10 Simple Ways To Start Using Video For Business

Check out the 10 best ways to using video for your business and learn how you can leverage the power of video for growing your business.

10 Simple Ways To Start Using Video For Business


How Exactly Does Video Help Businesses in Growing?

  1. Video Creation for Social Networking Platforms
  2. Video-based social platforms
  3. Explainer Videos for Businesses
  4. Commercial Video
  5. Webinars
  6. Animated Videos
  7. Live Action Explainer Videos
  8. Branded video content
  9. Live Video Streaming
  10. Testimonials
  11. Conclusion

10 Simple Ways To Start Using Video For Business

In the contemporary digital world, videos have become one of the most loved media for netizens worldwide. The increasing demand for video in the modern-day world has made various businesses utilize it in their growth expansion strategies.

If you happen to run a business, then including video in your marketing strategy can provide you with remarkable benefits. However, there is a broad range of video and each offers a distinct benefit.

In this article, we are going to reveal the best ways through which you can leverage the power video for growing your business. After reading this article, you will be able to decide the most effective way of using video in your business’s successful journey. In addition, this guide will allow you to understand the multitude usage of video in achieving business milestones.

How Exactly Does Video Help Businesses In Growing?

Many businesses of all sizes have added videos to their long-term marketing strategies because it is one of the most effective content approaches.

But, it is soleresponsibility of a marketer to understand the target audience i.e. their demographic, activities, preferences and dislikes to come up with a remarkable video creation idea. On top, a marketer has to ensure that an animator includes the best video ideas, portraying a business’s product or service as the best possible solution.

Above all, a video can make the customers trust you even more. According to research, customers tend to prefer watching a video of a produt before buying rather than seeing a banner ad.
Now, below are the most simple and effective ways to use a video for business:

1. Video Creation For Social Networking Platforms

Social media is one of the greatest breakthroughs on internet. Ranging from interaction, entertainment, games, apps, to effective promotion of wide-ranging businesses, social media has proved as the best source for engagement. Having said, various businesses have started leveraging the power of social media to attract more potential customers and turn them into loyal ones.

When it comes to creating a video for social media channels, you can make a video and spread it on leading social media networks including the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, SnapChat and many more. It will make your business’s presence felt on the bigger picture where millions of audience will see your brand.
In addition, you can choose for paid or organic (unpaid) advertisement methods. However, in any case, you need to ensure that your video is interesting, relevant, and captivating. Only then, it will leave a lasting impression on the audience’s mind. Moreover, your video should be fully optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a superior experience to mobile users.

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2. Video Based Social Platforms

In the modern-day social networking landscape, on-demand video websites have become mainstream. Various Vloggers have proven the power of videos in influencing customers’ buying behavior. For instance, YouTube, one of the largest on-demand entertainment website offers a great opportunity to businesses around the world to advertise and grow. Many startups have created their brand promotion video, shared it on YouTube, and witnessed a tremendous number of shares and engagement.

Having said, YouTube can provide your brand with a remarkable opportunity to attract millions of fans including your target audience. In addition, making your brand presence felt on YouTube enables you to become visible on search engines.

Using Video For Business

3. Explainer Videos For Businesses

Have you ever come across brief, funny, engaging commercial animated videos of about less than a minute? If yes, then many of such videos might be explainer videos. In essence, explainer videos can be of about a minute or one and a half minute length, providing information about a specific product or service. This can come into handy to attract the target audience, and educate them about your business offering.
Moreover, explainer videos can make an audience eager to know more about your brand, building a great suspense among them about a specific product or service. You can address a specific problem that customers are facing, and then portray your product as a suitable option to resolve it.

4. Commercial Video

Commercial videos have been into our lives for a long time now. Today, commercial videos tend to be brief videos with a massive appeal that utilize rapid and focused theme. When talking about these videos can be utilized, you can use these videos for raising awareness about a specific product or service in your company. These videos can range from broadcast commercials, social media sharing, and YouTube advertisements.

5. Webinars

Webinars have emerged freshly as the remarkable video workshops on internet. They can be either recorded, live or hybrid. In many countries, webinars can offer an opportunity to educate the prospects about something that can relate to a specific product. According to the most influencer marketers, the most effective way to convince people about helping them is through helping them in actual. The webinars can serve this purpose in the best manner. In addition, live webinars enable you to interact with the target audience, bringing in exclusive engagement and strong connection.
Afterward, a webinar can spread a word about a product in a non-promotional way, but through an educating way. In addition, startups can utilize webinar to educate people about how to utilize a product or service and upgrade them to better ties when a service is truly required.

6. Animated Videos

An animated video can allow you to showcase almost any product, concept, or idea in the most attractive way. During childhood, many of us see animated cartoons that make us attached to their visuals. Animated videos trigger vibes among us, making us feel attracted towards a particular product. Animated videos work well for various tech companies and services, serving as a fantastic way to explain an idea such as IoTs and their roles in our lives.
In addition, animated videos are effective for branding strategies too. Through using similar colors, themes, and styles, a video can become a part of a website or marketing media hassle-freely.

7. Live Action Explainer Videos

This type of videos have proven to be benefiting for explaining products and services that are complicated to understand. Live Action explainer videos serve as a powerful tool to connect with audience, specifically if you happen to run a business. In actual, people love seeing different people, as it allows them to build emotional connection that is powerful and effective for storytelling.

8. Branded Video Content

This sort of video is considered to be most effective. Exclusive media video can be of about 60 seconds in length, targeting prime audience, without mentioning about a specific company or product. For instance, you can create a short story without mentioning your product or service in it. The audience will anyhow know that it belongs to your business.

9. Live Video Streaming

The live video streaming has become one of the widespread trends. With so many people creating live videos regularly, you can make one for your product or service. In essence, live video streaming works best in building trust among the audience, bringing in more engagement.

10. Testimonials

Testimonials videos are effective trust-building video type. It involves expressing personal experiences about a specific product or service by the customers. Moreover, when testimonials are blended into the explainer videos, a powerful video is created that can bring in a large number of customers to you.


So far, we have revealed the best ways to utilize video in business strategies. Since there are various types of videos, each can facilitate business in different ways. You can either utilize a video to promote a product or service, create awareness among the target audience, or simply educated the customers through guides and tutorials. If you find our article informative, then feel free to share and spread the word.

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