10 best animated commercial videos that will inspire you

Animated commercial videos offer incredible value to businesses and marketers. We dissect 10 of the best animated commercials online to help inspire your next project.

10 best animated commercial videos that will inspire you

Animation offers marketers unlimited potential with virtually no limitations.

In this post, we break down 10 incredible animated commercial videos from some of the most recognized brands in the world. Each video takes a different approach to utilize the medium and effectively communicate what separates the brand from competitors.

After reading, you will be able to draw inspiration from what works these successful marketing campaigns and incorporate the elements we cover into your next animated commercial video.

1. The Watch Standard

One of the advantages animations present marketers is the ability to explain how a product or service functions. The Watch Standard has a unique business model that helps high-end timepiece enthusiasts sell their watches for a reasonable price.

This abinated commercial video walks the viewer through the entire process, including online communication with The Watch Standard representatives, agreeing on a price, mailing the watch, and insuring the shipment.

Animation allows the brand to smoothly transition from the website UI to shipping across the US, and finally, the seller receiving the payment on their mobile device. Viewers are walked through the complex process in a matter of seconds while the visuals maintain a luxurious vibe that appeals to the unique, upscale target market.

2. Porsche

Porsche presents us with an incredible example of how animation can push the limits of reality. Brands like Porsche are universally known and beloved by owners worldwide, which can actually be challenging from a marketing perspective.

While many brands would give anything to be as recognizable as Porsche, the marketing team's challenge is convincing a luxury car owner that drives a Mercedes-Benz or BMW to switch brands.

In this case, Porsche manufactures a feeling. The complex imagery bending the laws of physics and incorporating recognizable architecture into the car's design makes the viewer feel free, limitless, and independent. Animation allows the producers to bend the reality of driving into the feeling they want to sell to customers looking for a new luxury car.

3. Tag Heuer

Marketers can get away with embellishing in an ad thanks to animation. For example, luxury Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer incorporates extravagant storytelling to showcase the manufacturing process in the video above.

The video plays on the perception of efficient and precise manufacturing practices the Swizz is known for, taking the notion completely over-the-top. Tag Heuer takes a similar approach to Porsche in pushing the limits of reality but chooses to use animation to reinforce the brand's mass appeal.

Every aspect of the video supports the watch maker's image in a fun and imaginative way that would be impossible with live-action.

4. Noom Weight

Choosing the right style of animated character has a massive impact on the effectiveness of an animated commercial. Noom does a great job of building an upbeat protagonist for the video that reflects the brand's image and service.

By picking a character that shares the same color pallet and shape of Noom's logo, the viewer's eye is drawn in, making the branding more memorable.

The addition of the character adds excitement to the ad and builds a connection with the viewer. Most people can relate to struggling to finish workouts and reach fitness goals. Animation allows Noom to connect with viewers while simultaneously incorporating branding into its character.

5. Agmatix

Agmatix gives us an example of how adding animation to live-action shots can effectively advertise a product. The agricultural analytics brand connects with farmers by choosing to pan over a very simple backdrop of food on a table, playing on the phrase "putting food on the table."

The clever choice of basic visuals is complimented by a combination of high-tech farming imagery and the app's UI to demonstrate how Agmatix can add value to farmers' day-to-day business. In addition, high-quality animation allows the company to show potential customers a complete overview of how the product works and its direct effect on production.

6. Kaplan

Kaplan gives us an excellent example of how a 30-second animated commercial video can help spread brand awareness.

Within a short period, the international learning services corporation persuades viewers that education is a lifelong journey. The argument is illustrated through an animated character "getting lost" and finding a passion for learning.

30 seconds isn't enough time to explain precisely how Kaplan helps customers learn or even mention one of the many services offered, but this video successfully intrigues viewers. The stunning visuals create a sense of curiosity that supports the brand's message to never stop learning. Through a literal animated journey in the 30-second commercial, viewers see the pursuit and the branding come to life.

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7. Mosh

The online direct-to-consumer prescription drug industry has exploded over the past 5 years. Once a relatively niche space is now occupied by dozens of companies selling prescription drugs online. Mosh is one of the brands specializing in men's hair treatments.

Many of the other brands use animation to push the limits of reality. But Mosh chooses a simple approach to connect with its target market, balding young men.

Mosh commercial features a relatable character; he's dressed in trendy clothes, has a tattoo, and is in a familiar place, in front of his bathroom mirror, evaluating his hair's inevitable demise.

Not only does the ad use animation to create a relatable character, but it also demonstrates how easy it is to order from Mosh. The animators clearly understand the target market and use animation to execute the connection and value proposition in just 20 seconds.

8. Purple

The technologically advanced mattress manufacturer, Purple, gives us a hilarious and simple animated commercial to reference. We love how Purple demonstrates how a simple approach can still be highly effective.

The mattress ad only shows the viewer a purple backdrop, the side angle of one of its mattresses, and an assortment of unusually shaped animals, validating its proprietary bedding technology.

Purple argues that the mattresses can accommodate a camel sleeping on its back, so it will be able to accommodate its human consumer base just fine. The idea would be incredibly challenging to demonstrate with live-action scenes but is done flawlessly through animation.

9. Splat Kids

Splat Kids provides us with a premium example of how to create a child-friendly animated commercial.

The video essentially creates a short cartoon to introduce its line of tasty toothpaste. While they aren't the first to take this approach, Splat Kids does a great job convincing kids that doing an activity most probably don't look forward to can be exciting.

Animation allows marketers to create characters and use storytelling to drive interest among a specific target audience. We can't think of a better way to convince kids to brush their teeth than using a cartoon tooth on a quest to create a tasty defense against evil bacteria to push the messaging.

10. Kean

The Mediterranean-based food and beverage company, Kean Group, offers its flagship juices to countries worldwide. Because their consumer base is so broad, they have to make inclusive advertising choices.

Kean's advertising video exemplifies how animation can be universally appealing and transcend borders, languages, and cultures. Orange juice is a widely loved product but also is a highly competitive space. The markets use animation to boost the brand's image persuading consumers to choose Kean over other options in their local market.

Final Words -  

Animated commercials offer businesses a tremendous opportunity to communicate with their target audience in creative ways. Hopefully, after reviewing some of our favorite ads in recent history, you've been inspired to implement the medium in your next marketing campaign.

If you need help getting started, reach out to one of our professional animators at Yans Media. We have decades of experience helping brands communicate their unique market position through the limitless capabilities of animation.

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