10 Awesome Startup Explainer Videos [2024 Edition]

Catch tips on creating impactful startup explainer videos with budget-savvy styles, perfect sound design, and focused messaging in our guide.

10 Awesome Startup Explainer Videos [2024 Edition]

Launching a startup and pondering over an explainer video?

Discover key strategies to craft an eye-catching video that won't empty your wallet.

Perfect for startups on the grind. This guide is packed with quick tips that really work.

Let's get straight to the point – your time is precious, and we're here to help you make the most of it!

1. Creattie Startup Video

Ever noticed how tough it is for startups to get noticed? It's not just the endless media buzz that's the problem.

Many startups think they've got just one shot to impress and end up stuffing everything into one long video. Big mistake!

Here's a better way: keep it simple and quick.

Like this cool startup explainer video – it gets right to the point. Shows what's unique about them and why they're better, all without dragging on.

If people like what they see, they'll want more. That's what makes a video – and a company – stand out.

Remember, in startup marketing, shorter often hits the mark!

Takeaways for your own video:

  • Keep it short and simple
  • Focus on one of the main benefits and your uniqueness.

2. Sensei Explainer Video for Startup

First few seconds in a startup video are so crucial. That's exactly what makes this video a star on our 'Best Startup Explainer Videos' list. Let’s take a closer look.

It all starts with a 'Hey.' Just that, but it instantly grabs you.

Next up, a question that sparks your curiosity: 'What is that line for?' Suddenly, you're hooked and craving the answer. It's like that moment when a question grabs your full attention.

Then, it brilliantly uses metaphors to simplify and clarify the problem. Neat, right?

Takeaways for your own video:

  • Begin with impact
  • Keep them curious
  • Explain things simply.

3. What is ClickUp?

Guess what? ClickUp is now a multi-billion dollar company. But rewind to when it was just a startup, videos like the one we're talking about were key to its growth.

Now, here's a cool trick from their video that we're excited to share.

Startups, you know the drill: tight budgets, rapid changes in products. That's where using a stylized interface in your videos comes in handy. It's a clever move.

Why? Instead of getting bogged down with a super-realistic style and obsessing over every detail, go for a stylized approach. This way, you can highlight what really matters – the value you're offering. Plus, it's a budget-friendly choice. No more spending big bucks to update your video every few months!

Takeaways for your own video:

  • Use a stylized interface when showing features.

4. Flockngo makes group experiences EASY

Let's chat about budgets – a big deal for startups running on tight ones. This example we're discussing? It's spot-on for explaining video costs for startups.

Notice how it's budget-friendly, yet stylish in a minimalistic way? It nails the message without breaking the bank. Plus, they've cleverly combined different target segments, focusing on problems common to all. Smart, right?

What's the damage to your wallet? Around $4k to $5k, which is pretty reasonable for startups.

Takeaways for your own video:

  • Stick to a simple style when budget's tight.
  • Tackle a common problem for multiple segments.

5. Order in Chaos with Arm Tech Startup Video

Alright, let's shift gears and talk about the high-end stuff – 3D motion graphics or 3D explainer videos. Generally speaking, they might seem like an unnecessary splurge for most startups. But, in certain cases, like the one we're looking at, it's totally worth it.

3D really shines in situations like Kickstarter campaigns or when you're demoing a prototype.

Take this video as an example. They smartly use 3D only for product demos. For the rest, they stick to motion graphics. This blend not only makes the video stand out but also keeps it within a reasonable budget.

Takeaways for your own video:

  • Use 3D with a purpose.
  • Mix 3D and other styles for an impressive yet affordable video.

6. How to grow your international team with Remote.

Here’s a thought – you watch this video and think, 'Why's this one special? It looks so... ordinary.' And you know what? You're right, but there's a good reason for it.

Let’s break it down. When your audience is super broad, not just a niche group, picking a fancy or unique style can be risky. It might click with one group but totally miss the mark with another.

That's where the magic of a neutral style comes in. It's like the universal language of videos – it speaks to everyone.

Takeaways for your own video:

  • Go for a neutral style when your audience is as wide as the ocean.

7. Firstbase.io — Great founders are everywhere | Startup Company Video

Now, let's flip the script and check out this explainer video style that's all about being unique and artsy. Why this approach? It's perfect for a very specific audience – young startup founders who dig a fresh and cool vibe.

What's really impressive is how the video packs a punch with its message. In just 20 seconds, it hits right at the pain points and rolls out all the benefits their audience is hungry for.

Big shoutout to the Firstbase team or whoever whipped up this creative gem. They really nailed it.

Takeaways for your own video:

  • Nail a super-focused message for a super-focused audience.
  • Choose a style that really vibes with your audience.

8. Beseda chat | Startup Explainer

From the style and colors to the dynamic transitions and spot-on branding, this startup video's got it all.  But let's zoom in on one thing often overlooked: sound design.

Sound in explainer videos? Seriously underrated. It's not just background noise; it's a major player in how we communicate and connect. This video is a prime example. The sound doesn't just catch your ear; it guides you through the story, keeping you engaged and pumped up.

Takeaways for your own video:

  • Be smart with sound design and music. It can make all the difference.

9. Outgo | Startup Launch Video

You know what's awesome about affordable video or animation production? It lets niche businesses shine. They can create specific solutions for a small group or promote unique solutions separately.

Take Outgo, for example. It's a payment platform for tracking and freight companies.

Their animated promo video? Classic and effective. They hit the pain point, unveil the solution, and highlight the benefits. Simple yet powerful.

This approach is gold, especially if your startup isn't reinventing the wheel or is focused on a very specific solution.

Takeaways for your own video:

  • Stick to the classic explainer video formula. It works wonders.

10. Blinkist | Startup Video

Recently, I stumbled upon Blinkist in an article by Hubspot about the best startups of 2023. As an avid reader, I was intrigued and decided to dig a bit deeper. And then, boom, I found their video.

Maybe I'm a bit biased, but when I showed it to our team, everyone from animators to creative directors and illustrators was impressed. But here's the thing: I saw its perks not just as a video strategist, but as a potential buyer too.

What really stands out?

They use faces of popular authors and their books in the video, centering the whole thing around one key benefit: getting this knowledge in just 15 minutes. It's a classic example of selling not just the product, but the outcome – like selling the hole in the wall, not the nail.

Takeaways for your own video:

  • Highlight a key benefit vividly.
  • Use relatable, recognizable elements to connect with your audience.

Final Words

And that wraps up our journey through the essentials of creating impactful startup explainer videos.

Remember, a great video doesn't have to drain your funds; it's all about smart choices.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed on where to start? Curious about what you can achieve within your budget?

Don't worry, we're here to help.

Reach out to us for a free consultation. Together, we'll explore the possibilities and craft a video that not only meets your budget but also elevates your startup's story.Let's make your vision a reality!

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