10 Best Software Demo Videos

Looking to create a software demo video? Here are the 10 best examples with detailed explanations from marketing pros on what makes them successful.

10 Best Software Demo Videos

We live in a world of video content. But if you’re making one for your business, how can you make yours stand out?

Our marketing experts have analyzed 10 of the best software demonstration videos, uncovering why they are so effective.

Additionally, we'll provide step-by-step tips on creating an impactful video and answer the most frequently asked questions in this area.

1. Cyclops - Software demo

There’s a big mistake that many business owners make. Quite often, business owners think that when they demonstrate their product the viewer will understand it entirely and purchase it right then and there. But a software demo video should also explain; it’s important to emphasize benefits especially if your product is new to the market.

This video is a strong example of both demonstrating and explaining. In this video, Yans Media did a great job balancing those two aspects and the result is 200K views on YouTube and a lot of new clients for Cyclops.

What to take from this example:

– Demonstrate how your product works
– Explain the benefits


2. Asana

When you ask users to describe Asana with one word, many will say “design.” This software uses design as its main weapon and does it very well. Great product design, great website design, and of course well-designed software demo videos to show it all off.

We could easily pick any Asana video for our list. All of their videos are fantastic and look amazing. But the looks aren’t just for show; people always want to be a part of something beautiful. This is proven by science, people make choices with their emotions, and that makes the videos from Asana smart marketing tools.

What to take from this example:

– The power of using beautiful design


3. Growth

In 2018 Mailchimp changed its branding.

New branding, new look. And what’s most interesting is that today nobody remembers the old look.

We did some research in our corporate building and samples dozens of professionals from many different businesses. Only 7 percent remembered Mailchimp’s old look, and those were all designers who are tuned in to that kind of thing.

Back to our example.

When the video was released, Mailchimp was already the market leader and everyone knew about them.

Some might say, “Why do you need another video telling us about the things we already know?” Mailchimp wanted to tell you the same thing – what they do – but with the new look.

Great video that effortlessly establishes new branding – colors, characters, simple mood.

What to take from this example:

  • Creative solution of using video to rebrand

4. Figma - Software product video

Figma has created a revolution in the design software industry. Remarkably, they entered a highly competitive market and become everybody’s favorite tool in a very short period of time.
However, the Figma software demo video is not on our list because we love the app.

The video is great and I would add it to the list for this line alone: “the design process needed a redesign.”

OK, now let’s put that script line aside and watch the whole video.

The content speaks to the target audience from the first second to the last. There are so many colors, shapes, and visual elements that a designer would understand that this is for them – even without any audio. And the video talks directly to you, addressing pain points like the fairy godmother in Cinderella giving you the solution.


5. Webflow

Webflow is a new product in the website building space, giving you the ability to design your site without writing code.

This video shows us a great mix of humor and creativity. Claude Hopkins, one of the great advertising pioneers, said “People don’t buy from clowns.” We agree; humor shouldn’t be used just for making a joke without a connected marketing purpose.

It should be an integral part of your concept and main message. Like in this great software demo video.

6. Slack - Software demo video

Slack is the standard in office communication now. Any new software must take Slack compatibility into account. Even when selecting an app for yourself you probably want to know if it has Slack integration.

These guys know what they’re doing. They’re always making you feel like every element is about you. Any person can put themselves in this video, especially in the times of COVID, and remote work is the most popular it’s ever been.

That’s another thing that we love in this video. The pandemic is awful and there are a lot of marketers trying to promote themselves without class, tact, or taste. But look at Slack’s video – the execution is top-notch and it doesn’t pander.

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7. G Suite -

Google has so many successful products. One of their secrets is they always find a creative and interesting way to demonstrate them.

Of course, you could say that’s easy when you have all the money in the world.

But just watch this video.

There is nothing extraordinary about it, nothing that screams out “we’ve got millions to throw around.” This video doesn’t even require much production investment. You could easily have something similar for around $3000 (along with a great idea, of course).

So the next time your marketer starts talking about a lack of budget, show them this video.


8. Grammarly

This software demo video is probably the most played (as in, every other time I’m on YouTube it plays as an ad) video on my YouTube. But it still has not worn out its welcome. Not just because I’m a professional video marketer and I admire it. But because it always reminds me that there are no rules in advertising.

