10 of The Best, Most Effective Brand Launch Videos Ever

Your brand launch video is the perfect centerpiece of your rollout strategy. We cover the best examples giving you inspiration for your brand launch campaign.

10 of The Best, Most Effective Brand Launch Videos Ever

A compelling brand launch and rebrand video are essential for making a strong impression in today's market.

It's more than just an introduction; it's a declaration of your brand’s identity and aspirations.

In this article, we distill the essence of successful brand launch videos from leading companies, providing key strategies and insights.

By the end, you'll have a blueprint for creating a video that resonates and engages, positioning it as a pivotal element in your marketing arsenal.

Top 10 rebrand videos that set the bar high

Great rebrand campaigns can rejuvenate a company's image and ignite interest like never before. Here, we spotlight ten exceptional rebrand videos that have masterfully set the stage for a brand's new chapter.

1. Burger King Rebranding

In 2021, Burger King surprised everyone with a huge change in how they look, which is known as rebranding. T

hey shared a video showing off everything new: there's a fresh font that spells out their name, cool designs on the burger wrappers, and lively pictures and animations that represent their brand. The video has upbeat music that's meant to catch the attention of young people.

It's all about Burger King trying to stand out and appeal to the new tastes, especially when they're always being compared to their big rival, McDonald's. They wanted to show that they're not just another burger place — they're fresh, modern, and fun.

2. Intel transformation

The second rebranding story is about Intel, a big name in technology. They made a video to introduce their new look, including a new logo that's more modern. They also showed off new designs for the icons they use and even the look of the computer chips they make. Intel is getting ready for the next wave of technology advancements.

Yet, they make sure to remind us of their long history and the trust we've put in their brand over the years.

3. Uber new look

The third video we're looking at is Uber's new look unveiled in 2016. Even though the video isn't new, it was so effective that we had to mention it. The video doesn't just show Uber's updated brand image; it also introduces new features of their app.

It makes it clear that Uber makes getting around simple and solves transport problems with ease. The video also has powerful music which really highlights Uber's bold approach and how they changed the traditional transportation industry.

4. Introducing new Zendesk

Zendesk is a service-first CRM company that builds software designed to improve customer relationships. Their tools help businesses connect with their customers, improve communication, and offer support through various channels.

They released this campaign to show off their new style. What stands out is how they use simple shapes and designs from their updated branding to explain their services. They effectively communicate what they offer and the types of problems they can solve for their customers, all through the use of creative and abstract visuals from their new branding.

5. Deloitte Brand Identity Refresh

Deloitte, known for their commitment to making a positive difference, has unveiled their new brand design to the world.

It's been 13 years since their last major brand refresh, and this new design reflects their dedication to what truly matters—impacting customers, employees, and society as a whole.

At the heart of Deloitte is the desire to bring out the best in everyone. They're not just looking for top talent; they're looking to nurture it. Deloitte believes in providing opportunities for learning, growth, and achievement.

The new brand promises to invest in people's futures by offering exciting challenges, innovative training, and clear career advancement opportunities.Deloitte's new look is more than just a makeover; it's a statement of their enduring values and the real change they strive to create every day.

6. Visa's new brand identity

Visa has unveiled a dynamic rebrand that goes beyond a new look, signaling a shift from a credit card company to a multifaceted engine of commerce. Their refreshed brandmark and symbol are designed to be brighter and more dynamic, reflecting innovation and global inclusivity.

The rebrand features a vibrant color palette, a custom typeface optimized for digital platforms, and a diverse range of photography, encapsulating Visa's expansive network that uplifts individuals from every corner of the globe.

7. Google Workplace rebranding

Google's new branding video caused quite a stir. Some designers love it, while others found it puzzling.

As time passed, opinions settled. The video played a big part in showing off Google's smart approach to unifying all its services. With a style that's distinct and unmistakable, it shows that Google products belong together, and you won't mix them up with anything else.

8. Ogilvy - Change Is Our Lifeblood

Ogilvy, a giant in advertising and a favorite of many, shows off its legacy in its rebranding video.

The video takes you through a journey of iconic marketing from the '50s and '60s, and every decade since, showing Ogilvy's trendsetting ways. The big reveal of their new brand is fresh and modern.

Right away, you see it's set to define the style for years to come.

9. Introducing Meta

Meta's introduction might be the most massive rebrand of the last couple of decades. It's not just about gathering Facebook, WhatsApp, Oculus, Instagram, and other services under one roof; it's about introducing us to the future.

The buzz around "meta reality" after this announcement hints at a shift that could shape our world for decades, perhaps forever.

The video is simple, yet powerful—sometimes less really is more. Mark Zuckerberg, a towering figure in business, shares his vision of the future, making a perfect pitch for the new era.

10. Pfizer's Legacy

Pfizer's rebranding campaign arrived at a pivotal moment, showcasing their legacy of medical breakthroughs and their recent triumph in developing a COVID-19 vaccine.

The video highlights their continuous innovation, from pioneering antibiotics to fighting polio, and leading the charge against today's health crises.

At this high point, with the world's eyes on Pfizer, they unveiled their new logo, symbolizing a new chapter in their enduring mission to advance health and well-being across the globe.

The best brand launch videos

1. The Watch Standard

Understanding your target market is crucial in producing a new brand launch video. The Watch Standard, a luxury time-piece resale platform, does this perfectly by choosing sleek animation, upscale imagery, and business professional language in the video above.

