10 Best App Demo Videos

When you’ve got a new app, the best way to show it to the world is with an app demo video. We dive into the 10 best app demo videos and what makes them great.

10 Best App Demo Videos

You’ve got a hot new app that’s almost ready to launch. You know for a fact it’s going to disrupt the industry.

Now what?

You’ve got to get people excited, and the best way to do that is with video.

There are a lot of ways you could swing and miss when making an app demo video, but there are also plenty of ways to make it successful.

Read on to see our breakdown of the 10 best app demo videos, along with why they work.

1. F2X

Created by Yans Media

F2X is the first social fitness app where you can find new and popular workout programs and follow your favorite channels and contributors. You can even create your own workout program and share it across the platform.

The atmosphere of the video crackles with energy and speaks directly to the kind of target audience that lives an active lifestyle.

The smooth transition from live-action to animation is a great decision; it keeps the audience’s attention focused on your message.

In the F2X example, we see perfect execution of this tactic. The production team can then demonstrate all features, functionality, and the user interface using animation.

Then, in the live-action segments, they show the actual experience you can get from using this app.


2. Zocdoc

Zocdoc is an online medical care appointment booking service.

Using this simple app you can find nearby doctors, check the doctor reviews left by their actual patients, and even fill out all your paperwork before your visit.

I would actually nominate this demo video as the best in not just one, but multiple categories. First, it’s a perfect example of a 30-second demo video. Generally with demo videos, the shorter your video is, the better your chances are to earn higher engagement.

Second, positivity is a great way to get your viewer to focus on the benefits they can receive and experience.

In this video, both the script and visuals contribute to that vibe.

Lastly, the script is the strongest part of this video.

Here we see a creative approach with the whole story structured like a poem. In combination with well-crafted visuals, it results in a fun story on how to book an appointment with a doctor.


3. Amazon Key In- Car Delivery: Convenience Delivered

Amazon expands its service and provides wider delivery options.

Now, using a digital key by the Amazon app, you can get your packages delivered right into your home and car. Using this app, you can even lock and unlock your door or give permanent access to your friends and family.

The producers of this video found a great way to demonstrate this new app by showing the traditional Amazon delivery and then jumping into the new alternative delivery option. Showing how handy and helpful this new delivery system can be in different situations helps you to visualize yourself in these scenarios.

Here we don’t see a traditional problem plus solution app demo video; instead we see a problem solving approach that is entirely positive and creates a buzz to download the app.

4. Rivet

Rivet is a reading app for kids with more than 3500 books in their collection.

If your children are struggling with reading, you can download the Rivet app to your phone or tablet and help them improve.

Kind and warm: I know these two characteristics would sound strange for describing any other app demo video, but in this case it’s the best two attributes I can think of.

When we want to demonstrate something helpful for kids that will also improve and develop their reading abilities, these 2 characteristics work extremely well. In this video, it was executed by using loveable animal characters and a fitting voiceover.

This video is a solid example of how simple, clear, and understandable a demo video must be.

5. Hello, Travel Superpowers

This app gets you all the same tools of TripAdvisor directly on your phone or tablet. You can get the lowest hotel prices, the latest traveler reviews, discover top places to eat, and find new exotic experiences to enjoy.

Traveling is something that creates some of the best memories and associations. With this video, the producers knew that all they needed was to tap into this to emotionally trigger people to recall their favorite travel memories.

From the first moment of this video, you slide into the role of the traveler and discover how you can organize your whole trip using the app. Watching this 96 second explainer video, any viewer will understand all the benefits they can gain from using TripAdvisor.


The developers of this app know that the best way to encourage someone to learn a language is to find new and enjoyable ways of doing it.

Univoice is a language learning app that helps to improve your linguistic knowledge from listening to music. Simply select the language you want to learn, choose the music genre you love, and sing along with the artist while following the translation in your native language.

This is a wonderful example of an app demo video.

Just by watching it once, the viewer is clearly informed about every aspect they need to know about the product.

The whole message can fit into 45 seconds, is demonstrated with people from different walks of life, and spotlights the wonderful experience that you can be a part of when learning with this app.

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7. Google My Business App

If you want your business to appear on Google searches so you can find new customers easier, make sure you use the Google My Business app.

It allows you to manage your business by sharing your information, respond to your customers’ reviews, follow the latest updates, discover how people find your business, and much more.

When you watch any of the marketing videos from Google, you always see a simple, understandable, and clear message.

Here we see that same approach.

This 68 second video demonstrates all the main features and benefits. The visuals are crafted so well that you can understand everything even if you don’t speak a word of English.

If you want to learn how to combine live-action, animation, and screencast styles in one great demo video, this is the video to learn from.

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8. Slapstick

Slapstick is an augmented reality app that allows you to add animated stickers to your videos.

This app has been created for active social media content creators and provides a wide range of animated stickers.

When the producers of a video are high-level professionals and know what and how to say and what and how to show, be prepared to see something exciting.

This video breaks all the stereotypes and traditions of showing and sharing information. Instead, it takes the viewer through the fun and enjoyable sticker editing process demonstrating the results you can get by using this app.

As most of the users of this app are young and digitally active people, the dynamic of this video perfectly fits the needs of that audience.

9. Speakon Chat

Speak On Chat is a messaging app. With Speak On Chat, you can chat with people who don’t speak your language. Just type the message in your language and it will automatically be translated to the other.

The strongest aspect of this video is its visuals.

By designing different animal characters that represent various languages,yan /blo the makers of this video found a creative way to make this app demo video memorable.

The viewer gets a clear understanding of how they can use this app and the benefits they’ll receive.


10. Meet Monetha’s dealmaking app

Monetha is a mobile purchasing app based on blockchain technology.

The entire video was built in an organic manner to describe two main ideas behind this app.

First – how you can use this app for online purchasing. Second – explaining how it works.

Since this app is based on blockchain technologies, it was important to explain this part too. Not many people yet know how blockchain technology works; you can’t ignore the importance of explaining it.

This app demo video begins with the story about the traditional methods of making deals and then seamlessly transitions the viewers to modern approaches that offer more convenient and safe ways of purchasing based on blockchain.


Final Words

When it comes to creating an app demo video that works, there are many directions you can go to make it successful. But there are certain characteristics that the good videos all have in common, especially when it comes to crafting the right marketing message. Contact our marketing experts for a free consultation and see how we can help plan yours!

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