10 Awesome Motion Graphic Ads Examples

Motion graphics ads give companies the freedom to push what is possible in commercials. We cover 10 examples to help with your next advertising campaign.

10 Awesome Motion Graphic Ads Examples

Motion graphics offer advertisers more opportunities to communicate value propositions, new products, and company ideology.

In this post, we break down 10 examples so you can get ideas for your next advertising campaign.

After reading, you will understand the potential of animation and how it can be used in commercials.

1. Starks Law

Creating urgency is one of the fundamentals of a good advertisement. Motion graphics allows marketers to use creative ways of driving a narrative and providing a solution.

Starks Law utilizes animation to personify shadows that take the shape of debt collectors. The shadows retreat once the protagonist finds refuge at a Stark’s Law office.

Accomplishing this type of ad in live-action is nearly impossible without CGI and a hundred-thousand-dollar budget. By using animation for advertising, the marketer is given the opportunity to communicate the value of the service to heights unattainable with other mediums.

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2. Porsche

In just 30 seconds, the Porsche ad above takes us through the evolution of the automobile through a famous California highway and into a dealership. Brands like Porsche sell a feeling rather than a solution and can accomplish this by utilizing motion graphics commercials.

Porsche uses incredible animated imagery, a laid-back VO, and upbeat background music to set the vibe. The iconic car manufacturer utilizes the medium to lean into the brand’s appeal and is successful in doing so in 30 seconds.

3. NEXT Insurance

The insurance industry is extremely difficult and highly competitive. As a result, companies need to differentiate themselves from a sea of other agencies while offering a product that no one really wants but everyone needs.

Motion graphics allows NEXT Insurance to target specific groups of people, in this case, small business owners, and offer them their specialized service.

The company recognizes that buying insurance isn’t a pleasant experience by creating imagery of ‘SuckTown.’ Animated ads allow companies like NEXT to create a visualization that takes the attention off a boring or mundane service but is essential to running a business.

4. Corcoran

Corcoran is a New York real estate company with a specific target market. Choosing property and real estate animated explainer video allows the firm to create a commercial that appeals to wealthy New Yorkers by providing imagery of the upscale life in the Hamptons.

The best motion graphics ads identify the target market quickly and create a commercial that appeals to a particular type of person.

Corcoran operates all over New England, but this campaign is targeted specifically at people looking for property in the Hamptons. The designers do an excellent job of showing scenes from specific locations that showcase all the advantages of purchasing property in the upscale community.

5. Chase

Chase is a globally recognized brand that stays competitive by offering new, innovative products. For example, Chase uses motion graphics in the commercial above to introduce a ‘First’ debt card catered to children.

Rolling out a specific product requires an advertising campaign, primarily if you operate a recognizable brand like Chase. Motion graphics are used in this case to show the benefits of the ‘First’ banking card.

The commercial successfully communicates the advantages of using the new product for both parents and children. Animation allows the marketers to quickly go through all the features and demonstrate exactly how the ‘First’ Card is useful from both perspectives.

6. Sky TV

30-second ads can be incredibly effective if you keep the messaging straightforward and simple. Sky TV, a British cable, internet, and phone company, does just that in the advertisement above.

Most people in the UK have heard about Sky TV, so they don’t need to get into reliability, service, or customer care. Instead, the commercial is centered around a promotional offer with a new low rate that lasts for 3 years.

People are cutting costs, and one of the first things to go is entertainment. Sky TV recognizes the trend and utilizes motion graphics to advertise a new promotion to UK residents. The graphics are simple and uses highlights of bright colors that make their new deals stand out.

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7. Nestle NatureNes

The video above is another recognizable brand offering a new product. Nestle is known for its variety of food products but doesn’t have a strong reputation in the health food sector.

Nestle choose a motion graphics ad to communicate the natural features of their new product line, NatureNes. The ad takes us literally into the product and navigating all around the Earth, showcasing each ingredient in its natural form.

The motion graphics commercial does an incredible job of portraying the natural foods vibe with colorful imagery of wildlife and landscapes. Animation allows the designers to take us into the product and communicate its natural ingredients.

8. Coca Cola

Motion graphics ads are a great way to boost brand awareness. Coke has dominated the beverage sector with virtually one product; they do so through strategic marketing, memorable ad campaigns, and brand recognition.

The motion graphics commercial above states that Coca-Cola isn’t offering a massive product line; instead, they focus on the diversity of people who enjoy coke. Animation allows the brand to showcase all the different types of people from around the world that appreciate their products.

9. Oreo

One of the most significant advantages of utilizing animation for advertisements is telling a story. Oreo does so through some of the most iconic monster stories in children’s literature.

Oreos are given to Dracula, the Big Bad Wolf, a giant squid, and Big Foot and change their perspective on life. Motion graphics allows the animators to jump to various scenes with iconic characters and tell multiple short stories, all within a 30-second commercial.

10. Mailchimp

As more business owners feel the need to use digital marketing platforms, Mailchimp is capitalizing on the shift. The email marketing company uses an animated ad to show how all business owners, no matter their trade, can benefit from using Mailchimp.

The commercial takes us through various characters who operate a diverse range of businesses and delivers an empowering message that appeals to the entrepreneurial sprit. Caricatures allows the designers to create an incredible range of unique personalities and scenes that demonstrate the versatility of Mailchimp’s email marketing tool.

Final Words -

Motion graphics ads give brands the freedom to create urgency, promote brand awareness, release new products, and showcase value propositions creatively. Hopefully, after watching our examples and reading our breakdowns, you will be inspired to incorporate a motion graphics advertisement in your next marketing campaign.

If you are interested in using animation but don’t know where to start, our animation agency, YansMedia, has a team of professional motion graphics artists that specialize in working with a variety of brands. Contact us today for a free consultation and allow us to show you how we can create stunning  commercials that accomplish your unique promotional needs.

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