The Best Law Explainer Video Examples

Animated videos work for every business, and law is no exception. Here are some of the best law firm video examples for inspiration.

The Best Law Explainer Video Examples

Every business should have a strong online presence, but some require an even higher level of professionalism and marketing strategy. Healthcare, finance, and law all fit that description. I’ve already written about the first two, so now let’s take a look at the best examples of law business videos.

1. Starks Law

Today, with most things moved into the digital world, people are searching for legal services online more often, so having a solid online presence isn’t just an option, it’s necessary.

For law firms, it's always about trust. Once you overcome this barrier, potential clients will start approaching you more. So, if you've got a law firm, you definitely need to make sure your online profile is top notch.

Videos work great for not only promoting your services, but also introducing your company on different platforms including your social media channels.

The Starks Law video is a video that builds confidence with the firm, delivering its core message to the audience fast and efficiently. The visuals here play a huge role in making this 30-second video understandable and convincing.

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2. Handyman

Legal Zoom made extremely short legal video campaigns showing that you don't have to be a lawyer to handle legal issues - instead, they will find a proper attorney for you. In just a few seconds, they even found a way to bring humor to their content, making this video much more memorable.

If you are looking for ideas to make your content stick in viewers' minds and grab the attention of your target audience, then you should also be thinking of ways to implement humor in your marketing content.

3. Think Legal

Even if you've got the best service or the best tools to help people settle their legal issues, there’s zero guarantee that after you launch those services customers will come knocking on your door. You still need to make it clear for them why they can trust you and select your services above all the rest.

"Think Legal'' is another law business video example that shows how we can create a clear explanation for services no matter how complicated they may be.  With outstanding and interesting visuals, the ''Think Legal'' video gets the viewer to enjoy the content from start to end, focusing the viewer's attention on the benefits.

4. Notarize!

Did you know that videos are the best pieces of content that can go viral and spread your message far and wide across the internet?

People now spend far less time reading, and much more on watching videos. The time is now for all businesses to concentrate their resources on creating better and more video content.

“Notarize” is of those law industry marketing videos that once went viral, making the company very famous across the US. The success was huge, bringing them $100 Billion in notarized transactions just in 2020!

For companies that provide legal services, this video serves as a great source to influence better marketing video ideas as a goalpost to try and repeat that success.

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5. Affordable Legal Help for All

Low-quality law videos. This is what the internet is full of. It’s also not what your company deserves. Videos assembled entirely with stock footage or animated templates have no chance to attract anyone. At best, it’s a waste of time and money. At worst, it’s a blemish on your firm and makes you look cheap and unprofessional.
On the other hand, the “LegalShield” video shows how with custom animation, a law business instantly gets a more professional and serious identity. Custom video is the only way to have branded content, and the only way to gain credibility around your firm.

6. What Makes Tandem a Different Kind of Law Firm?

Whiteboard is another option you can select as an animated presentation. Although, they are not really popular anymore because so many people used this style of video to the point where Whiteboard became known for being low-quality, low-budget videos. But still, with a higher quality effort in mind, you can make it a success.

The Tandem video was selected for that reason - to show that a professionally crafted video, no matter what style you choose, can always work. The way narration and visuals in this video go together works organically to build confidence in the brand.

7. Estate Planning, Solved

Using both visual and verbal components makes animated graphic videos for law firms an incredibly strong marketing tool. With animation, the Qwill team were able to make their solutions more clear to their audience, crafting a short story with a textbook problem plus solution narrative.

A little bit of humor and some charismatic voice acting goes a long way in getting people’s attention and making an impact. Video storytelling is a great way to captivate even the most indifferent viewer.

8. A Message From Australia's Consumer Protection Agencies

The best medium to spread a message fast and wide is video. Videos are short, easy to share, and effective.

The "A Message From Australia's Consumer Protection Agencies" video has one message - to warn travelers about the risks they can avoid. Creating colorful visuals and a quick pace, they built the whole video around one travel case. The creators tried to highlight the most important points travelers need to be aware of, packing the most they possibly could into one video.

A great idea we can take from this piece is to find something that can incorporate ideas and solutions into one concept.

9. This is Patrick

As Google always ranks videos highly for search queries, the chances your law video content will show up at the top is quite high. This is yet another reason to think seriously about producing videos for your firm.

One of the most popular marketing video styles that different businesses use is animation. Choosing animated graphics for a law firm is a smart decision. You'll have the flexibility to explain any legal issue or anything that seems too complicated in an understandable and compelling manner.

Created with motion graphics, the Lipco video is another great example of how you can craft an explainer video for your law business.

10. Court Experts

When hard times knock on your door, you always look for people you can trust with your problems. “Court Experts” is a great platform that will find you an expert for any sort of legal problem.

One of the reasons this video makes my list is the way the video simplifies the explanation. The concise and minimalistic manner of this video focuses the viewer's attention on the message, making this video incredibly convincing.

If you are looking for video ideas that work for a law business, then this animated presentation for lawyers is a great source to get some inspiration.

Final Words -

As I mentioned earlier, every business can benefit from an animated explainer, and the business of law is no exception. If you’ve got a law business or firm and you’re interested in creating video marketing content, feel free to contact us any time. Our expert strategists are always happy to offer a free consultation.

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