10 Best Blockchain Business Explainer Videos to inspire you in 2024

An explainer video is a great way to explain your blockchain product to people. Here are 10 well-done videos to inspire your own concept.

10 Best Blockchain Business Explainer Videos to inspire you in 2024

Businesses that use blockchain technologies can struggle with simplifying complex ideas to potential customers. It has become a challenge and will continue to be one until the general public has caught up to this cutting edge concept.

For this kind of business, getting people to understand the idea is a key moment that can define the success — or failure — of that business. This is where explainer videos work wonders as a tool to break complex ideas into simple ones.

Not all explainer videos manage to successfully navigate this task, so I’ve gathered the 10 best videos that explain different blockchain services in the most simple and understandable manner.

1. Rotageek

When we think of a business that is based on blockchain technologies we always expect to see an explainer that shows hard technologies system work. And let’s be honest the most explainer videos we have seen before are created in that same manner that sometimes makes us feel that we have to rack our brain to understand that․

But we think that blockchain explainer video production should be more simple to deliver the main message properly.

In the case of this explainer video, we see a style that suggests it will not burden us.
Everyone can be a coffee lover from youngest to the oldest so keeping this explainer short, positive and simple is the best solution they could give to target a wide audience. This video explains the idea in the most simple way just by showing how the farmer, SlacksCity WiFi provider, and the client that orders Columbian coffee can benefit from using the SlacksCity network.

2. Audius – Blockchain Explainer Video

Blockchain technologies are being used nearly everywhere, even in the music industry.
Here is a perfect example of a blockchain business explainer video that shows how a music streaming platform based on blockchain technologies works.

This video shows how the traditional music industry operates, what problems creators struggle with, and how they can solve those problems just by using the Audius platform.

The producers did a great job not just by simplifying the concept, but by also keeping the tone and the pace of the video in accordance with knowing that the target audience will require a more active, modern, and positive approach.

3. Liquidstar

Liquidstar is an energy distribution system based on blockchain technologies. To explain how Liquidstar modular smart batteries can be accessible to powerless places, ILLO created a unique design, choosing the right colors that would best describe energy systems.

Using a proper sound design and voice artist makes the message sound even more impressive. This blockchain marketing video is a great example of how simple and harmonic blockchain businesses can be explained.

4. Circum

Financial systems using ICO can seem very complicated. This is a great example of a blockchain marketing video that shows how difficult ideas could be transformed into simple and understandable ones.

Also, keeping this video in a storytelling environment keeps the viewer focused on it. Inspired by the warm colors of the east, and combining that with the palette of modern life turns this explainer into a compelling ICO video.

5. K-Tune

There’s really no difference what kind of business you’re creating an explainer video for. It can be based on blockchain technologies or any other kind of company entirely; being simple and showing your idea clearly is the most important goal to achieve. This video is a great example of how complex ideas could be simplified. The rhythm of this video keeps in the tone with the target audience.

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6. Tokntalk

One of the effective components that makes explainer videos so popular among marketers is that they’re short. We’ve picked this video as a great example of a short blockchain business explainer video. Watching this 30-second video, you can see simply and professionally how the Tokntalk network works, who can use it, and how users can benefit from it. The creators also did a great job with the visual part of the video, creating matching characters that keep the main focus on the message.

7. SndBox

We chose this video for its style and creative approach. The explanation of how the Sndbox community of artists, musicians, designers, and writers can support each other and benefit flows into a story. They transfer the message using graphics that correlate with the exact idea that follows the voiceover. In a few words, I would describe blockchain explainer videos like this as an organic and harmonic reflection of the product in the form of an explainer video.

8. Zenoti - Smart Marketing

You learn everything you need to know about this blockchain business just by viewing this explainer video once. Everything is easy and simple. There is no need to run to the about section of the company to know what kind of solutions they provide. This explainer video simply shows how you can buy things you need or sell what you don’t in the Bunz platform using BTZ digital currency. The visuals are also well crafted, making this blockchain marketing video an enjoyable watch from start to end.

9. Zense

The creators of this blockchain marketing video use storytelling tactics to explain how easily you can get loans using the Zense platform. First, they take you through the situation in which getting loans sometimes becomes a hard task. Then they explain how you can solve those problems by joining the platform.

Storytelling + Problem + Solution tactics always work well if you want to create a successful marketing message.

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10. ConcertVR

The first thing that catches your attention in this video is the fantastic energy that comes out of the sound effects and visuals. You can’t ignore watching this video. The pace and the timing is exceptional and anyone watching will get hooked in and taken on an engaging journey.

It doesn’t matter for whom you’re creating an explainer video. It can be about any cause, about a service or a product, about a business that supports blockchain technologies; just about anything that needs an explanation. The rules of creating a successful marketing message are always the same. Using inspiration is great, but don’t just try to copy other people’s ideas. Look for new ways to deliver your message, show a creative approach to your concept, and make your visuals unique so they stand out.

Final Words

The world of blockchain is filled with exciting possibilities for business. If you’re thinking of an explainer video, make sure that it incorporates ideas that explain your business in ways that are simple to understand. Our marketing strategy experts are always happy to help with a free consultation.


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