Best Motion Graphics Companies & Studios

The Best Motion Graphics Studios & Companies-[2024 Reviews]

Best Motion Graphics Companies & Studios

Choosing a reliable vendor is never easy. Especially if you need to outsource tricky tasks – just like motion graphic creation.

In this article, we decided to make your life easier and already picked up the list of the best motion graphic companies.

1. Giant Ant

Giant Ant is as a storytelling animation studio, which only works with a select circle of clients. They focus on storytelling as a marketing trend and create a result that allows each viewer to feel their involvement in the story. If you’re a motion graphics artist, then several of Giant Ant’s works are in your list of favorites. Every video project created by them is unique and different but always amazing.

Key customers

Nike, Slack, Airbnb, Cartoon Network, Mailchimp, Honda, Ted Talks and more.


Vancouver, BC


Animated video commercials, motion graphics explainer videos, 2D animated feature films, animated brand videos.

2. Yans Media

Always staying 100% focused on the client’s goal, Yans Media video production studio helps customers with the realization of their video marketing strategies regardless of the industry and company’s size.

Here, you will be able to get more than just motion graphic services -you will get the comprehensive solution to your problem, and your customers, in turn, will be inspired to take a target action after viewing the video.

5 out of 5 Clutch Rating plus 100% of positive reviews

Key customers

VISA, DoorDash, CISCO, Solana, Bitstamp


Yerevan, Armenia


Motion Graphics ads, Animated explainer video production, B2B & B2M marketing videos

3. Odd Fellows

Perhaps it’s enough to say that Google and Apple are customers of this studio, and the level of professionalism will become clear. This studio specializes in non-standard solutions (as the name implies), so if you have global goals, global plans (and a budget comparable to this), then here you will get creativity in absolute concentration.

Key customers

Google, Adobe, Pinterest, Asana, Prego, and more.


Portland, OR, USA


Video explainers, stop motion animations, animated ad campaigns, 2D animated game cinematics.

4. Buck

Buck was founded back in 2004. Now there are three strong teams scattered around the world and helping customers solve marketing problems with the help of high-quality video. The company focuses on motion graphics but is not limited to this direction.
Employees of the company speak of it as a place with a creative and engaging environment, a cool corporate culture, and clients that they really want to work with.

Key customers

7up, GitHub, WeTransfer, Nike, PayPal, Bankwest, Airbnb, Mailchimp, Hulu, and more.


Los Angeles, California


2D & 3D explainer videos, motion graphic ads, animated commercials, character design, live-action marketing videos.

5. Blu Blu Studios

Blu Blu is an ambitious studio that makes pretty strong promises regarding the achievement of your marketing goals. Moreover, they fulfill them. Clients speak of this agency as a team with the highest level of involvement in the client’s business, professional vision, and unique style. The studio was founded in 2014, is located in London and worked with such brands as IKEA, Chupa Chups, Panasonic, and others.

Key customers

Lenovo, IBM, BAYER, Nestle, DELL, IKEA, Nickelodeon, EMAAR, WWF, and more.


Chicago, Illinois, USA


Animated ads, brand videos, video series, product explainers.

6. Cub Studio

Cub Studio is not just a video production studio – it is something like several startups under one roof. The thing is that in addition to orders from customers, these guys also develop personal projects in which they are testing new approaches to design and video creation.
-3 Animation Graphics Awards

Key customers

US Open, UEFA, Formula E, ITV, The Miami Dolphins, HSBC, BBC, Vodafone, Twitter, and more.


Brighton, UK


Motion Graphics explainer videos, Lottie animations, Company explainer videos, social media native video ads.


Minimalist design, simple description of its services – and nothing else are needed for one of the best Motion graphics companies. We Are Fevr is a relatively young animated video company, but the team is strong and creative. The two main offices are located in New York and Los Angeles, and the list of services is not limited to motion graphics.

4.5 Rating on Clutch

Key customers

Twilio, CVS Pharmacy, Dior, Bloomberg Media, Uber, Chanel, and more.


New York, NY, USA


visual storytelling, 2D & 3D animation, medical & healthcare explainer videos, animated nonprofit explainer videos.

8. Thinkmojo

Thinkmojo is a full-cycle agency that is ready to help at any stage of interaction with clients – from the first attracting attention to becoming brand advocates. Linkedin, Slack, Google, Twitter, and MongoDB are the customers of this studio, and this impressive list can be continued.

Key customers

Zendesk, SalesForce, Discord, Linkedin, WordPress, and more.


San Francisco, CA, USA


Product explainers, company stories, ads, different types of product launch videos, SaaS explainer videos.

9. Illo

Illo has consistently stood out on our list of favorites, and for good reason. They excel at crafting stories using nothing but objects.

What truly sets them apart is their deep understanding of branding and design systems, solidifying their place as a top motion design company in Europe. Their ability to weave narratives without a single word is simply mind-blowing.

10. Devicers

Even the homepage of this Spanish motion design company says that video and graphics have more power than text. It employs creative professionals who believe that their work will say more about them than anything else. See for yourself on their website.
By the way, this company also provides art direction, cell animation, pixel art, and music production services.

