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1. Yans Media

Kicking off our list with a standout choice: Yans Media.

It's not just a regular freelance hub. It's a specialized animation studio that offers more benefits, particularly for agencies.


Because it's not just about animation.

You need someone who's got the chops in graphic design, editing, and maybe even sound design. That's a tall order for a solo animator.

And Yans Media has seen it all, from sleek website animations for complex UI solutions to comprehensive animated videos for big names like DoorDash.

They provide a full package so you don't have to find different freelancers for each part of your project.

Everything you need is right there.

What's more, their hiring model is as flexible as it gets. Whether you need them for one task or you're an agency seeking a long-term partnership, they are ready to adapt to your project's needs.

Best Motion Graphics Companies and Studios

2. Upwork

Think of Upwrok as a vast marketplace that's rich with talent for pretty much any freelance need you could imagine.

What makes it special?

It's perfect for zeroing in on a motion graphics designer who's just right for your project's unique demands.

Whether you're searching for someone to craft stunning 3D and VFX with Houdini, or seeking a local talent who vibes with your project's essence, Upwork's the place to find them.

And if you're not after Hollywood-level flair but rather fresh talent ready to prove their mettle, Upwork is a treasure trove of up-and-comers willing to work at rates that won't make your wallet weep.

Keep in mind, finding that perfect match on Upwork might take some savvy, especially if your needs are super specific. It's about balancing skill, style, and budget to get what you want.

3. Toptal

Next up: Toptal. Picture this as the VIP section of the freelance world.


Because Toptal's all about connecting you with top-tier talent. Their thorough screening process makes it highly unlikely for you to come across a motion graphics designer, or any freelancer for that matter, who isn't extremely skilled.

Yes, the price point is higher, but so is the quality you get in return.

A quick tip though: given the premium rates and the specialized nature of motion graphics, try to find a freelancer who can cover all your needs in one go. This approach helps you avoid the extra costs of hiring multiple experts for one project.

In short, if your priority is unparalleled expertise, and you're ready to invest for it, Toptal is the way to go. Just plan smart to keep your project both high-quality and economical.

4. Fiverr

Now, let's pivot to Fiverr, a platform that made its entrance into the creative world with a bang and a bold statement.

My first thought when I stumbled upon Fiverr? "Come on, $5 or $10 for a voice-over? No way that's real."

But, lo and behold, it was true.

However, as you start to peel back the layers, you realize that top-notch quality comes with a higher price tag. And yes, they do tend to nickel-and-dime you for every little add-on, but overall, it's still manageable.

When it comes to finding a motion designer on Fiverr, it's a bit of a mixed bag. Hiring someone on an hourly basis for a big project might not be the best move.

But for smaller gigs?

It's pretty spot-on.

Think logo animations, YouTube intros, or other bite-sized tasks that a budding animator can tackle with ease.

Fiverr shines for these types of projects. But for something more substantial, like a 2D explainer video, tread carefully. Unless you're prepared to invest as much as you would on other platforms, it might not be the jackpot you're hoping for.

5. Behance

Behance is a standout platform from Adobe made for design lovers. It's the perfect place to find exceptional motion graphics artists.

On Behance, creative people share their work and receive recognition from other designers—a social network with an artistic twist.

Feeling unsure about your design choices?

Behance lets you explore projects that have earned a round of applause, helping you spot what stands out.

A little word of caution, though: some projects are team efforts.

Beware of hiring someone solely based on their contribution to a project, as their role may have been insignificant.

The golden rule?

Focus on freelancers who've owned a project from the ground up.

In a nutshell

Behance is your alley for finding motion graphics talents; just ensure you're picking someone who can carry your vision from start to finish, all by themselves.

6. Dribbble

Dribbble stands out as a unique social/portfolio platform for designers, setting itself apart with some fundamental differences compared to Behance.

Firstly, to unleash the full power of their search capabilities, you'll need to opt for the paid plan.

However, if you're eyeing a long-term partnership or aiming to recruit a rising star to your team, investing in Dribbble's subscription to gain access to premium filters could be the smart move that propels you forward.

If you're eying a long-term partnership or want to hire a promising candidate, getting a Dribbble's subscription with premium filters could be a smart investment.

Another difference between Dribbble and Behance is how creatives showcase their work.

On Behance, creatives post complete projects, while on Dribbble, they usually share a single gif or short animation. This makes it challenging to assess whether a designer can deliver an entire project based on just one image.

Furthermore, on Dribbble, a person might have a large number of followers due to their social networking skills rather than their professional abilities.

7. Linkedin

LinkedIn might seem too obvious for a mention, yet sometimes we overlook the straightforward choices. Not to say it should be your only option, but a few tips can help.

Steer clear of profiles prominently displaying the "open to work" badge. The top professionals are often those being headhunted, not the other way around. However, exceptions exist.

Consider the job history. Frequent company changes could signal instability, something to think about for long-term roles.

The quality of companies in a candidate's history can also hint at their level of experience.

Lastly, LinkedIn's network access allows you to directly contact former employers for references, offering invaluable insights.

8. 99designs

Next up on our radar? 99designs. This place is a bit different. It's perfect if you're eyeing short-term gigs rather than locking down a long-haul creative.

Think of it as a global meeting spot where businesses and freelance motion graphics designers team up to turn great ideas into visual reality.

Here's how it rolls: You can either team up with a single designer for your project or throw a contest to see a variety of ideas come to life.

Picked a winner?

Awesome! Now, you can collaborate with that designer to tweak and polish until it's just right, and snag all the files you need.

9. Contra

Contra is a platform that connects businesses with freelance talent. It focuses on curated talent, free client use, built-in project management features, and customization.

This means that you can find highly skilled professionals for your projects, without having to pay any fees as a client.

Additionally, Contra offers a variety of features to help you manage your projects, such as time tracking and invoicing.

One of the things that makes Contra different from other platforms is its focus on niche skills.

For example, you can easily find motion graphics animators who are experts in creating Rive animations, which is a powerful tool for creating interactive animations for UI.

This is just one example of the many niche skills that you can find on Contra.

10. Motion graphics school

Wrapping up our guide, there's a valuable route often missed: motion graphics schools and training centers. This option shines if you're not pressed for time and aim to cultivate a team aligned with your company's values.

Envision welcoming interns brimming with energy and ambition. In just a few months, their growth could surpass what you typically find on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, or 99designs. It's not just optimism; it's a real possibility that some will evolve into key contributors to your projects.

Simply get in touch with these educational institutions and outline your needs. They're usually more than willing to collaborate, as it offers their students real-world opportunities and showcases the effectiveness of their training.

Final words

In summary, these 10 options provide diverse avenues to find the ideal motion graphics artist for your project. From specialized studios to global marketplaces, each offers unique advantages tailored to your needs.

If you're unsure which option is the best for you, reach out to us for a free consultation to discover the perfect fit.

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