10 Great B2B Video Examples

Examples that will show how they can work well in different stages of your marketing funnel.

10 Great B2B  Video Examples

According to the Content Marketing Institute research, 71% of B2B marketers are using video marketing. The numbers speak for themselves, making it clear to see why it’s so important to use this form of content in your funnel.

Best B2B Videos

There are countless marketing videos that explain B2B businesses of every type. If you’re planning an explainer video for your B2B, here are the best 10 B2B explainer videos you can use for inspiration.

1. Tatari

Starting the list is this explainer video for Tatari. Tatari is a data-driven platform that helps business owners measure and buy ads across both streaming and linear TV.
This video shows that any complex idea can be turned into one that’s simple to grasp if the team has experience and communicates with the client to understand their needs. Watching this explainer video, we see how visual and audio aspects can play on that idea and deliver the message simply yet effectively.


2. Ruby – Live Virtual Receptionists and Chat Specialists

Could an explainer video about a virtual receptionist and chat service be a joy to watch?
Every scene in this explainer video displays so much colorful excitement you can’t take your eyes off it.
Showing user experience can be important, but what about showing the experience of the employees who work for you? I think that’s a great idea. This makes a positive impact on the viewer since any business owner would love to see a happy staff working and communicating with their clients.

3. AZA

AZA is a two-way matching system that helps sellers to find buyers and buyers find sellers.
If your business is in one of the two positions described in this B2B explainer video, then watching it you’ll not only understand the idea of the platform but also get motivated to use it.
This B2B marketing video is a perfect example that proves an explainer video doesn’t just have to be a dry explanation of something, but can also be motivating and persuade people to take the desired action.


4. MailChimp // Introducing Facebook Ads

We’ve seen many explainer videos created for MailChimp, and each of those videos look like artwork.

MailChimp is one of those companies to study and learn from; they provide a masterclass in how to integrate video marketing strategy with a B2B business.

The graphics follow the message; watching this explainer video, we see how beautifully designed visuals help the viewer to absorb the information more thoroughly.

5. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media management platform that allows users to schedule content for different social media channels in advance, see what content works best, boost content, and much more.

Knowing who your target audience is in advance is important so you can create a video with those people in mind.

The target audience for Hootsuite are the people who are actively using social platforms — not only for personal interests but also for growing their business. Choosing active colors and showing the spectrum of available social media tools helps deliver the message more effectively.

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6. Slack – Email VS Slack

Slack is a workplace communication tool that replaces email inside your company. It helps streamline communication with your team and make collaboration easier.

The producers didn’t draw new, unfamiliar characters for this B2B explainer video; instead they’ve used the particles of the Slack logo. It feels like the whole animation is hypnotizing you, making it so you want to watch from start to finish to see where things end up.

The end of this video is another smart move, as it takes the viewer to the final shot on the brand logo so that it’s etched into your mind.

This is a perfect example of B2B marketing video. They used lots of winning techniques: originality, hooking the viewer from the opening seconds, keeping attention til the end, and familiarizing the viewer with their brand.

7. MakerSite

The Makersite is a cloud-based platform that helps manufacturing companies worldwide to estimate production costs, make the right product decisions, and maintain better product quality. It can estimate the potential costs of the production and supply chain, and check if it’s compliant with industry standards.

Watching this B2B video, we can once again see how complex ideas can be turned into simple ones. In one viewing, you get a clear idea about what problems this platform solves for manufacturers and how their business can benefit from using it.

The visual part of this B2B marketing video is compelling — another perfect example for inspiration.


8. M.T. Copeland Technologies

M.T. Copeland is a marketing segmentation platform that can turn your customer data into actionable insights. It helps you better describe your customer segments, understand their behavior, and predict the future behavior of those segments. M.T. Copeland will help you create better products and stronger marketing campaigns.

While watching this video, you may think that it’s a bit long for an explainer video. But, if you’re not boring and have something interesting to share, then being short is not an essential rule to follow.

We see how they trigger the viewer’s emotions from the first moments by taking them to a quick historical look at marketing. After they already have the viewer’s attention, they open up about their service.

Showing insights about what systems they’re using is another smart approach that impresses the viewer and builds brand trust.

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9. Microsoft ID

Microsoft IT Power BI is a business analytics system that transforms your company’s data into rich visuals.

Imagine how much written content would be needed to explain how the analytics system works and how your business can benefit from using it. It could even lead to a distracted audience that will avoid your content or worse, avoid your product.

If used right, an explainer video such as this one can not only explain your idea without annoyance or aggravation, but also motivate, inspire, and compel the viewer to take action.

10. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a cloud-based sales CRM platform that helps salespeople manage leads and deals, track communications, prepare reports, and integrate other sales-boosting apps.

This B2B service is explained in the simplest way, so sales companies can easily understand the benefits they can get using this platform. This video is a great example of how you can use the branding of a product and create fantastic visuals with minimal colors.


Final Words

If you know your target audience better, you have a much better chance to get through to them. That makes explaining how your business works to other businesses becomes a much easier task. Knowing in advance that you’re talking to other business people will help you segment differently. You can vary the messages you use to talk to them, find better ways to compose your message, define how to explain it, find better ways to describe and align to their problems, and define which professional jargon to use.

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