Key customers

VISA, Mtv, Adidas, Samsung, Santander, American Express, Decathlon, and more.


Barcelona, Spain


2D animation, Cel animation, 3D animation, art direction, music & sound design.

11. Hornet

It is enough to have a short look on this studio’s website homepage to understand that these guys know what they are doing. By the way, the list of services is not limited to motion graphics only – it also includes 2d, 3d, and live video production.
New York-based studio – just a note for the customers who prefer to meet their vendors personally.

Key customers

Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, FDA, Baskin-Robbins, Kroger, Headspace, and more.


New York, NY, USA


2D animation, 3D animation, stop motion, Illustrations, animated video ads.

12. Demo Duck

Demo Duck has been a pioneer in the industry, with a strong lineup of projects and clients to their name.

Based in Chicago, a key center for advertising, they work with creative minds from around the world. This approach has kept them ahead in the industry for over 10 years, making them a go-to name for anyone looking for quality in the field.

13. Loulou and Tummie

Loulou and Tummie is not an animation studio in the classical sense – it is a creative couple that complements each other. Moreover, their field of activity is not limited to video production – they also create mobile app designs, come up with images for the heroes of online games and physical toys, have a small store of wooden products created by their hands and plan to launch a line of children’s clothes under their own brand.

Key customers

Nickelodeon, Disney, Netflix, Converse, Android, Warner Bros, Heineken, Mercedes


Tilburg, Netherlands


Animated marketing videos, 2D vector design, cartoons, branded content.

14. Niceshit Studio

Niceshit Studio is another great motion design studio based in Spain.  Their most powerful skill is creating videos in a minimalist style with the maximum transmission of a marketing message.

And the second strong skill is the ability to approach any situation with humor and draw characters that are understandable and spiritually close to the target audience.

Key customers

MTV, BOSE, Ketel One, Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, Sky TV, and more.


Barcelona, Spain


Animated adverts, music videos, social content, animated stories.

15. Laundry

Laundry speaks of itself as one of the industry leaders in California. Its offices are located in Los Angeles and San Francisco. The range of services includes not only the creation of motion videos but also the development of concepts and strategies. The agency focuses on storytelling and creates videos that, as they say, make you think, feel, and react.

Key customers

MTV, Honda, Kona Brewing, Amazon, US Army, Sound Transit, Sprite, and more.


Los Angeles, CA, United States


Gaming animation, product animation, live-action, branding.

16. Nerdo

If your task is to improve brand recognition with vivid visual identities, then Nerdo will tell your story in such a way that the audience will identify your company among competitors instantly. The agency has been working in the video production market for over 15 years and brings together creative professionals in Italy, Germany, and America.

Key customers

TEDx, Fila, Netflix, McDonald's, FIFA, VersoAR, and more.


Turin, Italy


2D motion Graphics, 3D animation, animated marketing videos, opening title sequences.

17. Antimatter

One look at the portfolio of this company is enough to say that they do an excellent job with a variety of tasks – from social to promotional videos. The agency is located in Milan and provides a full cycle of design and production services.

Key customers

YouTube, NYU, BUNDESLIGA, NBC, Toyota, Imperial College London.


Milan, Italy


30 seconds explainer videos, TV commercials, animated social media videos, animated icons for web design.

18. Explainly

If you're looking for a company that can find creative solutions to explain your idea and increase engagement around your business, then Explainly is one of the best options out there. They’ve created explainer videos for big names like HubSpot, Stanford, Ad Council, American Marketing Association, et al. Another factor that makes them rise above many competitors is their communication with clients. Companies that worked with Explainly describe them as a responsive team of creatives that can turn a complex process into a super easy experience.

Key customers

PeacockTV, NBC, Uber, JP Morgan, and more.


Sausalito, California


Basic 2D animation, standard 2D animation, advanced 2D animation, 3D animation, mixed media, live-action

19. Bito

Bito caught my eye as one of the coolest discoveries I've made in the motion design world this year.

What's even more surprising is that this studio hails from Taiwan—a place not exactly famous for being a hotspot in the animation game. But the way they mix Asian cultural traditions with the latest trends in motion design? Absolutely mesmerizing.

It's no wonder they've racked up so many awards on Behance.

20. Buff Motion

Next up, we've got Buff Motion, a small studio based out of Brighton, UK. These folks craft some pretty exceptional videos for brands and non-profits.

And when I say exceptional, I mean it—they've got this unique knack for making videos that aren't just creative; they're also super effective solutions that help brands hit their targets. Usually, designers have to choose between being artsy or being practical, but Buff Motion? They've nailed doing both.

21. Ditroit

First off, can we talk about that name? Ditroit—it's got that ring to it, right? Almost like Detroit, the birthplace of Motown, known for its iconic sound.

And just like its musical counterpart, Ditroit studio is making waves with its unique motion graphics and product videos, not to mention some top-notch animations for TV. They've got that same vibe of standing out from the crowd with their own distinctive style.

Definitely give Ditroit a shout, especially if you're on the hunt for some 3D magic to showcase your product. They've got a knack for bringing ideas to life in a way that'll make your stuff pop. Highly recommended!

