10 Best AI Explainer Video Examples. Our Selection of The Best.

Dive into our article on top AI explainer videos to uncover the secrets of successful video messaging. Explore effective tactics, style tips, and messaging tricks – we've got you covered!

10 Best AI Explainer Video Examples. Our Selection of The Best.

So, you've got this amazing AI product. But here’s the thing: in a world buzzing with AI innovations, how do you make yours stand out?

In this article, we dive into the best AI explainer videos, showcasing various tactics and real-world examples that will inspire you on how to effectively showcase your AI product.

From style choices to messaging techniques, you'll find it all here, enabling you to plan the strategy for your video to achieve the best results.

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1. Haptik - Rethinking AI

Ever felt frustrated talking to a robotic chatbot? Haptik gets it. In their innovative AI explainer video, they've taken a fresh approach to an old problem.

Instead of the usual focus on saving time and money, they address the real issue: people's dislike for robotic interactions.

Haptik’s AI solution stands out in the crowd. It’s not just another AI chat; it’s designed to feel more human, tackling the core problem head-on. This isn't just a step forward in technology; it's a leap towards keeping our digital conversations genuinely engaging.

2. Zendesk’s Clever Tactic: Highlighting Industry Flaws

Think it's odd to promote a product by highlighting what's wrong with the industry? That's exactly what Zendesk does in their SaaS explainer video. It's a smart strategy, really. By openly discussing the industry's shortcomings, they don't come off as just another brand making promises. Instead, they align with the viewer, building trust.

When Zendesk then reveals their AI solution, it's seen as a breath of fresh air, distinct from the flawed norm. It's not just clever marketing; it's about understanding and solving real issues differently.

3. Atlassian's AI Feature Reveal: Instruction Meets Excitement

Ever noticed how some companies sound too salesy when announcing new features or future plans? There's a different way to do it, and Atlassian nails it in their animated Ai video.

They ditch the conventional sales pitch for an instructional/demo style that's informative yet far from boring.

The key here is excitement. Announcing a new AI feature shouldn't sound like a lecture. It should spark interest, and that's precisely what Atlassian achieves. Their video walks you through the features while keeping the energy high. It's not just about showing off new tech; it's about making you genuinely excited to use it.

4.Google’s AI Explainer Video: Redefining the Ideal Length

What’s the ideal length for an explainer video? Usually, it's between 60 to 90 seconds. But Google's latest AI video, running over 3 minutes, breaks this rule beautifully.


Because when you're Google, with unmatched authority, people will watch and stay engaged, regardless of length.

In this video, Google switches up their style too. Moving away from their standard 2D graphics, they’ve adopted trendy illustrations and dynamic animations, targeting the AI-enthusiastic new generation. It’s a clever blend of engaging content and style, showing that the right approach can make viewers stick around for more than just the 'ideal' length.

5. DALL-E 3's Approach: Simplicity at Its Best

When it comes to the best AI explainer videos, DALL-E 3's approach is a standout. No complicated jargon or over-the-top effects, just a straightforward showcase of what their AI can do. And honestly, it’s impressive.

In their video, it's all about the magic of AI in action. They don’t bother with elaborate scenes or persuasive speeches. Instead, they let the results speak for themselves.

Watching DALL-E 3 transform ideas into images is like witnessing a glimpse of the future. It’s this kind of simplicity and direct demonstration that sets it apart as one of the best AI explainer videos out there. Pure, unfiltered innovation on display.

6. Budget-Friendly Creativity: Stock Footage Meets Custom Animation

When it comes to explainer videos, custom style is king. But what if you're on a tight budget and still want that live-action feel?

Here's a savvy solution: blend stock footage with custom animations.

Take ServiceNow’s video, for example. They’ve mastered this blend, combining dynamic custom motion graphics with just the right stock videos, all enhanced with striking typography animations. The result? A powerful delivery of their message without the hefty price tag. It's proof that you can make a big impact while keeping your wallet intact, even when explaining complicated concepts like AI.

7. Monocle - AI Promo: Insights Beyond Solutions

No doubt, a top-notch explainer video should delve into problems and solutions, especially for AI promos. But there's a crucial insight to grasp, and Monocle's video is a perfect example of this.

While they list the benefits, there's a subtle message about the ease of use of their product. Monocle excels in showing that great results are attainable by anyone, even without deep technical know-how.

They effectively communicate that their solution is not just powerful, but also user-friendly. Viewers come away thinking, "I can definitely do this!" It’s a clever and engaging way to connect with the audience and build confidence in their product.

8. Obviously AI: Style & Language Impact

If you notice, this Ai animation also focuses on its ease of use, making viewers say, "This is easy, and I can do it too." However, we would like to highlight two other great aspects of this video.

First, it’s the style. It’s fresh, yet simple – not overwhelming, just inviting. It’s like a friendly handshake in video form.

Then, there’s the language they use. It's exactly how their potential customers talk. Phrases like "How can I do this?" or "How does that work?" really hit home. This approach is extremely smart; it’s incredibly effective in resonating with the audience. It’s like the video is speaking their language, and that connection is powerful.

9. Meta's AI Video: Bridging Cultures with Care

Meta is a huge name and at the vanguard of AI. However, that's not the only reason you would love this video.

They’ve paid special attention to cultural details. When depicting people from different parts of the world, they use relevant cultural and architectural references. This thoughtful approach adds authenticity and respect to each scene.

The style they chose is also noteworthy. It unifies these diverse elements, making the video feel coherent and pleasant to watch. What's more, the slow tempo of the video allows you to focus on the narrator's message, ensuring you're engaged without feeling overwhelmed by too many quick changes.

10. 3D Animation in Explainer Videos: A Luxury or a Necessity?

I'll be 100% honest: I'm not a huge advocate for using 3D animation in explainer videos.

Why, you ask? Mainly, it's the cost.

3D animation can be pretty expensive, and doesn't necessarily enhance message delivery compared to 2D, which is much more affordable. We’ve actually broken down the pros and cons in a detailed article, in case you're curious.

But let's be real, 3D animation is undeniably cool. It's impressive, and if your budget is as substantial as Intel's, why not? Intel’s video demonstrates this beautifully: it uses stunning visuals and visual metaphors to explain their concept. And being different and unusual, as a rule, is attractive.

Ready to Bring Your AI Product to Life?

And there you have it – a journey through some of the most effective AI explainer videos out there. We hope these examples have sparked your creativity and given you solid ideas to showcase your AI product in a way that truly stands out.

But if you're thirsting for more ideas or envisioning a similar standout video for your product, we're here to help. Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our video strategists here. They're ready to brainstorm with you, tailor strategies to your needs, and help bring your vision to life. Let's turn those ideas into an engaging reality!

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