20 Great Examples of 30 Second Explainer Videos

Looking for ideas for a 30 seconds explainer video? Here are 20 examples showcasing great execution and production quality that you can use for inspiration.

20 Great Examples of 30 Second Explainer Videos

30-second explainer videos work great when you know how to create them properly.

So we’ve put together an extensive article to help you with ideas.

In this post, we’ve picked 20 great examples. Then, we break down why they’re great and work so well for marketing.

You’re sure to get some solid inspiration from these videos and get answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Let’s go!


  1. Varpet App Explainer Video
  2. Call Me Out Explainer Video
  3. Neat Streets App Explainer Video
  4. Hey You App Explainer Video
  5. Axon Terminal
  6. AllTrails Pro Explainer Video
  7. Bermuda Explainer Video
  8. Veruna Clean Animated Explainer Video
  9. Instapay 30 Second Explainer Video
  10. Coind
  11. Creattie
  12. Zluri
  13. 2D to 3D with Cinema 4D
  14. Catch your Z's Melatonin Gummies
  15. Semrush
  16. Retail Data with The Trade Desk
  17. Qwqer Express
  18. OkCupid
  19. Shopify + Aleran Software
  20. Noom
  21. FAQ
  22. How much does it cost to create a 30-second explainer video?
  23. How to create 30-sec explainer video
  24. How many words in 30-sec script
  25. How long does it take to create a 30-sec explainer video
  26. Closing words

1. Varpet App Explainer Video

Using video to get your info seen

Mobile applications are now a big part of our lives. And companies that have a video on the App Store or Android Play Market have much better conversion.

People are lazy – they don’t want to download anything before knowing its benefits. They also don’t want to read tiny letters and descriptions from their devices.

That’s why videos work much better when they’re informative and persuade people to download your app.

The Varpet app video is a great example of that. It addresses the main pain point – too much time is wasted looking for a professional worker. Then it talks about the solution and benefits before ending on a strong call to action. It’s a classic and effective solution.

And the result? A 10-15% increase in downloads for Varpet.

Ways this video can inspire you:

  • Captivating visuals
  • Thorough explanation of benefits
  • A strong call to action
  • Result-oriented without being boring

2. Call Me Out Explainer Video

Using a Celebrity the Right Way

This video captures you instantly.

First of all, they use a fitting celebrity – Mike Tompkins.

Of course, just because a celebrity is in a commercial, that doesn’t mean it will sell your product. But the use here isn’t gratuitous, and let’s face it – Mike’s presence sells the message.

Then, in the following scene, you see amazingly executed animation with beautiful motion work and detail.

And the best part is they’re able to explain all the benefits of their app in just 30 seconds with an engaging story told by a known person. Well done!

Ways this video can inspire you:

  • Fast hook with gorgeous visuals
  • Smart use of a celebrity
  • Telling about the benefits throughout the entire story

3. Neat Streets App Explainer Video

Expensive doesn’t mean it will work, and inexpensive doesn’t mean it won’t

This 30-second explainer video is a wonderful example of spending your money wisely and still getting high value.

What I mean is, these days we see a lot of companies invest money in expensive productions and forget about the main goal of an explainer video – simplifying and explaining.

I believe this video cost around $3000 – $4000, but it does its job much better than a lot of videos that cost 10 times more. Let’s check together.

-Does it explain what the app does? Check!
-Does it speak to the target audience? Check!
-Is there a great hook? Check!
-What about a strong call to action? Check!

Guys, spend your money wisely and remember, the main goal of an explainer video is to explain what you do and start a conversation.

Ways this video can inspire you:

  • Simple but effective
  • Results on a small budget

4. Hey You App Explainer Video

A great hook makes a great video

A promise to help people save time is a classic approach that has no expiration date – especially when it comes to keep you from wasting time in line.

This is a problem that we will always have.

Now, there are many products that promise to save time, and creating a video that stands out from the crowd is a challenge.

The solution this video uses is simple but still strong.

A captivating opening with word play and the visual metaphor of someone drowning in the sands of time hook viewers. Then comes the promise of using time in a better way – to spend time on the fun things in life.

Regardless of where the video goes next, this would at least keep you around to see what the product is, right?

Ways this video can inspire you:

  • Clever wordplay to capture attention at the beginning
  • Using visual metaphors

5. Axon Terminal

Hit viewers with triggers they aren’t even thinking about

After watching this 30-second marketing video, you may feel compelled to give them a try. Or at least have a gut feeling that this company can handle what they say they can.

As a video marketing expert, I thought for a while about what it is that works in this video. Why would I be compelled to use this, even though I live in a region that isn’t even covered by its services?

