The 10 Best App Preview Videos

When launching an app, a crucial piece of marketing is an app preview video. Here’s a list of the 10 best app preview videos and what makes them work.

The 10 Best App Preview Videos

An app preview video gives the world a look at your new app. There are many different ways to create one that works, but some techniques work much better than others. It’s also important to take marketing into account. Here, we take a look at the top 10 app preview videos and discuss what makes each one work.

1. Tourbuds

These days, it’s pretty much impossible to take a trip without using travel apps. Tourbuds is an all in one travel app that helps you plan and enjoy your vacation while getting the most out of it.
What I love about this video is that it takes you through all the difficulties tourists encounter and touches on the points when a traveler may need support.
The concept is built on a warm and positive mood, so the viewer gets the into the same headspace they’d be in for an actual trip. From the start, the Tourbuds app preview video gets right to the point, and it leaves no question unanswered. Also, knowing your target audience is one thing, but establishing the right atmosphere for them is even more important.


2. McDonald’s Wants to Know Your Order Before You Do

McDonald’s is a leader in the fast-food industry and two reasons that made this possible is a focus on customer service and marketing.
This app preview video proves that theory. At McDonald’s, they try to understand the customer’s needs and prepare your order even before you get to the store.
In the video, we see what a great job they’ve done with that by showing both how McDonald’s began revolutionizing customer service in the fast-food industry and how it led to today’s technological breakthroughs. In this 90 second video, the viewer gets not only information on how the app works, but also sees an interesting mini-documentary about how machine learning and systems analysis will help to perfect customer service in the future.
Personally, I’m not sure that analyzing all the personal data of customers and social media users will lead to a more comfortable and safe life, but watching this app preview video definitely piques your curiosity over what will become the next great innovation from McDonald’s.

3. Dashlane – Password Paradise

This Dashlane preview video is one of my favorites. When watching it, I really feel for that guy as this is a situation I get into at least once a month. You know, thanks to my “phenomenal” memory.
And the story about passing through the gates of the underworld is so funny and intriguing; at a certain point you feel like, yes this is exactly what I experience when I can’t remember my password.
Another thing I really like in this video is that they kept it very simple, without showing any of the details of the app or any extra features – just the main problem in an amusing way. Just a problem and nothing else, and then the video ends at the most interesting part like a climax in a movie so you want to see what happened with this guy. But here they make the right move, they take the viewer to the logo so you’re engaged and see the name of the app that provides a solution to your problems.
If you’re planning to create a preview video for a new app, this is a great example to learn how to make your audience remember the name of your app and ingrain that it’s a solution to their problem.

4. Google Maps: There’s More to Explore

When I’m choosing top videos for different categories, I always put one or two examples from Google. I do this because I always find something interesting in their videos that could inspire and teach us lessons about marketing. And like many of their videos, Google made this explainer video in an incredibly engaging way. We see how they use a video to not only explain and introduce their apps, but also use it to establish their branding and reinforce it in the viewers’ minds.
The narrator of the video not only shows new opportunities from using Google Maps, but also encourages you to be a part of the complete experience.

5. Zocdoc – Really hurts

Zocdoc is a healthcare application that enables its users to have simple in-person or virtual care. Users can choose doctors, book an appointment, and see reviews from other patients.
If you love marketing videos I’m sure you’ve already seen another explainer video from the Zocdoc team that went viral, as it was another great piece of video content from their team.
I’m happy to see that they could repeat the same success with this new project.
The video leaves no questions on when, how, and why you need to use the Zocdoc app. What’s more impressive to me is that they managed to answer all these questions in just 30 seconds. When you think 30 or even 60 seconds can’t be enough to explain something complex, just take a look at this video. For more on that, check out our Top 10 list of 30 Second Explainer Videos and you’ll find many great ideas for creating short app preview videos.

6. Spotify

Now we get to one of my favorite projects, a video completely designed to elevate your mood with awesome visuals and sound design. For a music streaming app, sound design is the first thing that should connect with an audience and they nailed it. From the first seconds to the last, you’re totally immersed. Here, we see how important sound designers are; they’re the anonymous heroes for marketing videos.
We can also learn from this app preview video about all the features Spotify offers. For example, did you know that you could use Spotify in parties for mixing different tracks, or amp your music up or slow down the temp? Spotify is a definite innovator, and I’m sure they’ll come up with even bigger ideas in the near future.

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7. Google Photos: Photos. For Life.

Here’s another video from Google that utilizes a combination of both live-action and animation. They took advantage of both mediums to show all the common situations where you can lose your photos. If I hadn’t been using Google Photos myself, I’m sure this video would be all about me too. Who hasn’t filled their storage, lost their phone at least once, or scrolled for 15 minutes to find an old photo. They did a great job covering every scenario; the video doesn’t leave any questions on why you should use Google Photos. The voice over really sells the message, so at the end of the video, viewers have a clear picture of which storage service they should choose.

8. Reddit’s New Mobile App

Reddit took a great approach to the concept of their new mobile app preview video.
They wanted to create a video that would be all about Reddit’s culture, incorporating all its visual elements. Even if you watch the video without audio, you’ll know this is Reddit. One of the reasons this video makes my list is the visual part of it that keeps Reddit’s branding intact yet still looks compelling and fresh.
The second thing I really like in this video is the voice over. This aspect actually made a lot of noise when Reddit released the video. All the discussions were trying to figure out “is this Tommy Chong’s voice”. Choosing a celebrity comedian who is beloved by all was a great approach that all but guaranteed success.


9. QuizUp – Come at me

The QuizUp app team thought outside the box to demonstrate inside their app, showing a uniquely creative approach. To preview this app in action they built an actual room for gamers. With the use of animation elements they recreated not only the game, but also how gamers communicate inside it. This resulted in showing a tangible real world example where you can not only show off your knowledge but also find new friends anda have a great time.
This is what the QuizUp app is when shown in reality, and the video producers got it right to demonstrate not only the game but the whole experience in its entirety.

10. My Heritage App

The shortest app preview video on my list. Without uttering a single word, the MyHeritage team took a novel approach to demonstrate their app in just 20 seconds. The result is amazing. Choosing the perfect mood and scenario, they created an easy to watch video that delivers an engaging and focused message.

Final Words

An app preview video can make or break the launch of your app. If done correctly, it could bring a lot of success to your business. We’ve been producing successful app preview videos for years, and are always happy to provide a free consultation to help you with any marketing or production questions you may have. Contact us any time!

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