20 SaaS Explainer Video Examples for Inspiration

SaaS apps can be tricky to explain, but SaaS explainer videos work well to simplify them. Here are 20 great examples that have been marketing successes.

20 SaaS Explainer Video Examples for Inspiration

We all get a bit wary about stuff we don't understand.

That's been true for a very long time.

This is why videos that explain things are super popular, especially for SaaS stuff. In this article, we're going to show you some really cool videos that explain SaaS.

But there's more!

We'll also talk about why these videos are so good and how they can give you great ideas for your projects.

1. What is Hootsuite - SaaS Explainer video

They say the forbidden fruit is always sweeter, and Hootsuite plays right into that in their video.

They video starts with mentioning that social media can feel like a party you're not invited to, a familiar situation that instantly grabs your attention.

Who hasn't had that feeling? Then, they come in with the solution: "You can have your own party!" It's a great move, using a relatable situation to cleverly introduce their product.

The video itself continues to impress with its design. Unique illustrations, a dynamic storyline, and high-quality animations keep you engaged throughout. It's a perfect example of explaining ideas in a way that's both informative and entertaining.

2. Droplet - SaaS Product Video

An explainer video is not only a way to get more traffic and generate more leads, but it's also a great tool to build strong brand recognition.

This SaaS explainer video is built from scratch around a logo, then develops it into recognizable branding. For SaaS businesses who have a few branding elements, this can serve as inspiration to boost brand identity.

Another thing that I love about this video is its recreation of a real-life case, helping the viewer draw parallels with the same situations they struggle with in their own lives. Showing a real-life case is always a winning tactic, as it helps the viewer better align with when they will need your help. So, if you're looking for some great ideas to create a strong and more personalized explainer video, then Droplet is one to take a good look at.

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3. Meet Airtable - SaaS Demo Video

Sometimes, creators get caught up in being overly unique and forget the most important thing: making it easy to understand.

Airtable's video is a great example of keeping things simple.

They don't use any fancy tricks or complex explanations. Instead, they clearly show how the product works and what it can do for you. This straightforward approach is why the video has been so well-received, with nearly 300,000 views on YouTube, and helped Airtable build a successful company.

4. What is GitHub - SaaS Brand Commercial

This video throws the rule book out the window – and it works! While conventional wisdom suggests the ideal length of explainer videos should be under 90 seconds and start with the problem, this one takes a different approach.

It might look like a standard commercial at first, but it quickly hooks you in. The captivating animation, futuristic style, and engaging narrative are perfectly tailored to their target audience. It's a testament to the power of creative storytelling, reminding us that sometimes, breaking the rules can lead to something truly remarkable.

5. Digital Ocean App - SaaS Video

Looking for some fresh styles to create an explainer video? You should watch the Digital Ocean - App Platform Explainer Video.

Here’s something else - if you're asked to create an explainer video around the brand name and you can’t think of how that could work, this video may give you some ideas.  Although the ocean has nothing to do with software solutions, the creators were smart enough to use the marine theme as the general concept. This tactic works perfectly, since evoking associations with nature helps build a positive perception of your business and more importantly, stay in your audiences' mind.

6. Shopify Plus - SaaS Promo

Mixing animation and live-action techniques is one of the best solutions for SaaS businesses as it helps to build a more clear presentation for software solutions. The Shopify Flow explainer video is one of the best examples that implements this technique.  

For SaaS businesses, it's vital to deliver and communicate the vision for software solutions to their target audience, and the Shopify Flow video is a perfect example of doing that.

7. Google - Password Manager

Google always has something to surprise us. This time they have come with a new explainer video for Google Password manager.

Manipulating different shapes, they have created a dynamic animation. Diverting from their usual bright and active style, this time they went with a more calm and soft animation style while still staying true to their branding.

If you'd like a masterclass in how you can come up with different explainer videos while still aligning with your branding, then Google explainers are a great source to learn from.

8. What is Dropbox - One of the best SaaS Explainer videos ever

Dropbox's explainer video is a true OG! It paved the way for countless others and set the standard for the explainer video industry.

While modern creatives might point out its flaws – like going over the ideal length, lacking high production value, and missing music – the impact is undeniable. It helped Dropbox secure funding and showcase a completely new concept: cloud storage, a game-changer back then.

It tackled a completely new concept, making it highly relevant at the time.

This video shows that sometimes, it's more important to focus on clarity and solving a real problem rather than adding unnecessary features.

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9. 2nd.MD — Medical Certainty

With technology developments, creating marketing videos has become more and more popular. Industries that prominently use this modern tool include healthcare and SaaS. This is due to the fact that both the SaaS and healthcare sectors are two of the most complex and specific industries. So the best way for them to make their value proposition more clear is through explainer videos.

"Explain and offer" is the combination that often works best. The 2nd.MD video is created using the same - explain and offer- tactics that attracts the viewer's attention from the start and within 60 seconds makes it clear how they can benefit from it.

10. Mailchimp - SaaS Animation

The team at Mailchimp are experts at creating the best SaaS explainer videos. Every single video they have created so far is the result of the perfect implementation of marketing tactics that has helped them build a strong company.

This video looks amazing and makes the viewer stop and watch all the way through just because it's hard to ignore the fantastic candy-colored animation.

11. Zendesk - Help My AI!

You know how most Ai explainer videos stick to the classic 'problem-solution' storyline?

Well, Zendesk decided to shake things up a bit. Instead of just going down that familiar road, they kick off their video by pointing out what's lacking with other options out there.

It's a smart play.

They set the scene for their big reveal: Zendesk's solution. And when they finally show off their product, it's not just a grand entrance. They dive into why it's different and why it really works. If you've tried similar products and felt let down, this approach hits right at home. It's not just about showing what's wrong elsewhere; it's about showing why Zendesk is the right choice.