Another key takeaway from the video is how the designer could incorporate the company name, logo, and brand messaging in two separate parts of the video, once just before halfway and again at the end. They understand that many viewers won’t make it to the end and get their branding out just after the initial hook, a great technique to think about when outlining your script.


2. Mailchimp

Launch videos don’t necessarily have to be limited to new brands. The Mailchimp video above is a great example.

Every digital marketer has already heard of Mailchimp, but many may not know they offer a complete array of CRM services beyond email. The video makes the correlation by describing a broadcast company that sells merchandise by stating, “you don’t have to start calling your business a radio show/merchandise vendor; names don’t have to be that literal.” Then they connect the concept to their services, “we do way more than mail.”

Mailchimp uses this clever concept to communicate company growth and create interest across their target market while instilling strong branding.

3. Tezos

Tezos is an open-source blockchain platform that offers peer-to-peer transactions and smart contracts. The brand launch video above utilizes cubes or ‘blocks’ to communicate what makes Tezos different from the thousands of other blockchains available in 2022.

Using the shapes to present brand reveal ideas is a brilliant choice that perfectly fits the blockchain technology subject manner.

Tezos’ marketing targets startups and software engineers looking to deploy projects on a flexible platform. The content above is complex enough to explain the company’s value but will keep the attention of less technically savvy executives.

4. MedExpress

Health care is a highly competitive industry that demands simple, reassuring messaging that makes future patients feel comfortable. MedExpress navigates the sector in their brand launch video by focusing on the hands of health practitioners and patients.  

By keeping the animation simple, MedExpress can communicate its dedication to attentive urgent care facilities with the combination of in-person and tele health solutions. In addition, utilizing hands allows the company to launch its brand into a challenging space by presenting a clear, comforting message.

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5. LunarCrush

LunarCrush is a decentralized information platform that filters crypto news and repackages it into digestible pieces. The futuristic video depicting a flying vehicle navigating a busy city only to find a new way ‘to the moon’ perfectly represents the brand.

Utilizing a story can help build urgency in the brand’s launch video. LunarCrush produced a well-done piece of content with overt and subverted visuals that appeal to their target audience using a VO that reminds us of a science fiction origin story.

6. Corcran

The premier real estate company, Corcoran, delivers a lively, colorful, and engaging launch video capturing the essence of the most wealthy part of New York state. They are appealing to millionaires in NYC looking to move or purchase a second home out of the city.

Corcran keeps the messaging short and sweet but still presents the advantages of a glamorous lifestyle away from the city in the East End. Video is the best way to deliver a message visually. Corcran nails the medium by incorporating open spaces and luxurious outdoor activities that are difficult if you live in a high rise.


7. Walliance

Technology gives everyday people access to opportunities that were once guarded. Walliance offers nearly anyone the chance to invest in portions of real estate projects worldwide.

The video is upbeat, clear, and resembles a classic 60 - second TV spot while effectively introducing brand reveal ideas.

Appealing to the masses can be difficult, especially for a technology company. Walliance uses their new brand launch video to highlight the opportunity rather than get technical about how the app actually works.

8. TruVide

TruVide is a meal service company that caters specifically to senior care communities and acute care facilities. While countless meal prep services are available, not many target a specific niche.

The best brand launch videos successfully identify where the company stands out in the market. TruVide utilizes the animation to set their video within the locations they serve, differentiating the brand from other meal services in the highly competitive industry.

9. Morgan Stanley

Millennials and Generation Z are slowly taking over the demographics and quickly driving public opinion. As the younger generations grow up, they need financial services. Morgan Stanley sees this as an opportunity to roll out a new product that appeals to more socially conscious investors.

The new tool offers transparency into investments and allows users to avoid industries they deem as harmful. Morgan Stanley’s brand reveal ideas that communicate that the company is willing to adjust to the times and appeal to young investors.

10. 2nd.MD

Telehealth has massive potential as remote communication technology rapidly improves and face-to-face interactions are more challenging.

However, most companies have one major problem….

The concept of telehealth is so new that most people don’t know exactly how it works or how they would utilize a service. 2nd.MD uses a brand launch video to present:

A problem: The spread of medical misinformation.

A solution: A way to connect them with a professional, book a consultation, a platform to communicate, and a detailed summary, all with the 2nd.MD app.

The combination of a concise script and visuals introduces viewers to the benefits of telehealth while also introducing the brand.  


What is the difference between brand launch and rebrand videos

A brand launch video is all about making a first impression. It's designed to introduce a new brand or product to the market, focusing on capturing attention and establishing its identity.

Rebrand videos, however, are about evolution. They're used when a company undergoes a significant change, like updating its image, mission, or values. These videos communicate the 'why' behind the change and showcase the new direction to the existing audience and potential customers.

Additionally, there's another important category to consider: the brand video. This type of video delves into the essence of a company, highlighting its ongoing mission, values, and unique selling points.

This article will provide you with the must-know elements of top brand videos, as well as a curated collection of exceptional examples to spark your own creative ideas.

Final Words -  

A brand launch is a challenging but essential step in your marketing journey. Every innovative idea needs an effective campaign; a new brand launch video is the perfect centerpiece of content to present your company to your target audience.

If you are launching a new company or product and have trouble producing a launch video, contact our animation team today for a free consultation.

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