30 Best Animated Video Production Companies

An in-depth analysis of the 30 best animated video production companies. We review each animation studio so you can decide which is right for your campaign.

30 Best Animated Video Production Companies

Navigating through the sea of animation production companies available today can be overwhelming. In addition, video production is expensive, and you don't want to waste your precious marketing budget on subpar animation. Thankfully, we've reviewed hundreds of studios and picked the 30 best animated video production companies so you can choose the option to represent your brand.

1. Yans Media

Yans Media is a popular animated video production company with years of experience delivering premium quality work to clients worldwide. The studio uses contemporary animation styles that cater to a broad range of industries.

Here's why they landed first on our list:

Custom Videos

All Yans Media production is unique; they collaborate hand-in-hand with their clients to create 100% original animated videos.

Goal-Oriented Marketing Team

The team has decades of combined experience working with various clients to reach their marketing goals.

Affordable Animation Packages

Packages start at just $4500, making Yans Media one of the best options in the industry if you are looking for reasonably priced, premium-quality animated production work.

2. Nice Shit Studio

Niceshit Studio is a Barcelona-based animated video company with a hilarious name and reputation for creating unforgettable virtual worlds and content that stands out. The studio specializes in personified characters to help communicate brand messages.

The video below uses an ensemble of curious characters performing a short musical to demonstrate the challenges of being a first responder. Niceshit does an incredible job of bringing humor to the serious subject matter.

3. Explain Ninja

Our next choice is one of our favorite animated video production companies, Explain Ninja. The studio has created highly engaging animated explainer videos for some of the most recognizable brands in the world.

Below is an example video from Explain Ninja that demonstrates the company's ability to cater to a specific niche.

4. Petrick

Petrick is an award-winning studio known for its ability to produce a wide range of animation styles, including anime, lo-fi, 2D, and claymation. They are a great option if you are looking to make commercial advertisements or develop unforgettable brand characters.

The video below exemplifies the studio's unique, character-driven approach to animated video production. Petrick utilizes an anime animation style and a hero's journey character arc to demonstrate the challenges of operating a small business.

5. Buff Motion

 Founded in 2014, Buff Motion is one of the industry's most impressive animation production companies. The studio is well known for being passionate about positively impacting the world. Buff empowers team members through community building and is proud to donate a substantial percentage of profits to charitable organizations.

One of Buff Motion's most well-known clients is Grommet, a digital platform that brings shoppers closer to innovative products from small businesses. Grommet is a unique service that can be difficult to understand, but Buff Motion's team does a great job explaining the concept in the video below.

6. Wild Things

As the company's name suggests, Wild Things is an animation studio inspired by nature. The company, based in the mountains of Cordoba, Argentina, uses its environment to reflect its production style and create a pleasant work atmosphere.

Wild Things has an impressive client base; check out the video they did for Google below.

7. Not Real

Looking for a design-forward creative studio to produce your animated video? Not Real is Buenos Aires-based company focused on art direction, CGI, and animation that has helped some of the world's most iconic brands capture their brand message.

The stunning example for Microsoft featured below is a testament to the quality of production you can expect from Not Real.

8. Scholar

Multimedia video production is a popular contemporary style that encourages engagement and high conversion rates. Scholar executes the technique to perfection, communicating unique concepts through a combination of live-action and animation.

The commercial for Fruit Loops below demonstrates how the animation studio takes viewers on an immersive experience through complex motion graphics.

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9. Xplai

Xplai is a motion design company specializing in explainer videos and infographics. The animated production company has a unique style using crisp line work to help businesses communicate complex ideas.

The animated video company successfully explains the camping application Hipcamp in just 15 seconds using simple animation, a tight script, and examples of the user interface.

10. Illo

Incorporating bright colors into video is a great way to get users to stop scrolling, but it can be overstimulating when done wrong. Illo combines colorful aesthetics with straightforward storytelling to deliver highly effective animated video production to clients all over the world.

The animated nonprofit explainer video below, done for Nature.org, is an excellent example of how Illo balances stunning pops of color with efficient scriptwriting.

11. Buck

Buck has done projects for an impressive assortment of clients, including Airbnb, Mail chimp, and Cash App. The animated video company has a massive team of talented designers from all over the world. Buck's impressive range of video production includes (but is not limited to) 3D modeling, live-action, 2D, and CGI.

The animated explainer from Airbnb exemplifies the studio's talent for character-driven narratives and demonstrates the global capabilities of the brand.

12. Pigeon

Our following selection in our list of the best animated video production companies is Pigeon Studio. The well-known force in the industry has over a decade of experience and some of the most recognizable clients on Earth. Recently Pigeon has become the go-to agency for blockchain companies producing highly engaging, ultra-technical animated videos.

The example below is one of Pigeon Studio's recent works from a cutting-edge brand that offers virtual real estate. While the concept is abstract to the everyday consumer, Pidgeon's style and the well-written script make the topic approachable and appealing.

13. Homebala

If you are looking for a more intimate design experience, look no further than Homebala. The Portugal-based studio has been around since 2010 and was started by two brothers with a passion for design. While the agency has stayed true to its modest roots, they've accumulated an impressive body of work over the years.

Homebala's animated video below showcases the company's unique style and impressive storytelling skills.

14. BluBlu Studios

BluBlu Studios is an award-winning brand that is well-known for its bright pops of colors and face-paced animated videos. The company has clients of all sizes, from blossoming startups to Fortune 500 powerhouses. BluBlu has even developed its own proprietary 2D motion graphics software platform, BluBlubar.

