Top 10 Brand Videos to Inspire You

Brand marketing videos are more important than ever for businesses. We analyzed 10 top brand videos and what makes them successful to help inspire ideas for your own.

Top 10 Brand Videos to Inspire You

As we head deeper into the 2020s, brand marketing videos are becoming even more necessary for any business to find success. You’ve probably found this article because you’re interested in making your own brand video and want to learn how to make it as successful as possible. Well, we’ve got you covered. Read on for our list of the top 10 brand marketing videos (as of late 2020) and our analysis of why they work.

1. StacksCity

Created by Yans Media

The StacksCity brand video makes my list because of its simple, clear, and understandable concept. Every aspect of this video from the flowing visuals to the script is built around the brand and the solutions targeted viewers can benefit from.
It can be tricky to create a video that successfully raises awareness while at the same time informing. If done correctly though, this approach could be a win-win option for you. Using the same concept for your brand video, you can raise both awareness and knowledge about your brand.


2.Welcome to Airbnb

When it comes to brand videos, every company wants something that will make them popular, be remembered, and look impressive. But not everyone thinks of being engaging. However, creating engagement with your audience is the best thing you can do to make your brand memorable.
Airbnb knows how to both create engagement between hosts and their tenants, as well as how to make a brand video that creates engagement between people and their brand.
With this video, the Airbnb team created a compelling story that recreates all the beautiful moments of an Airbnb journey. By building a physical 85 square meter miniature platform, they show how you can make yourself at home with Airbnb wherever you go.

3. Stories of Better

By showing all their famous models in a uniquely wonderful visual style, Toyota found a special way to tell their brand story. When your products uphold the good name of your brand, the best thing you can do is show those products. So many different models across the years, yet there is one word that connects them all – “Toyota”. The producers of the video took this note to not only show the brand, but also follow the evolution of the brand from classic to modern

4. Starbucks Coffee Perfection

I’ve included this video on our list of the top brand videos for two reasons. First is the visual part that leaves no need for words and comments beyond total appreciation. Second is the script. Let’s talk a bit more about that.
Starbucks took a unique approach with their brand marketing video script, starting the story from the end. It’s an end we all know – a fresh and delicious coffee on our desk. But what about the rest of the process that most of us haven’t ever thought of? This video shows the viewer the long journey – the Starbucks coffee beans grown, sourced, roasted, and then finally ready to be enjoyed. This clever backtracking tactic helped them add education and awareness to their brand while staying entertaining and increasing brand passion.
If you want to create a deeper relationship with your audience or build trust with those who have recently discovered your brand, use this as inspiration for your next marketing project.

5. A Coke is a Coke

“A Coke Is A Coke” is one of my favorites on this list.
I would like to point your attention to how they used this marketing video to show that Coca-Cola is more than just a drink. It’s the drink for everyone; it’s the brand that unifies all the people in the world. Sure, there are many who don’t prefer Coke, but with this marketing video they did their best to show that there is no segmentation, there are no limits; this brand loves everyone and everyone loves this brand. The message is simple but powerful. And while it seems they aren’t saying much, so much actually is said, and in just one sentence.
If you want your brand video to be successful too, you must think outside the box to create something that will not just display your brand name or logo, but connect people emotionally to your brand idea.

6. HubSpot Culture

The most important thing I would like to outline about this Hubspot brand video is that it shows its innovative approach to company culture. This is one of the concepts that made HubSpot so popular and the producers knew it’s their best feature and what they should focus on.
A 3 minute, 30-second video may seem long and at risk to be boring for a marketing brand video, but in this case it works. They applied a proper amount of humor and tried to involve every branch to show that their team consists of real professionals who are passionate about their work.

Useful Recourse
30 Second Explainer Video – Pros & Cons

7. Kenya Ice Hockey Team Dreams Big

With this story about the Kenyan Ice Hockey Team, Alibaba wanted to show that before everything big comes a spark, and Alibaba was once just an idea too before becoming a household name.
I love this video because it’s inspiring and encourages the viewer to dream beyond the possible.
The key message from this example is that a marketing video doesn’t have to be built entirely around your brand.

8. 75 Years of BIC

BIC starts the dialogue with its most famous products. What, if not their famous pens, lighters, and razors would better tell us the story of the BIC brand. I chose this video to show that for creating a brand marketing video, you can utilize different strategies and experiment with alternative scenarios to make a powerful impact throughout your video.
This Bic video is another great piece to study if you want to make a successful marketing video.


9. The Story of Lyft

The Story of Lyft is another example that breaks the written and unwritten rules that marketing videos shouldn’t be longer than 60 seconds. This video lasts more than 3 minutes, yet those 3 minutes are watched with great enjoyment while we discover the story of how Lyft began and what makes them great.
The smooth animation quality, bright and contrasting colors, and outstanding design show how it is important to not only have a great story but also excite viewers with beautiful visuals. For marketing videos, those two elements are crucial for creating successful and remarkable content.


10. Akima’s Iñupiaq Shareholders

The Akima’s Iñupiaq Shareholders story uncovers another great idea․ What about representing a brand through the causes and public duties they uphold?
All the visuals have been created with the use of motion graphics, but more importantly with a great eye for colors, shapes, and images.
Watching this video, I’d also like to point out the voice-over. Pay special attention to it and notice how it complements the rest of the content. The way it leads the viewer through the whole story is perfect, and makes the visualization come to life. It’s another important aspect that can make or break a video.

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed this breakdown of the top 10 brand videos. We’ve made hundreds of videos just like these, but it’s always fun to go through videos that others have made and see what makes them work. Or what’s missing that makes them flop! If you’re close to creating your own brand marketing video, contact us for a free consultation. Our strategists will be happy to give you insight on how to make the best brand video for your business.

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