Top 10 Product Advertisements that Work

When making a product video, there are formulas that work. We break down the top 10 examples of product advertisements and explain why they work so well.

Top 10 Product Advertisements that Work

Video ads are one of the best ways to promote a product. And with the rapid expansion of mobile data, they can be played and watched everywhere. There are many different ways to create a product advertisement that works. This article breaks down 10 of the most successful.

1. Boom Fire

This video has been created by us – Yans Media. Immodest, I know, but the results of this ad have been fantastic and we’d love to share why.
Boom Fire is an Armenian energy drink.

Yes, another energy drink.

And we knew that the target audience would say the same thing. And that the market was so competitive – there are a lot of big players like RedBull with flawless marketing and brand power.

But what we noticed was the main players were targeting extreme sports, which aren’t so popular in Armenia.

So we decided to go with another direction – target the young audience who love to party (fast life, youthful exuberance, etc.) and who had fire in them. We created a product advertisement with an energetic atmosphere depicting nonstop parties ignited by Boom Fire. So the next time they want to light the fire they remember this.

The result?

At this moment, Boom Fire is the most popular energy drink in Armenia.


2. Pringles

Did you know that there are 318,000 Pringles flavor stack combinations? Impressive, huh? But after watching this video I asked myself, “Why pick this concept for a Super Bowl product commercial?” After pondering it for a bit, I believe the secret lies in numbers.

With the Super Bowl, the whole country is in the mindset of numbers – numbers are on the board, jerseys, game stats, etc. Even the game itself is marked with a number (last year’s was LIV, or 54). All of a sudden another number jumps in — 318,000. It’s a big number, an impressive number, a number that beats all those other numbers in a memorable way.
Very smart approach.

3. Karma Cola

Want to know where real Cola comes from? This is a strong ad, especially when you’re a fan of Cola but don’t drink it because you’re trying to live healthfully.
This is one of those product ads that sells by not trying to sell you anything.

And it targets people who specifically love Cola, not just the ones who love all soft drinks. It takes the viewers to another world and tells them Cola can also be healthy (or, at least, healthier).

Cool illustrations with an African detail create an exotic atmosphere of wild and untouched places.


4. Tetley

Another great example of product advertisement. Yes, you could say a talking cat and dog is an old trick and wouldn’t surprise anyone nowadays. But this ad isn’t about talking animals.

Everyone knows that tea is more than a drink in the UK. And one of the great things about tea is that it helps you relax while talking with your teatime companion. It’s an apt message, especially now when we all live online and have less opportunity for real life socializing.

So the message is clear – this tea gets even cats and dogs talking.

5. Alexa

There has been so much said about this spot that I doubt I’m adding anything new. Really cool piece, and not just because you watch it with a smile on your face. There’s a subliminal trigger message that makes you think, “If I don’t start using Alexa I’m gonna be stuck in the past like these ancient folks.”

The video persuades you to believe that Alexa is an essential technology that you won’t be able to live without, just like your mobile phone.

Another outstanding element is the production level – it’s absolutely amazing. So many locations and scenes, all crafted perfectly and edited in one great ad.

6. Seicha

Seicha Matcha is an original tea with character that offers a unique taste experience for everyone who is looking for a special treat.

This product ad has been created by Krutart, a wonderful animation studio from Prague. I don’t know how long they spent creating this great piece, but I love every second of this video.

Their Matcha tea comes from Japan from an old family farm, depicted with an origin story in an original and fun way.

The video is short, well designed, and delivers a clear massage.

Useful Recourse
30 Second Explainer Video – Pros & Cons

7. Patagonia

As a video marketer, I watch videos (especially animated videos) all the time. I look for inspiration and to keep up with industry trends. And sometimes I become a customer of the products of the videos I watch! Time and time again, that happens due to a product with a great video.

This product advertisement is one of those examples. Every detail in this video is thought out. The colors, the style, the character, the music; even the animals. If you watch the video carefully you’ll notice that most of them are fluffy which people associate with cozy and comfortable feelings.


8. AXE

There’s a lot going on in this product ad. And I mean, a LOT. We’ve got a celebrity endorser, a full narrative story, beautiful animation, detailed sound design, and more. All in a 30 second ad. This is a great example of a product advertisement that knows its audience and knows how to reach them.

If you don’t know who Nick Eh 30 is, you’re not the demographic AXE is aiming for. But the guy is a professional video game streamer with over 5 million subscribers on YouTube and 2 million followers on Instagram. And the vast majority of those fans are young adult males, the perfect customers for men’s body spray.

This is a great piece of content to show the power of knowing your target audience.


There is a rule in advertising that says don’t show what you’re saying.

Or, “no see-say” for short.

Generally speaking, you don’t create something engaging and memorable by making simple ads for stupid people. Instead, for example, you want to create little puzzles with visuals. Then when viewers solve them, they receive a positive impulse and will remember your product. Another great trick is to create visuals that people will associate with message and persuade them to be a part of it.

This ad is the great example of both of these techniques.

The visuals say “hey these shoes are light and comfortable.” And the particles floating by give you the urge to want to touch them and squeeze them and feel like you won’t get any satisfaction until you do. This Nike ad gets results without using a word. Top-notch marketing.

10. American Express

Back in the old days we had these stereotypical luxury snapshots giving us a taste of the glamorous life like how we would see in movies. But social media and Instagram changed all that. And this product video example is basically a continuation of your SM feed. A kind of a promise that you also can “have the good life with our product.” The interesting part is that they didn’t create it with live footage because today you can pay 70 dollars and download whatever you want from stock footage websites. The marketers from American Express understand that, instead creating a unique and stylized video that looks astonishing.


Final Words

There are many paths to success when it comes to creating a video ad. There are also thousands of ways to fail. Knowing the different combinations of strategies and methods can help your chances of success tremendously. We’ve been pros at helping businesses creating winning product videos for over 10 years and are always happy to provide a free consultation. Let us know how we can help you with your product video!

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