Why Explainer Videos Increase Website Conversion Rate

Learn why and how explainer videos will increase the conversion rate of your website.

Why Explainer Videos Increase Website Conversion Rate

Explainer video holds an s important role in explaining, introducing, and advertising your company.

It usually comes in 60 seconds – 3 minutes in length.

You may have a nice website, great products, as well as plenty of site traffic. But what about your customer base?

Explainer videos have been the main video tools for business and startups to raise their website conversion rates.

As we know, to be successful in the business, one of the keys is to pay attention to the conversion rates.

So, why do explainer videos increase website conversion rates?

What makes them really different from other marketing tools?

You will have the answer when reading the points below.

1. Explainer Videos Can Show The Professional And Exclusive Levels

Putting together a professional website does not seem to be savvy these days. Even a self-proclaimed web designer can easily make a professional website as easy as choosing a template.

So, what makes your homepage different from the other competitors?

The answer is explainer video.

A landing page video can wonderfully add the touch of the proficiency and professionalism to your company website.

When your visitors see your explainer video, they tend to see more exclusive, more dedicated, and more reliable company.

Video is indeed the valuable addition to improve your company’s image, legitimacy, and reliability.

2. Visual and verbal learning factor

Video marketing is what makes your company stand out.


Whatever you are selling to the potential customers, there are probably hundreds or even thousands of competing companies, who are selling the same thing.

Chances are you may see the same description and gimmicks that come from the competitors. You may agree that they seem to be boring.


This is where the video marketing in the form of explainer sets you apart from the competitors.

The more creative and catchier the video, the more attention that you’ll get.

The products or services that you offer are probably the same. However, your animated explainer video can make a huge difference when it comes to visual and verbal learning factor.

3. Explainer videos increase the number of sales

Indeed, explainer videos have had such a great track record in helping the number of sales increase.

Instead of asking your potential clients to visit your site, you could show them where they need to click if they are interested to know more about your company.

As we know, folks have a shorter attention span. In 1-3 minutes, you will need to show them the best of your product.

Your new explainer video will really nail the job.

4. Effective standalone & promotional tool

Imagine how much money you should spend when you dispatch your team to other cities to promote your new products?

Why not making your video viral to replace your expensive team?

Explainer video itself is the capital that you can use to promote your product through social networking sites, emails, press release sites, video hosting sites like YouTube, and many more.

Once you have the video, you can repurpose it as many times as you want. You can spread it around to the world.

The sky’s the only limit.

You also don’t have to spend more money just like what you did when you print the media out (brochure, flyers, etc).

Your customers might not be interested in seeing the flyers or posters, but they will be able to view your video.

If you really use this opportunity to deliver such creative video, your key message will be accepted faster.

The video marketing also works well with the overall digital marketing campaigns. That’s why you can’t go wrong to add this spice to every aspect of your marketing campaigns as well.

Besides the effective standalone marketing tool, the video’s flexibility also makes it paired effectively with other forms of digital marketing tool.

You can pair it with social media to raise more reach by sharing your stunning video.


Did you know the fact that videos on Facebook are shared dozens time more than photos, links, or text? It has greater shareability than the other media form.

You can also pair it with email marketing. Adding the videos to the email will improve your CTR by 95%.

Of course, not the least, it is a perfect addition to your website. When you add this to the landing page or homepage, it can grow the conversions at least 50%.

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5. Animation explainer video affects online visibility

Do you know that YouTube is the no.2 search engine in the world?

If you upload your promotional video to YouTube with the right targeted keywords and using a great SEO management software like Linkio, you will have the chance to appear on the first page of a Google search.

It is not easy, but indeed possible to do it. Make sure you hire the best and reliable professional explainer video agency that can help you with such methods.

The reliable agency will know what to do with the tag words and video title to optimize your video rank in Google. With this, you can improve the potential of what your company wants to offers, regardless of the number of the competitors around the world.

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6. Retaining over 50% pivotal information about your product

The good thing about explainer video is that it helps the audience to retain the pivotal information.

Rather than reading or watching a static image, folks will pay more attention to the video.

Well, it is obvious.

Animated video, for instance, is more appealing because it comes with motion, sound, and stunning narrative. When you have this complete package, your audiences will likely to grab most major information which will help them to determine whether they want to purchase your product or at least bookmark your page for a while.

7. Explainer Videos grab attention by playing the audience emotions

Your explainer video indeed has a narrative.

These creative scenarios and stories can play the audience emotions. These will spell your audience. Without your viewers realizing it, your company will grab their attention in more human ways. In the next extent, it will work beyond the brand’s recognition because your videos have created such an emotional bond with your viewers. This will create a confidence in your viewers. The confidence then will lead to action.

As we know, action equals conversion.


The reasons mentioned above are sensible because many businesses have claimed their success stories with the help of explainer video. So, if you haven’t done it yet, it is a perfect time to consider adding one for your business.

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