Think about it: maybe taking a different route like this could be a game-changer in your next project too!

12. Glassfy - SaaS Product Video Example

Let's face it, grabbing attention in the SaaS world these days is like trying to get noticed in a crowded room - it's tough with all those new products popping up left and right.

But, hey, this next video we're looking at?

It's a textbook example of how to stand out. Instead of diving headfirst into the technical nitty-gritty, it goes straight for the jugular – speaking directly to its target audience about their unique challenges.

It's like walking into that crowded room and finding someone who gets you and your specific needs.

If you're part of that audience, you can't help but think, "Hold up, maybe they've got something special for me."

This approach is super smart, especially if you're trying to make your mark in a competitive market. It's not just about being different; it's about being relevant and hitting the right notes with the people you want to reach.

13. Tenderd

So, why did this SaaS explainer video make our top list?

Simple: it nails the tone. And I'm not just talking about stringing together the right words. It's the whole package – the voice, the music, the pace – everything echoes this tough, masculine vibe that's spot-on for its target audience.

It's like the video is speaking their language without saying a word. Remember this gem: the sound, the way it feels, that vibe – it’s key. It's one of the most powerful ways to connect. You're not just sharing information; you're striking a chord, making sure your message doesn't just get seen, but really, truly heard.

14. Slack vs Email

Okay, you can't talk top SaaS videos without giving a shoutout to Slack.

Why? Because they're just plain awesome.

Sounds too simple? Maybe, but it's the honest truth.

Let's zero in on this particular video of theirs. They're not even bothering to size themselves up against other company chat platforms. Nope, they're aiming higher. They're taking on email – that old-school, can't-live-without-it business communication tool that's been around since the days of George Bush. And I mean the first one, not his son!

What Slack does with videos like this is nothing short of culture-shifting. They're not just winning over customers; they're changing the way we think about workplace communication.

15. What is NordVPN? - SaaS Introduction Video

Most of us surfing the net might not grasp all the details about internet safety without a VPN – and I'm right there with you. This is where the magic of explainer videos really stands out, skillfully blending various styles from basic motion graphics to live-action with animations and glossy visuals.

This campaign masterfully shifts us from a 'stone age' danger zone to a tech-savvy, modern era. It's a subtle, yet compelling message: "Join the new, free world with our product." This marketing tactic isn't just clever; it's sheer genius, beautifully marrying the allure of freedom with the need for security.

16. Freshworks Solutions Overview

Alright, so there's this chat about using diversity in ads – you know, different races, ages, that kind of stuff – and some folks reckon it's overdone. But then, bam! You see someone who looks like you in a video, and it changes everything.

Gotcha thinking, right?

This diversity angle? It's not just for show. It even makes a splash in animated videos. But here’s the real kicker: when you're doing a live action explainer video, it's super important. It's all about representing your user personas, showing all those different faces and voices. Whether you're pushing software or any product, really, making sure everyone sees a bit of themselves in your video? That's the golden ticket. It's not just ticking a box; it’s about genuinely connecting with your entire audience.

17. Attentive

Ever heard of that neuro-linguistic trick where you nod along to absolute truths, and then, before you know it, you're buying into someone's idea? Well, guess what, it works like a charm in explainer videos too.

Take this video we're looking at. In the first part, the voice-over narrator lays out all these truths about what makes marketing memorable. And you're there, nodding along, totally on board. But then, sneakily, they transition to talking about their SaaS product. Suddenly, you're making this connection: memorable marketing equals their software. It's like they're painting this perfect world, and their software is the star.

Pretty savvy, right? It's not just about telling you what's great; it's about making you believe their product is part of that greatness.

18. Meet Asana - SaaS intro video

So, Asana's demo video? They totally nailed it.

We're talking about the whole package here – the concept, the music, and a killer call to action. But let me point out something really cool that you might want to draw some inspiration from. It's all about the visuals – this blend of real images with illustrations. In the biz, they call it 'mixed media'.

Mixed media in explainer videos is like a secret sauce. It bridges the gap between digital products and real-life scenarios. And when you've got a strong brand aesthetic like Asana, this approach turns every visual into something captivating. It's not just a video; it's like watching a piece of pop art. It grabs your attention and keeps it, making even the most digital product feel tangible and relatable.

19. RemotePC - Market repositioning case

Selling SaaS isn't just about quality; it's about nailing the market positioning.

Take RemotePC's team, for example. They spotted the work-from-home wave and rode it perfectly, rebranding their product as a must-have in the new normal. And here's the kicker – the tool itself didn't change; it's all in the pitch. Pretty clever, huh?

But there's a cherry on top. They offer a hefty discount for annual subscriptions, playing the long game. They know once the lockdown dust settles, they'll have a solid customer base. That’s some top-notch strategy from their video marketing team. It's more than selling a product; it's about seizing the moment and owning it.

20. Intercom: Happier customers, more productive support teams

You know how they say less is more? Well, this 30-second explainer video is the perfect example of that. They didn't bog it down with every tiny detail or feature of the product.

Nope, they went straight for the gold – focusing on the single most valuable benefit.

It's spot-on because when you're hunting for an online support software, you're not listing a laundry list of features. You're usually like, "I need a great tool for..." and then, bam, just one word. That's all you need.

Final Words

While explainer videos work for any business, SaaS is an industry that benefits even more than most. When it comes to simplifying complex ideas and making a splash while doing it, you can’t get better results than with a SaaS explainer video. If you’d like to chat with our expert strategists about making an explainer for your own SaaS company, we’re always available for a free consultation.

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