After a while, I figured it out – it’s the music.

See, it’s all about associations.

The music develops the entire atmosphere of those tough and reliable guys that handle big trucks and drive 24/7 to keep our supply chains flowing. It’s a tough guy on an empty road-ready for whatever challenge pops up.

A good, strong piece.

Ways this 30-second explainer video can inspire you:

  • The power of using the right music track

6. AllTrails Pro Explainer Video

Positivity works!

What we love about this video is that it doesn’t scare you with “bad things” that will happen if you don’t download their app.

Rather, it focuses on all the good things you’ll receive; joy, adventure, and a safe trip.

Another great conceptual choice is the main character of the video.

By using a young girl, they are making it clear and obvious that anyone can be safe with the app.

Since the question of safety is always brought up before any trip, the production company did a great job by countering potential objections.

Ways this video can inspire you:

  • Positive concept instead of a negative (using fear tactics, etc.)
  • Handling objections without being obvious about it

7. Bermuda Explainer Video

No “need”? Create one!

How do you create a need for people when it comes to luxury items?

If you’re Bermuda, you sell the idea that luxury can be yours without the high cost of ownership.

They talk about the 2 happiest days of a boat owner’s life: buying it and selling it.

Then they let you know that you can have all the fun they aren’t having with none of the troubles, like maintenance and spending tons of money. Don’t know how to prepare it or sail it?

No problem, they’ll handle that too!

Another thing we love in this video is that there isn’t a pushy call to action. They don’t say you need to act now, or do something immediately.

They instead let you know that you can be the wise person who makes the right choice. They literally create a need for you.

What I mean is that you don’t really need this service, but the story develops a need you didn’t know you had, and a solution you suddenly realize you want!

Ways this video can inspire you:

  • Creating a need
  • Getting viewers to use their imagination and build a mental picture instead of spoon-feeding them every visual

Action Item

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8. Veruna Clean Animated Explainer Video

Another clever way to get people to pay attention

We always pay attention to something that’s weird or things we don’t recognize.

That stems from our very instincts to stay alive back from ancient times. Deep down, we don’t feel safe until we understand and process what it is we’re looking at.

Of course, we aren’t sitting here trembling from an animated explainer video, but the content grabs us at a subconscious level.

I’m not sure if the production company intended to create this concept for their video, but it works perfectly on social media channels when there is no sound and you need to capture a person’s attention.

Another concept that works here is that of a puzzle.

That works by triggering you to remember details when you solve a puzzle because you actively worked to assemble it.

That’s why some marketing materials make you think and you remember them so well.

Ways this video can inspire you:

  • Speaks to your instincts
  • Uses the interaction to familiarize the product to you

9. Instapay 30 Second Explainer Video

Know where video fits in your funnel

Sometimes you don’t need to dive deep to create a successful marketing message, especially in a 30 seconds explainer video.

It should be as simple as possible.

That’s what’s accomplished in this video. They just talked about the main benefits of the product in a simple manner and simple style.

No complex wording, no fancy visuals. Just a clean message.

Of course, this concept doesn’t always work, especially when you need to attract attention.

However, if you’re looking for a video to use in the later stages of your marketing funnel, it works perfectly.

If you want to learn how to use video the right way in your marketing funnel, check out this article, or schedule a free consultation with a video marketing expert.

Ways this video can inspire you:

  • It’s simplicity
  • Proper usage for specific stages of the sales funnel

Action Item
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10. Coind

Everyone else is doing it? Then don’t

When all the companies in your industry use the same style for their communication, the risk is high that your message will be lost in the mix.

The Guys from Coind made an effective decision because all the blockchain companies are using the same futuristic design style.

We understand the reasons, but it just isn’t effective anymore.

These guys understood that.

The advertising guru Sir John Hegarty advises, “When they zig, you zag,” and it always works when you know how to do it right.

Ways this video can inspire you:

  • Do it a different way. When they zig, you zag

11. Creattie

Our first 30 second explainer video is from the Lottie library Creattie. We chose this ad because the animators do an excellent job of understanding the audience. Creattie targets designers and web developers looking to create unique projects. As a result, the video shows how anyone can use their platform to customize designs to fit their branding and style with Creattie's built-in editor.

12. Zluri

30 second videos are plenty of time to deliver the value proposition if you effectively communicate your solution.

Zluri executes its messaging with the help of imagery directly from the service's UI. This gives viewers a comprehensive understanding of the service while identifying a common problem. In just 30 seconds, viewers can see how Zluri can help them organize their SaaS application in one user-friendly dashboard.

