Video marketing is the most effective way to generate new potential customers. Including video in your campaign produces 66% more qualified leads, increases organic traffic by 157%, and improves brand recognition by 54%. (more video marketing statistics)

In this post, we explore how to find prospects online through different types of short-form video advertising.

We’ll give you our prospecting definition to help you improve how you target consumers. In addition, our post explains why video marketing is a superior form of advertising and covers 5 types of videos through examples and in-depth analysis.

What is Prospecting?

Prospecting is identifying new audiences with a high likelihood of becoming customers. The internet has changed advertising, allowing marketers to utilize massive data sets to target consumers rather than waste ad dollars on a broad audience.

Video marketing is a highly effective tool that helps companies reach new prospects by catering to a specific consumer likely to engage with the product, service, or brand.

Reasons You Need to Use Video marketing

Combining pragmatic approaches to advertising campaigns like prospecting and retargeting with video marketing offers the highest possible return on investment. In addition, video is proven to be more effective than static images.

HubSpot ran a test comparing a Facebook ad using a video versus an image. The video outperformed the image by 20%.

While advertising is more complex than simply the type of medium used in the ad, a well-executed video will outperform text or an image the majority of the time.

Below are 3 reasons why video is more beneficial when prospecting than other forms of marketing.

Increased Engagement Rates

Determining exactly how much more engaging video is than text or images is challenging. Agencies will give you different figures; we’ve seen claims as high as 1500%. Regardless of the exact disparity in engagement, you don’t have to look further than your Facebook or Instagram feeds to realize what is working on the major platforms.

Video has become dominant on Facebook and Instagram in just the past 5 years as a reaction to other platforms like Snap Chat and TikTok.

Where to Prospect - Win the Algorithm

Facebook and Instagram are experiencing declines in monthly growth due to more competition. Video has a significant role in the rise of social media platforms outside the Meta-operated platforms. To compete with TikTok and Snap Chat, the algorithms on FB and IG are now favoring video content.

Useful Resource
8 Engaging Social Media Video Content Ideas for Big and Small Businesses

Formulate Ideas

Video marketing also allows you to describe your product or service more effectively. Text and images can only go so far, especially if your product is new to the market or requires an in-depth explanation.

How to Reach out to your prospects with different types of marketing videos

The type of video you choose to find prospects online should be a calculated decision.

To help you find the perfect type of video for your next campaign, we’ve broken down 5 of the most effective categories of marketing videos below.

1. The Explainer

An animated explainer video is an excellent way to….you guessed it…explain your product or service.

Companies like Carakit provide an unusual service to a specific customer. The format allows the marketers to walk viewers through the unique problem and CaraKit’s solution.

The video above explains that women undergoing chemotherapy and radiation must be cautious about their cosmetic products. The soothing voice-over goes on to describe how CaraKit selects and delivers products free from harmful additives to women in treatment.

Not only does the explainer sufficiently describe the problem and KaraKit’s solution, but the animation’s tone and visuals also build a relationship with every online prospect.

2. Product Demonstration

A product or app demonstration video is a marketing video that focuses on specific aspects of a product and guides viewers through how it works. For example, the video above from project management software Asana still identifies a problem but uses features from the application to describe its solution.

The difference between an explainer video and a product is in the details. Explainers offer a broad overview, while a product demonstration covers individual aspects of the product. For example, Asana’s video provides visualizations of the platform’s UI and guides viewers through different layouts, how to assign tasks, and project approval processes.

3. Testimonial Videos

Creating a connection is one of the many ways video is superior to text or an image. While you can still include a customer review in the copy or within a graphic, there’s no substitution for hearing the positive feedback directly from their mouth.

Testimonial videos like the example from Slack help companies relate to potential prospects on a human level. Slack uses a familiar-looking office space with relatable characters to convince viewers they could be working more efficiently with its product.

4. Company Culture Videos

HubSpot uses a 1980s-style montage company culture video to tell the story of how the company was founded. As a result, prospective business owners and operators understand what it will be like to work with HubSpot on digital ad campaigns.

Company culture videos are a great example of how to reach out to prospects on LinkedIn and other business networking platforms online. If you are in a highly competitive industry like digital marketing, you need an edge on the competition. Insight into your company culture and how working with your employees will be a great way to differentiate from competitors.

5. Tutorial

A tutorial video is a step-by-step, how-to product guide. The video goes beyond the scope of an explainer and product demonstration video by communicating how to implement the product or service.

Marketers use tutorials to educate current users and reach an online prospect that is aware of the company but needs more information to make a purchase. Tutorials are beneficial on web pages, social media pages, and retargeting advertisements.

Final Words

Most digital marketers prioritize video content to reach prospects for various reasons. First, the format offers more value to potential consumers and helps brands communicate the benefits of their product or service. Additionally, video is favored by the most prominent content platforms online.

Video marketing offers the most effective solution if you are interested in reaching consumers with a high likelihood of converting. At Yans Media, we have decades of combined experience helping brands reach prospects with animated explainer, product description, company culture, testimonial, and tutorial videos.

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