What Is A Product Video?

A product video is more than just an informative video. It is an effective way to explain the benefits and the important things about your product.

What Is A Product Video?

Product video clearly explains the benefits and the important things about your product.

But here is the kicker:

There has been a misconception about product video which focuses on B2B and B2C. We often neglect the point of view of customers.

Many businesses fail to deliver the messages to their potential customers because they’d rather focus on the product’s features, not the solution that they can offer to relieve the bad points that the customers may suffer.

So, we can agree that we have the common ground about the “ product video ” concept.

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What Is A Product Explainer Video?

The demo video does not only show the physical appearance of the product.

The content sums essences all up so that the buyers can make the decision.

It has been proven that the product promo video helps to improve the conversion rates.

In the video, there will be a creative process and engaging messages that demonstrate how the product functions and useful for the users.


By using the gimmicks, narrative, and metaphor, the viewers will catch the point easily and remember the product name.

Here is the deal:

Research has shown that people tend to retain the information from the video launch because the information presented is fun and easy to grab.

With the help of audio and visual channels, you will be able to deliver the exact messages to your audience.

Product Video Is Not The Same With Brand Video.

Brand videos are purposely made to introduce the audience to the company’s brand and image.

Meanwhile, product videos are focused on the product or service introductory or demonstration.

Branded videos can be animated as well, but these present the face of the company.

You might have seen that there are many ads showing someone browses the web to find the product, and encourage you to do the same.

A good example of this is the look-over-the-shoulder of a talent who uses your company’s product including the easy step-by-step instructions, Q & A, reviews, or customer support videos. While this kind of video indeed provides the solution for customers, it is still less effective than product video.

What is the bottom line?

A good video for product is one which engages the users and gives the sensible reasons why they need to consider purchasing your product.

The Characteristics Of An Effective Product Video

Product videos are useful in sales and educating the audience about your product.

The outline

When it comes to an effective video, you will need to know your target audience.

Then you will need to present the right type of the video at the right time and place in order to get the positive impact.

For instance:

An animated explainer video might be great for a digital product, but for a product that is used in real life, like toast maker, you need to show the exact product so that your product can catch the attention.

If you are a startup, you can’t go wrong with being bold.

You can be brand focused but you can also think outside of the boss.

The prices of making the videos can be different. But if you can get it right, you will earn it later.

Besides the creativity, you will also need to uphold the informative aspect of your videos.

Make sure that your video has the dense information that the audiences are looking for.

Focus on the benefits, not the features. The formula of effective videos for your product is very simple.

It can go like this.

•First is the problem
•Second is the solution
•The third is about how it works

Product Video Duration

You must know that people have really short of attention spans.

That’s why you will need to keep your product video short.

This should only be as long as 30 seconds. But it is not an absolute rule.

If you are able to make a creative video and keep it fun, your audience may prolong their attention spans to up to 1 minute or so.

Invest In a Proper Video
You need to make sure that your product will look good in the video. That means you will need to invest in a proper studio.

Product videos are also an art.

It won’t live until you find the perfect script for it.

You may need to invest to hire people who write the script, make the video, audios, effects, and many more.

If you have more budget, the best option for you is to hire a video production company.

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