22. Superside

Superside is a creative studio that stands out by offering a monthly subscription instead of charging per project, giving brands ongoing access to diverse motion graphics services.

This matches perfectly with the fast-paced need for continuous content to keep brands relevant.

It’s a savvy approach for anyone looking to maintain a steady flow of engaging content in the digital era.

23. Mute Animation Studio

From the heart of England, specifically Yorkshire, comes Mute, an outstanding studio making waves in motion graphics. They've become known for their unique and engaging projects, making each one a worthwhile watch, especially for those new to motion graphics.

Mute excels in delivering great animation, standout iconographic animations, and a variety of unique styles, setting a high standard in the field.

24. Zeitguised

Motion graphics might seem like the new kid on the block in media production, with most animators being self-taught or coming from traditional animation backgrounds. But Zeitguised stands out from the crowd. Imagine a studio where contemporary art meets motion graphics.

Founded in 2001 by the dynamic duo of American sculptor and fashion designer Jamie Raap and German architect Henrik Mauler. They're not just blending art with motion graphics; they're weaving it together with traditional beauty to create projects that set the bar high. Every designer out there should take a page out of their book.

25. Pixel Bakery

“We’re all going to die.” These words sit at the top of Pixel Bakery’s core values and constantly remind their designers to create work that leaves a legacy. The agency’s portfolio stays true to the statement by incorporating bold, colorful animations into various forms of contemporary medium for a diverse range of clients.

If you want to make a statement in your next video, ad, or social media campaign, the designers at Pixel Bakery are more than capable of producing unique content that will leave a lasting impression on your target audience.

Key customers

American Soybean Association, PupBox, OXBOW,


Lincoln, NE, USA


Logo animations, 2D explainer videos, social media animations.


What to consider when hiring a motion graphics company?

When hiring a motion graphics company, consider:

  1. Portfolio & Style: Review their past work to see if their style aligns with your vision.
  2. Experience & Specialization: Check their expertise in your industry or specific type of animation. Ensure they truly stand behind the projects they showcase. Some companies might show you videos they didn't create, lacking the expertise to deliver the same quality.
  3. Client Testimonials & Reviews: Gather feedback from previous clients. It's also wise to check third-party platforms with verified reviews, like Clutch or Sortlist.
  4. Communication: Ensure they understand your needs and communicate effectively.
  5. Timeline & Availability: Can they meet your deadlines?  Be aware of factors that might affect timelines, such as revisions or the time taken to provide feedback.
  6. Budget & Pricing: Understand their pricing structure and ensure it aligns with your budget. Make sure to clarify how they charge for small tasks. Some studios may have reasonable rates for the overall project, but they might charge excessively for minor tasks, which can unexpectedly increase your costs during the project.
  7. Revisions Policy: Know the number of revisions included and what constitutes a revision. Also, confirm the exact hourly rate for additional revisions.
  8. Technology & Software: Make sure they use up-to-date tools. It's beneficial if they use popular software, making transitions smoother if you switch providers. Adobe's suite is commonly used.
  9. Scalability: If your project expands, can they accommodate?
  10. Source files: check if they provide source files of the project and whether there is an additional price. This is important to have source files to avoid dependence from one contributer.
  11. Who's Actually Working?: Find out if they have in-house staff or if they outsource. Knowing this helps ensure they'll meet deadlines and maintain consistent quality.

How much does a motion design video cost?

Motion graphics costs range from $300-$5,000 for basic UI animations, social media ads, and simple explainer videos. Complex projects can run $7,000-$50,000+. Prices depend on complexity, duration, creator expertise, and studio location.

Is Motion Graphics charged by project or hourly?

Motion graphics companies usually charge both project-based and hourly rates. It's best to agree on all the details, like quality level and number of revisions, and pay based on the project to avoid unexpected costs.

In which industries is motion graphics used?

Motion graphic design is widely used in marketing, advertising, web design, television, and the film industry. Motion design studios usually focus on specific areas, but studios can work on projects for any industry when given a brief.

What are motion graphics benefits?

The main benefit of motion graphics is its extreme flexibility. Specifically, it's easy to create and make changes during a project, and it's budget-friendly. Motion graphics are versatile and can be used in many industries, including web design and film, due to their wide range of formats.

Is motion design part of UX?

Motion design can be considered a part of UX and UI, enhancing user experience. It's used for interactive elements, animations, guiding icons, feedback, and notifications, making interactions user-friendly and intuitive.

Is Fiver good for hiring Motion graphics designers?

Fiverr is great for hiring motion graphics animators for small tasks, like creating logos or adding title animations. However, when handling larger projects, it's advisable to hire a professional company because animation is just one stage of production in a project.

Which motion graphics company is best?

Motion graphics companies known for their favorable price-quality ratio often include Yans Media, Giant Ant, Illo, The Mill, and Creattie for Lottie animations. When making a choice, it's also important to consider the specific area in which a company specializes.

Closing Words

Unconditionally, this list could be much longer. All the companies that are listed in this article deserve absolute trust, so make your choice depending on which criterion is most important to you.

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