Let me tell you what I mean.

When we create a video brief with our clients, we always ask what kind of videos they like or don’t like.

And when it comes to the “don’t likes,” 90 percent of them say “we do not want old school meet John” or “this is John” type content. Well, in this instance we have Tyler.

So sure, we understand that this example from Grammarly starts like an out of style explainer video, but as you can see, “this is Tyler” works very well in this piece.

So never say never in advertising.

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9. Canva

When it comes to making a choice, people like to know who else is using a product or how many other users are out there.

Another aspect that affects a buying decision is how big or how old the company is. Because it’s not just about using a tool. It’s about how big the company is and if they’re going to be around, in the long run, to update and evolve the tool. If they go broke, I don’t want to lose my assets, my projects, etc.

This software demo video meets all these objections in advance while at the same time demonstrating how it works.

10. Salesforce

We started this article talking about the importance of explaining benefits in a video.

It’s not a coincidence that we chose to end this article on the same note.

Our reasoning is simple; this is the most important thing you can do in any marketing video (not just in software demo videos).

Let’s be honest, who would watch a boring Salesforce design video for more than 10 seconds. But a well-designed, colorful video demonstrating how it makes your life easier in different situations persuades you to check out the software even if you don’t need it.

How to create a software demo video

My advice would be to consider hiring a professional explainer video agency if your budget allows.

Many companies attempt to create these videos in-house, but often the result is not as polished as it could be.

Cutting your girlfriend's hair at home is fine for regular days, but for special events like weddings, where you want her to look amazing, it's important to get professional help.

Professional agencies have the expertise to make your product shine, stand out, and convey the right message effectively. This should be seen not just as an expense, but as a valuable investment in your software's presentation and appeal.

However, if you're working with a tight budget and have some experience, you can still create a  video by following these steps.

Step 1: Write the script

Start with a clear script. Keep the introduction brief, particularly for top-of-funnel videos, and focus instead on the software's main features and their benefits. Highlight unique features and how your solution outperforms alternatives, while keeping the language simple and direct. Avoid detailing every feature, such as common ones like night mode, unless they are unique to your offering.

Step 2: Create the storyboard

Carefully plan each scene or screen capture with a storyboard to ensure a smooth and logical sequence. Be prepared for any platform switches or imports during recording to avoid delays and unnecessarily lengthening the video. Remember, brevity is appreciated and helps convey your message efficiently.

Step 3: Record the video

Use quality screen recording tools to showcase your software's key functions and user interface. Aim for high-quality video without distractions. It's best to avoid free software that includes watermarks, as this can detract from the professional look of your video.

Step 4: Record the voice-over and source the music

If you have a good microphone and some experience, you can record the voice over yourself. Otherwise, consider hiring a professional voice artist, which can cost up to $200. The right background music should complement the video without overwhelming it.

Step 5: Edit all materials together

Now that you have all the materials ready, begin assembling the video. Focus on editing for clear communication and a steady pace. Utilize transitions and annotations to emphasize key features and steps in the software. Ensure the voice-over is clear, the music track is not too loud, and your voice remains distinctly audible. Also, consider including your logo and a call-to-action in the final frame.

Step 6: Distribution

Once your video is ready, plan its distribution. YouTube and your website are essential platforms, but for a more professional approach, consider hosting your video on platforms that offer integrated forms syncing with your CRM. This allows for efficient follow-up with prospects.

How to record on-screen video for software demo

Recording an On-Screen Video for Software Demos

Creating a software demo video is straightforward and can be accomplished in three simple steps:

  1. Prepare Your Content: Outline the key features you wish to demonstrate and draft a clear script.
  2. Record Your Demo: Use tools such as Loom or Dropbox Capture for effective screen recording.
  3. Edit Your Video: Fine-tune your footage, adjusting audio and visuals for clarity and impact.

Alternatively, consider utilizing online platforms like Wulnut. These tools enable you to create interactive and personalized demos for your software, adding a dynamic and engaging element to your presentation.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed this breakdown of the 10 best software demo videos. As you’ve read, there are lots of tips and strategies that can take your video from OK or good to outstanding and even viral! If you’d like to consult with our marketing experts, reach out at any time for a free consultation.

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