33 Outstanding Motion Graphics Video Examples

Motion graphics have become the new industry standard for marketing videos. Check out this list of the best examples to see why.

33 Outstanding Motion Graphics Video Examples

Motion Graphics is one of the most popular animated video styles used today, from corporate explainer videos to children’s cartoons. And it’s no wonder, given the cost-effectiveness and versatility they provide. Here are the best examples of motion graphics in action.

1. Sonoiz

Created by Yans Media

Motion graphics can be used in creating countless different messages. In this example, motion graphics were used to create a marketing message that explains the Sonoiz platform and reveals how creative people can use it to make a passive income while enjoying doing what they love. The goal is achieved without using a single word.

2. The Story of Lyft

“The Story Of Lyft” not only tells how they started, but also changes the way people perceive the brand.

They show Lyft not as a big company or business, but as a community of drivers and riders. Watching this motion graphics video, the viewer reimagines himself not as a Lyft rider or driver, but part of the idea that stands behind it.
Sharing a ride with others may seem annoying to users, so the producers tried to turn the negative experience into a positive one by showing the Lyft ride as a place where different people can meet and share experiences.

3. The TOMS Story

In this motion graphics example video about Tom’s shoes, we see how a simple vision can be visualized so the viewer will become engaged with a brand that promotes a good cause.

Blake Mycoskie, the founder of Toms, starts reading the script himself telling his part of the story. Then other members of his team join in, telling their parts of the story. Knowing that the message is shared by the real people who stand behind the company creates a personal connection with the viewer.

This video is a great example of how motion graphics can recreate and visualize the origin story of a company in an impressive and engaging way.

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4. Akima

In 1995, NANA Development Corporation formed AKIMA so the Inupiat (native people of Alaska) can benefit from their rights of shareholders.

In this video, we see how successfully motion graphics were used to raise awareness about the support AKIMA company leaders show to the shareholder communities. If your company also holds public duties or causes, then creating this kind of video can help you increase the reputation of your business too.

5. Everyday LA

The creative team behind this motion graphics example video decided to show everyday life in LA with its cultural idiosyncrasies. The result is this 45 second video that is well worth a watch.

If you’re a creative person or team, creating this kind of video will broadcast your creative and professional skills, helping you get better prospects.

6. The last job on Earth

Researchers Frey and Osborn predicted that 47% of US jobs will be automated by 2050. Based on this prediction, The Guardian wanted to visualize for its readers how life would be like in 50 years.

“The Last Job on Earth” is a short film about our possible future. It’s an intriguing story that leads the viewer to some thoughts on should we or shouldn’t we be afraid of the coming automation revolution.

Watching this video, we see a new approach used by the news and media. We see how video is becoming a much more effective and in-demand sort of media. Who knows, maybe in the future not only will machine work replace human work, but also all text will be replaced with visuals.

7. LA Gifathon

James Curran used motion graphics to show his own impressions about LA, creating episodes for every single day he spent there.

This animated motion graphics video is a perfect example of how you can showcase your professional skills as a motion graphic artist, illustrator, and creative thinker.

8. A little number that could…

One of the best things about motion graphics is its flexibility, as you can tailor it to any story, visualize whatever and wherever your imagination goes, and make a lasting impact out of every single word.

Your imagination can go wild, as in is this video, and turn a simple number 7 into a heroic number 7.

9. Adobe Daily Creative Challenge

Adobe Creative Cloud uses this motion graphics animation to start their daily photoshop creative challenge. Every broadcast starts with this short piece.

This video shows us how we can use motion graphics to differentiate and introduce a video series.

10. Wood Turtles

This is a guide that teaches farmers and landowners of the actions they can take to protect the population of Wood turtles.

The biodiversity team chose motion graphics to create a video that will not only guide viewers, but also explain and show the wood turtles’ lifestyle so that we can create a better environment for species at risk

11. Don’t be a bully, loser

Emanuele Colombo used hist talents as a motion graphic artist and illustrator to create this anti-bullying video message so any anti-bullying association can use it. The inspiration to create this video came to him after a famous YouTuber invited his followers to insult a 16 years old boy with Asperger’s syndrome.

The style of animation, the character, and the message; everything here provides context to learn from and be inspired by.

12. What to do in an avalanche

Who would imagine it would be fun to watch videos crafted around funeral campaigns based on avalanche survival?

Although the Mount Pleasant Group is a funeral company, its marketing videos aren’t sad or negative. This video is a perfect example of how you can turn negative associations into positive ones, and break barriers that keep the viewer from watching things they don’t want to think about but definitely should.

13. Better light, better life

Motion graphics explainer videos work great when you want to show how new technologies work, like this one created for Cree Lighting.

Choosing the right style is important, as it helps to create a better understanding of your product and get more engagement. This video shows a great method of how visuals can play with the script to reinforce the message.

14. A True Story – Deb

Sometimes telling a true-life story is enough to hit the point you want. This animated motion graphics video was created to honor organizations with innovative local approaches to affected communities across the country.

15. Desiring God: Keep Looking

If we look at things with enough care, we will see new angles we never dreamed possible to see.

