10 SaaS Explainer Video Examples for Inspiration

SaaS apps can be tricky to explain, but SaaS explainer videos work well to simplify them. Here are 10 great examples that have been marketing successes.

10 SaaS Explainer Video Examples for Inspiration

SaaS explainer videos have become quite popular in the past few years. Explainer videos are already constructed to simplify, which is part of the reason they work so well for SaaS. There are some key ingredients you’ll need to keep in mind if you’re going to get one created for your own business. Read on to see some of the best SaaS explainer video examples and why they work.

1. Droplet

An explainer video is not only a way to get more traffic and generate more leads, but it's also a great tool to build strong brand recognition.

This SaaS explainer video is built from scratch around a logo, then develops it into recognizable branding. For SaaS businesses who have a few branding elements, this can serve as inspiration to boost brand identity.

Another thing that I love about this video is its recreation of a real-life case, helping the viewer draw parallels with the same situations they struggle with in their own lives. Showing a real-life case is always a winning tactic, as it helps the viewer better align with when they will need your help. So, if you're looking for some great ideas to create a strong and more personalized explainer video, then Droplet is one to take a good look at.

2. Trip Case Travel App

The success of any live-action explainer video relies heavily on what cast you put together for your video.

The first thing that catches my attention when watching this video is the narrator. The charisma of the actress jumps off the screen. She is the star of this video and the way she talks with the viewer and leads them through her story is highly convincing. Not only is the acting professional, but the voice quality of the narrator creates a deeper connection to the Trip Case Travel App.

Conclusion - the cast for your explainer video is something that viewers will associate with your SaaS business in the future, so choosing the right actors is key. Try to pay attention to the candidates who act natural, connect charismatically, and have a voice that fits your brand.

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3. Any Day Can Be Your Big Day

Though running short (only 30 seconds), this SaaS explainer video quickly goes through the situations where you can elevate your financial management solutions.

Sure, there are lots of other benefits with Mint that aren’t mentioned in this video. But when creating an explainer video, you should always remember that this particular type of content is not supposed to be long and address all the minor questions or benefits you'd like to say.

With an explainer video, you should focus your message on the most important things that will persuade your target audience to try out your service immediately.

4. Hackers? Again?! | You Deserve Better

Grab the viewer's attention. Nothing can happen unless you do this first.

An explainer video is a great tool to draw your target audience's attention to you. There are hundreds of different tactics you can use to do this, but the surest way is using humor. The Wix team created a series of comedic explainers to showcase their benefits and get the viewers' attention on what they offer.  

If this explainer video inspired you and you'd also like to repeat their success with a similar video then you should do the following:

  • Reimagine your software as something that fits into a real-life situation.
  • Reimagine every tool and every bug in your software with real characters playing that role.  
  • Find a life case when relations between people would be similar so you can recreate a comic variation of the same.
  • Create a bold and bright environment. When emphasizing everything with humor, it's very important to let the viewer easily know that this is going to be comedic right out of the gate. Your viewer won’t initially know what particular type of content you're offering, so the visual part of your SaaS marketing video shouldn’t blur the lines too much between joke and reality.

Following these steps will help you create a comic concept for your SaaS explainer.

5. Digital Ocean - App

Looking for some fresh styles to create an explainer video? You should watch the Digital Ocean - App Platform Explainer Video.

Here’s something else - if you're asked to create an explainer video around the brand name and you can’t think of how that could work, this video may give you some ideas.  Although the ocean has nothing to do with software solutions, the creators were smart enough to use the marine theme as the general concept. This tactic works perfectly, since evoking associations with nature helps build a positive perception of your business and more importantly, stay in your audiences' mind.

6. Shopify Plus

Mixing animation and live-action techniques is one of the best solutions for SaaS businesses as it helps to build a more clear presentation for software solutions. The Shopify Flow explainer video is one of the best examples that implements this technique.  

For SaaS businesses, it's vital to deliver and communicate the vision for software solutions to their target audience, and the Shopify Flow video is a perfect example of doing that.

7. Google - Password Manager

Google always has something to surprise us. This time they have come with a new explainer video for Google Password manager.

Manipulating different shapes, they have created a dynamic animation. Diverting from their usual bright and active style, this time they went with a more calm and soft animation style while still staying true to their branding.

If you'd like a masterclass in how you can come up with different explainer videos while still aligning with your branding, then Google explainers are a great source to learn from.

8. Microsoft 365 - Free to be Free

Microsoft is a major player in the industry, so they can't stay behind marketing trends. I would say they sometimes even establish their own style and own way to share marketing messages to their audience.  

This explainer video is a great example of how mixing different styles can increase the focus on the message. There is no voice-over in this video, but even without it, the video isn't any less insightful.

Watching this explainer video, we can conclude that even without voice-over support an explainer video can still be totally convincing.

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9. 2nd.MD — Medical Certainty

With technology developments, creating marketing videos has become more and more popular. Industries that prominently use this modern tool include healthcare and SaaS. This is due to the fact that both the SaaS and healthcare sectors are two of the most complex and specific industries. So the best way for them to make their value proposition more clear is through explainer videos.

"Explain and offer" is the combination that often works best. The 2nd.MD video is created using the same - explain and offer- tactics that attracts the viewer's attention from the start and within 60 seconds makes it clear how they can benefit from it.

10. Mailchimp

The team at Mailchimp are experts at creating the best SaaS explainer videos. Every single video they have created so far is the result of the perfect implementation of marketing tactics that has helped them build a strong company.

This video looks amazing and makes the viewer stop and watch all the way through just because it's hard to ignore the fantastic candy-colored animation.

Final Words

While explainer videos work for any business, SaaS is an industry that benefits even more than most. When it comes to simplifying complex ideas and making a splash while doing it, you can’t get better results than with a SaaS explainer video. If you’d like to chat with our expert strategists about making an explainer for your own SaaS company, we’re always available for a free consultation.

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