Why is video important in marketing for small businesses?

  1. Increase Product Understanding
  2. Be Apart Of The Platform
  3. Rank Higher In Search
  4. Reach More Devices
  5. Increase On Email Clickthroughs

Marketing for a small business can be a very demanding job, with many hats being worn by one person to ensure everything is running the way it should be. There’s likely already a few steps on the ladder, from content creation, events, social media management, it all has to be covered. And with so much already to do, it can seem questionable to throw another hurdle into the mix in the form of video marketing.

In actual fact, there are a huge amount of benefits to be received through video marketing, ones that many businesses still don’t take advantage of.

Because of this, we will be discussing 5 real benefits of video marketing for small businesses, so you too can delve into the world of video, and extend business strategies out much further to get the most out of your marketing efforts.

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Increase Product Understanding

When online shopping or looking for a product that cannot be physically seen or touched, a complex process for the consumer can be created. Sometimes only images are not enough to persuade them to make a purchase.

This is where video marketing can be beneficial. It has been suggested that up to 85% of potential customers make a purchase after watching a simple product video. This is because the product can be displayed and demonstrated through the video, and a customer is more likely to trust you. With 57% of people agreeing that video content makes the online buying process much more trustworthy; no lies can be shown when the product is being used right in front of them.

By using video marketing to show, not just tell the consumer about the product, there is a much greater chance of reaping in the purchases faster then they would from just an image or description on the business site.

The statistics match. With visualization being our most dominant sense, we trust this most; and 80% of conversions can be increased simply by adding a video to a product landing page.

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Be Apart Of The Platform

Top 5 Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Businesses 4

YouTube is the second-largest social media platform in the world, with over a billion active users, running over 250 million hours of video content every single day. With so many hours covered, your businesses marketing video could easily be included in the mix.

YouTube is the new place for potential buyers to do their research. Rather than trust the reviews, potential customers want to see the product in action.

Most users are searching for the common ‘How to’ video that could easily be answered by your marketing video if the product at hand corresponds to the query. This form of marketing combined with educational content has a space within the YouTube community.

Rank Higher In Search

how to rank high with video

YouTube may be known as the second-largest engine for the billions of users looking for videos to answer their questions, but Google still trumps it, being the top choice search engine. So, it would be beneficial to rank as well as possible within this platform too. This can be done through being a business that not only produces media posts, blogs or online conversations but marketing videos too.

Statistically, adding video content to a page on the businesses website can increase the chances of being on the first Google result page by 53 times. And, with 75% of people never extending their research further than the first page of Google, getting there is a serious competition that can be won with some simple video marketing content.

Reach More Devices

Almost everything nowadays is done via mobile. Social media platforms, Google searches and all connections are more likely tackled through the use of a mobile device. 90% of consumers are said to watch video content through their mobile device, with mobile video views growing more than 233% in the last years.

Because of this, brands need to ensure they are sensitive to the smaller device and ensure the video content is compatible with all size screens, to get the most out of it and a greater audience reach.

Increase On Email Clickthroughs

Simply including the word ‘video’ in the subject line of an email sent out to existing clients, can increase the clickthrough rate by 65%, while putting a video into the actual email can increase click-through rates by 300%, an astonishing amount according to Martech Advisor.

Include a snapshot or eye-catching thumbnail into the email rather than implementing the actual video, as many people may not have the correct support to play the video from an email. Similarly, attaching a large video file into an email increases the chance of it getting thrown into the spam folder, due to the excessive data seen within it.

By attaching a thumbnail, it shows the audience a small screenshot of the video and will allow them to click through to the videos landing page to view it.


It’s important to remember that its not only the video content that will help a business grow but the way in which it is used and implemented into the marketing strategies, that will help the most be made out of this form of content.

By following the process of video marketing creation, the 5 benefits above, and even more can be experienced with the business quickly growing in awareness, popularity, traffic and even revenue.

People like to watch videos because they’re easy to consume and understand from a universal perspective. As the audience, watching a video takes no effort of our own, just the time to watch it.

As well as this, a large amount of information can be implemented into a simple marketing video. There will be no reason for an audience base to not be up to date on all of the business goings-on like there would if the content were to be in the form of a long worded piece of text.

So, extend the marketing work further and find yourself a reliable video editing workstation, implement the use of video into the scheme. To not only collate many business benefits and make all of the hard work worth it.

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