly

The AI-powered cloud-based typing assistant, Grammarly, is our next explainer video example. We chose this video because it demonstrates how to deliver a product tutorial using relatable, real-life situations.

Grammarly explains how its service works through a series of awkward and hilarious text exchanges from 2 co-workers. Choosing a personal relationship shows that the product can be useful in situations other than spell-checking work emails.

6. TED-Ed

The explainer video from TED-Ed answers the complicated question, 'Why don't we cover the desert with solar panels.'

In around 5 minutes, the narrator walks us through how solar panels function, the evolution of the technology, and how covering an entire ecosystem in heat-absorbing panels would drastically change the climate.

While the video is long relative to other explainers, the topic is extremely complex. The producers do a great job condensing the main points into a digestible online video.

If you need to explain a complicated topic to reach new consumers, animation is an excellent option because it gives you the freedom to illustrate different settings and concepts.

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7. University of Wisconsin Madison

The following explainer video example is from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The animators utilize bright visuals combined with text to explain how health equity can be achieved through policy, system, and environment (PSE).

Text overlays are a beneficial technique used to drive home talking points. The video uses animated text to annunciate each aspect of PSE change and highlight terms that resonate with the target audience. For example, the producers emphasize the terms' food insecure' and 'community' with text to increase awareness around health equity and encourage action.

8. Minima

Blockchain is a new, disruptive technology that generates an emotional response from advocates. Minima does an incredible job of capturing the revolutionary tone of its target audience to drive interest in the platform.

Regardless of the product or service you are promoting, appealing to potential consumers is crucial. Minima's explainer video does so through tone and script writing. The company creates a sense of urgency with language, building off the passion of the average blockchain supporter.

9. Spline

Spline provides a great example of storytelling through a central character. The technique is highly beneficial in explainer videos for the following reasons:

  • Helps identify the problem – steep learning curve in 3D modeling software
  • Builds a connection with viewers – features a relatable character who is struggling
  • Explains how the product or service works – watch the character overcome the problem with Spline

The story of our protagonist demonstrates the struggle of novice 3D modeling designers through an analogy and then shows us direct examples of how the software works. Taking this approach is much more effective and emotional than simply identifying the learning curve of competitors and offering a solution.

10. Plastic Pollution Coalition

Personification is commonly used in explainer videos; we already covered the ridiculously shaped animals sleeping on a Purple mattress above. However, the Plastic Pollution Coalition takes the method to a whole new level by demonstrating a breakup text exchange with a single-use plastic water bottle.

Using this analogy is a genius way of creating interest around a topic and providing hope to viewers feeling helpless. You can use personification in your videos to help make a connection with viewers, communicate your product or service's value, or identify a common problem.

Final Words

Now you've watched some of the best explainer videos online, you can apply these techniques to your campaigns. We covered how properly executed explainer videos create a connection with consumers, identify a problem, and provide a solution.

If you're interested in utilizing the strategy in your next campaign but need help, please contact us for a free consultation.

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