A story about a professor and his student teaches us that if you’re looking for a win-win technique to create a video message, nothing works better than telling a beautiful and interesting story such as this one.

16. Forewarned is Forearmed

Another strong animated motion graphics video is from “Forewarned is Forearmed”. While watching, think about how sound can be used with animation to make a video exponentially more impactful. It’s one of those few videos that show how you can make a powerful impact on the viewer with great sound design.

17. HP Mini Big Books

The Mini Big Book advert was created to launch an HP campaign where you can create personalized storybooks for your children and they can become a hero of their own book.

If you want to create a compelling video with amazing color transitions, this video is worth watching for inspiration.

18. Design Your World

Telling a personal story that will connect and seem familiar to most of your target audience is a great solution if you can pull it off – especially if you combine that story with beautiful visuals and sound design. This video is another example of how you can use personal storytelling to make a better impact.

19. Global Mechanic

How should you create a video when your target audience is kids?

Let’s take a look at this motion graphics video. It has colorful animated characters, active sound design, and unlike other videos, the voice-over artist is not reading a dry text but instead reading a rap. This will capture a young viewer’s attention, driving them to want to watch the new series.

20. StacksCity

Motion graphics are great, especially for creating explainer videos. With the use of the design and color palette that matches the StacksCity branding, they created a compelling video that explains how smart ecosystems work and how users can benefit from it.

21. A Year With Uber

Uber used a data visualization campaign that creates personalized videos to say thank you to its users. In 2017 this campaign took off wildly across social media as people started to share these cool and colorful videos.

If you want to learn how you can use animated motion graphics to develop a trustworthy and positive perception of your brand in the eyes of viewers, then watching the A Year With Uber campaign will help you to get inspiration and ideas of how you can do it with your own brand.

22. SendGrid – Elevate Your Email.

Motion graphics are highly effective to visualize and explain different, even wild, ideas. While live action filming requires lots of time and jumping from one location to another, motion graphics can do the same in far less time, creating better and more on-point visuals at a far cheaper cost. This one-minute video is another example of productive use of motion graphics to explain complex ideas.

23. Brain Power

Describing mental health problems and showing how Neurocore can help to improve memory and focus and reduce anxiety with brain training in video with just 30 seconds may seem impossible. This video with stunning visuals is a great piece of work that shows how you can nail a complex point in just 30 seconds.

24. Directory of Illustration

The quality of animated motion graphics and illustrations is getting better every year, leaving us astonished at how far the creative mind can go and what other visual miracles we can expect. This video shines with unique and rich visuals and smooth animation quality.

25.  Primavera Memories: John Carpenter

Motion graphics are great for putting everything on the screen, even memories. The combination of graphic shapes, traditional characters, and dynamic transitions shape the memories of John Carpenter into an incredibly beautiful and harmonic story.

26. Google Cloud – Montage

Following its best practices in video marketing, this time Google used motion graphics to create an introduction video for Google Cloud. Like most of their other videos, this one doesn’t have voice over and relies solely on motion graphics. Light, simple, brand-oriented visuals leave the viewer in a positive mood after watching the video.

27. Fila Kids

This short animated motion graphics video was shown in China retail stores to introduce Fila’s new kids’ shoe line. They incorporated the lines of the shoe and created a fantastic imaginary visualization of the product.

This is how animated motion graphics should be used to attract and stimulate customers.

28. Discover Wireless Spectrum

Lack of knowledge sometimes leads to wrong perceptions. That is the reason for so many contradictory ideas about 5G.

Discovering the wireless spectrum with a kid is a great idea, because if a kid can understand 5G, then anybody else can understand it too. How would you design frequencies with motion graphics? With motion graphics we can show the invisible and create a better understanding.

29. A Secret Message

Let’s talk science for a second: According to the gate control theory of pain, you can stop or reduce pain if you adjust your mood or distract yourself.

This video is a dynamic piece of content using wonderful animation, design, color, and voiceovers. Another great piece of work created with motion graphics.

30. A Coke is A Coke

Showing different people sharing the same love towards Coke, this video positions the brand as a drink for everyone.

It’s a great example of how we can use motion graphics to create videos that reinforce a marketing position.

31. 100 Years – Armenian Genocide

This short film is about the Armenian Genocide that took place more than 100 years ago. The history must be remembered, as well as the lessons that are taken from it.

This film is impressive, not only because of its great motion graphics work, illustration, and sound design, but also for the excellent approach to the subject.

32. Science of Character Animation by Markus Magnusson

If you’re interested in motion graphics, then you would like this video about character animation. This piece is from a motion design school. If you want to learn how different movements will look on a character, this video is worth watching.

33. The Boy Who Learned to Fly

This short film is about the fastest man in the world. It’s crafted in a way that will make you try to watch it in one breath.

Visuals are important, but it’s also key to create a compelling story to keep the viewer watching until the end. Fantastic video.

Closing Words

Hopefully you enjoyed the examples on our list. Motion graphics videos have become the industry standard for creating short videos, especially when it comes to promotional, explainer, or sales videos for products or businesses. If you’ve been inspired to create one for your own company, we’re always glad to help. Contact our expert strategists now for a free consultation.

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