Top 10 Great Software Explainer Videos

Software Explainer Videos - The break down. Why we like them, and what makes them work so well. Get inspired by the best examples.

Top 10 Great Software Explainer Videos

There are many different business categories for explainer videos. Today, we’re going to take a look at 10 of our favorites software explainer videos. We’ll break down why we like them, and what makes them work so well.

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Rotageek is a cloud-based data-driven scheduling technology to help business owners schedule staff and improve operational efficiency.

The mission of an animated explainer video production company is to find the best solutions and methods for explaining and demonstrating. This software explainer video is a shining example of this statement. Watch this video once and you get all the answers to questions about the product. Everything is clear and simple, crafted in a way that everyone can understand.

The script, sound design, and visuals merge into a perfect trio to make this video highly engaging. And the tone of this video complements the organizational and disciplinary issues this cloud-based software solves.


Jamboard is a collaboration space from Google. If your team is more focused on creating collaborative content, then this can be a handy tool for you. You can work on your project in real-time with your team members using different devices. And you’ll be able to easily share your ideas. It also has a 55-inch cloud-powered digital whiteboard that will give you even more tools for working on big projects.

What I like in this software explainer video is that it is dynamic; it inspires creativity and a desire to use the product. Switching between scenes from different environments keeps you focused so that you’ll never miss any information. In a 90-second explainer video you get everything you need; the producers effectively convey the main idea and benefits of using Jamboard. And by filming in live-action, they also invoke the positive emotions you can experience from using it.

Shopify POS

Shopify is a leading digital platform for designing and creating an online store. It gives sellers the power to accept credit card payments, track orders, and respond to customer service requests (among other things).

Instead of going with the usual problem/solution method, the producers of this video have chosen to talk more about the benefits, making this explainer video even more engaging. This video focuses entirely on positivity and the ways a viewer’s life will get better from Shopify.

A simple yet original visual style and the right sound design easily guides you from the opening seconds all the way to the end of the video.

Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is a video editing software that provides a near-professional level editing system. Watching this explainer video, you can see the combination of explaining the process of editing while at the same time showing the improvements the program has over its competitors. It informs and sells at the same time, showing examples like how much the video changes just by easily adding effects.

They show how this can work both for professional and hobby levels by choosing to show the example on different segments; one being a pro level user and the other two hobbyist users. Then they smoothly transition the explainer video from one scene to the next while keeping the look original and non-disruptive to the story.

Intuit – Power of Giants

Intuit is a software program that provides financial, accounting, and tax preparation solutions for individuals and small business owners.

When you finish watching this video for the first time, you feel like going back and watching it all over again. It’s a great piece of content. First the style is great, designed in a 3D animation format and executed with a high and professional level. It grabs your attention and locks you right in. I rarely pick an explainer video that is created in a 3D animation format, as in most cases the level of execution is very poor (3D is hard to do right, but cheap explainer companies love to use it as a selling point). But in this case, we can say for sure that these guys did great work.

Another point I would like to mention is that the narrative story is warm and positive. It’s a high level of work, and puts a positive spotlight on the brand. In this case, after watching this video the viewer not only gets the idea of what service this software offers, but they’ll also be instilled with the right message about professionalism and reliability.

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A practical guide for any company planning to create a 3D explainer video.

Final: Take Back Control of Your Credit Card

You don’t have to use the same credit card password everywhere and every time you purchase something. Instead, Final offers a smarter and more secure payment solution. Final will give you a new and unique password every time you buy something. That way, when you purchase something you don’t take the risk that somebody will steal and reuse your same password.

Shooting an explainer video in live-action can be tricky. There are many more variables at play, like set conditions, lighting, random noises, and of course the actors. In this example, this guy not only plays his role perfectly but turns out to be a good storyteller. He talks about the pain points of customers, takes them through a detective story, then gives them a reliable solution.

At first glance, it may seem like a traditional way of developing an explainer video. But in this case, high-performance execution and an intriguing story approach make this video great and highly watchable.

Mailchimp- Facebook Ads

Mailchimp is an online marketing platform to create email campaigns, run social media ads, analyze statistics around your campaign, etc.

The creators of this video had a clear view of the segment and the audience they wanted to target. That’s the reason this video is so effective and catches the eye of the viewer with modern and attention-grabbing designs. These visuals have now become a recognizable signature of Mailchimp. They’ve branded themselves successfully and this is a further step to build and strengthen their identity through marketing and digital content.


Zenoti is a cloud software solution for beauty and wellness services. You can manage all of your daily routine like scheduling appointments, making online bookings, sending service reminders, and more – all from one place.

The explainer video with all its style and design decisions ties in perfectly with the service it represents. Whether you’re looking at the characters or the color palette, you see the business behind it as well. It’s amazing that the producers of this video could find and use all the appropriate visual techniques that correlate so well with the voiceover part of the video. They get you to understand the point with just one watch of the video – no need for repeat views. Another great example of a software explainer video!

Dropbox Business

Everyone knows what Dropbox is – the place where you can share all your content with your team. It makes for a great communal workplace for sharing and saving files, documents, and photos.

No doubt Dropbox would want an explainer video that would be something special and specific. That’s why we have this – live-action combined with animation – breaking through all the traditional elements of explainer videos. Watching this explainer video, you can’t take your eyes off the visuals that look like art scenes of old with new system technologies. The pace of the video stays fast and indirectly points to the time-saving benefits of using the software.

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How to Use Explainer Video in Your Sales Funnel

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How to Use Explainer Video in Your Sales Funnel


Notarize is a new approach to the notarization process. Instead of scheduling and then visiting a notary public, you can use Notarize and meet a notary public 24/7 any time you want – without even leaving your place!

Even with that great product hook, this video goes one step further. Humor is a powerful weapon for getting engagement – who doesn’t love humor? It’s especially effective for building repeat views. Most people not only don’t mind hearing a funny message multiple times, but will even make an effort to find it and watch it again, especially if it is well crafted. That’s why so many viral commercials are funny.

Now, if you have ever visited a notary public you’ll know what a dull process it is to get your document notarized. The video producers understood that they had to reimagine that experience and transform the stereotypes of boring into something very funny. And they succeeded.

Another vital fact about this video is that it breaks one of the big rules of explainer videos; that anything over 90 seconds is going to lose people’s attention and they won’t watch it. Coming in at 2 minutes and 30 seconds, this explainer video is one of those rare cases where breaking the rules works.

Final words

Whether you’re in the explainer video industry, you just like interesting videos, or you’re actually looking to get an explainer video made, it’s always fun to take a look at successful examples. We’ve been doing this for years now, and we always enjoy sharing examples that work well. If you’re in the market for an explainer video, or just have some questions about how it could help your business, send us a message. We’re always happy to chat with no cost or obligation and can answer any questions you may have.

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