13. 2D to 3D with Cinema 4D

We love how Cinema 4D uses tone in their 30 sec video to capture the audience's attention. The VO begins soft, speaking directly to the viewer, then switches to an upbeat and much more enthusiastic tone to showcase the service.

Accompanied by the change in tone, lively music, sound effects, and visually stunning transformations from 2d to 3D, the viewer can't take their eyes off the screen. The ad finishes by emphasizing how easy Cinema 4D is, making for a unique, memorable viewing experience.

14. Catch your Z's Melatonin Gummies

Implementing statistics is a great way to increase conversions in video advertising.

The 30 second video above uses a highly relatable stat to create urgency, a critical component in online advertising. "1 in every 3 individuals don't sleep enough" resonates with many viewers. The statistic raises awareness of the problem and is quickly followed by the advertiser's solution.

15. Semrush

Catching messaging is crucial when putting together your 30 second animation ideas. That's why we featured the Semrush.Trends ad campaign with the genius 3-word slogan – "Data. Insights. Impact."

Implementing a simple, easy-to-remember tagline that reflects your product or service is among the oldest marketing techniques. Semrush executes the strategy flawlessly and incentivizes viewers to try the product for free.

16. Retail Data with The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk delivers a fast-paced 30 second video idea with little to no waste from beginning to end.

You keep your audience entertained with an upbeat voice-over, soundtrack, and visuals. However, while The Trade Desk executes all three essential aspects of production, the video's strong point is the creative transitions. They keep the short scenes moving and viewers interested as they are walked through The Trade Desk's key selling propositions.

17. Qwqer Express

Qwqer Express demonstrates how to resonate with a large demographic when your product or service has mass appeal through character development. The 30 second explainer video features 3 types of characters facing logistical problems - a distressed senior couple, a frustrated businessman, and a new mother.

Everyone can directly relate to or knows someone who falls into these 3 categories, creating the narrative that Qwqer Express can help EVERYONE.

18. OkCupid

In highly competitive industries, like online dating apps, communicating the unique selling proposition is fundamental when curating 30 second animation ideas.

OkCupid executes by clearly identifying the questions it asks users when creating their dating profiles. They use the examples "cat or dog lover" and "religious or free thinker" to communicate to viewers how its personality prompts build comprehensive profiles and effectively match users.

19. Shopify + Aleran Software

Sometimes a 30 second explainer video isn't enough to effectively communicate how a product or service can benefit your audience. So instead of producing a longer video, Shopify presented a brief overview of the B2B platform Aleran, then directed viewers to download a free e-book covering the software extensively.

The strategy will save you production costs, and you can require a name and email for the free download and use the information for future marketing efforts.

20. Noom

Noom combines different animation styles to create a unique look for their 30 second video above. The technique delivers a memorable advertisement, instills branding, and centers focus on the main character.

The ad's protagonist is designed in 2D using Noom's signature red-orange branding on top of a 3-dimensional world. This choice helps the character stand out, and viewers can't help but relate to their struggles. Once the central figure shows improvement after using the Noom app, viewers have built a connection and are incentivized to take the free quiz.


How much does it cost to create a 30-second explainer video?

Creating a 30-second explainer video can be quite cost-effective.If you're looking for something straightforward, you're likely to spend about $2,700 to $3,500. If you want a special one that stands out, with extra professional details, it can cost more - between $4,000 and $15,000. This price changes based on how complex it is, the kind of animation, and if you use special voice and  the licensing for voiceovers and music.

How to create 30-sec explainer video

To make a short 30-second video that explains something, there are some important tips in this article. And the production process follows some easy steps, which we explain more about right here.

The key challenge is fitting your complete message into a tight 30-second window. It's a tougher task to weave a compelling story that's brief yet covers all bases, ensuring your core message is clearly understood.

How many words in 30-sec script

For a 30-second video, use about 75 words. This is because in most videos, people speak at a speed of about 2.5 words every second. But to be safe, try to use no more than 70 words. This way, the video doesn't end too suddenly, and everything sounds clear.

How long does it take to create a 30-sec explainer video

Creating a 30-second explainer video usually takes about 4 to 5 weeks. Remember, this time doesn't count the hours you might need for any changes or for talks about different parts of the video like the storyboard or the design style.

Closing Words

We hope that this post gives you inspiration for your own 30 second explainer video.

Just like every other piece of marketing, an explainer video is a tool. It must be crafted properly, and then used for the right job in the right way. If you’d like to consult with our marketing expert to see how an explainer video would fit in your strategy, schedule a free meeting at any time!

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