Check out the video below to get an idea of the animation company's unique style and impressive world-building capabilities.

15. Bark and Bite

Bark and Bite empower its designers to prioritize creativity above all else. The production company has a diverse portfolio but specializes in cartoon-style animation.

The multimedia video below shows Bark and Bite's creative range working on an icon collaboration between Swatch and The Peanuts. We loved how they incorporated animated flipbooks into the video but kept the watches as the focal point.

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16. No Studio

No Studio is a motion design and animation studio based in Quito, Ecuador. The production company has a stellar reputation for pumping out some of the best work in the region. No Studio thrives when creating realistic 3D animal characters for advertisement but has a wide range of animation styles.

Check out No Studio's video reel below.

17. Shapes and Forms

If you are looking for ultra-realistic, cutting-edge designs, Shapes and Forms is one of the best animation studios in the game. Their portfolio is packed with impressive, fast-paced videos from some high-profile clients. The Los Angeles-based studio is perfect if you want to bring a jaw-dropping animated video to your next marketing campaign.

Shapes and Forms' video below exemplifies the studio's talent for producing fast-paced, realistic videos that keep viewers engaged from beginning to end.

18. Mellow Studio

Mellow Studio is responsible for producing some of our favorite 2D and 3D animated video campaigns. The company's unique style is easy to spot; the characters have simple features (sometimes none) and are placed in front of colorful backdrops.

The video below is an excellent example of Mellow Studio's work. We love the clarity of the audio and the tight script accompanied by their signature animation style.

19. Tendril

While we appreciate simple and minimalist videos, we are always impressed with animation companies that deliver highly advanced designs and intricate 3D modeling. Tendril is one of the best in the industry at highly complex projects for tech-forward clients.

The example below from Tendril shows what you can expect from the studio – flawless 3D modeling, complicated designs, and stunning visuals.

20. Lecube

Lecube is a Brazilian design studio that believes excellence is a constant journey requiring daily improvement. The animation company works in various mediums, including character-driven animations in 2D and 3D, motion graphics, stop motion, live action, and multimedia. They also have experience working with new technologies like VR, 360° video, AR, and interactive installations.

The character-driven video below delivers a powerful message accompanied by breathtaking visuals exemplifying the studio's attention to detail.

21. Bullpen

One of the most impressive animated video production companies on our list is Bullpen. The studio has an abundance of noteworthy clients and a proven track record that will go head-to-head with any other company. So if you want to bring your bold ideas to life, Bullpen has the resources and experience to help.

Bullpen tackles the difficult issue of alcoholism with an inspiring video that transitions characters from the darkness of addiction into the light of sobriety.

22. Wonderlust

Wonderlust Media has a playful style that runs through every video it produces. You can expect bold colors, unique characters, and visually striking world-building from the animation company.

The character-driven video from Wonderlust below highlights the studio’s ability to produce on-brand explainers that describe the product or service in a short period of time, perfect for online advertising.

23. Club Camping

Our next animated video company specializes in 2D cel animation and thrives on character-driven projects. Club Camping has a plethora of awards and a portfolio packed with some of the most iconic brands in the world.

Club Camping’s video features a unique vintage style that is highly relatable to a broad range of viewers. If you choose the agency for your video marketing campaign, you’ll get a distinct style that’s highly engaging.

24. Giant Ant

For over 13 years, Giant Ant has been cultivating the best talent in the industry to create meaningful, highly creative art, design, and animation. The Canadian-based studio is passionate about design and strives to include love in everything they produce.

Giant Ant delivers a clean, crisp 3D animation video for their client, Gusto. You can expect high-quality work, like the video below, to function as the centerpiece of your marketing efforts.

25. Nerdo

Nerdo has an abundance of design awards and a resume filled with icon brands such as Netflix, MTV, and Nike. They specialize in 2D and 3D animation, but they’ve proven to be proficient in a wide array of mediums. While the team is relatively small, Nerdo’s designers have accomplished many achievements.

The example below shows the studio’s ability to create engaging visual effects centered around unique characters.

26. Racecar

Racecar is a creative design-driven studio based in Oslo, Norway, passionate about telling engaging stories through design, strategy, and concept. While Racecar has an impressive resume, they are willing to take on projects regardless of size.

The example from the animation studio below utilizes a muted color pallet and collage style to spread awareness for their client, the Norwegian Nurses Organisation.

27. Bewilder

One look at a Bewilder-produced video, and you’ll see the company’s strong roots in illustration and storytelling. The Cape Town-based studio has built a culture of excellence by providing innovative solutions for a broad range of clients.

Bewilder’s example below demonstrates the studio’s ability to create unique animated characters to help boost branding through storytelling.

28. Histeria

Histeria is a creative production agency with a substantial presence in the gaming and technology industries. The company has helped market some of the most well-known names in video gaming, including Riot Games. While the studio specializes in 2D and 3D animation, they’ve proven to have a broad skill set in video production.

The example below was done for Google Cloud, taking a character-driven approach to resonate with high school students looking for a different path to higher education.

29. Racoon Studio

The Italian-based animation company Racoon Studio thrives at communicating brand stories through motion graphics. Racoon’s designers love bringing life to clients’ perspectives and helping them relate with customers through storytelling.

You can see their skills in telling company stories in the video below.

30. Brume

Brume is an animated video company located in Lyon, France, but it has clients worldwide. The studio is known for its elegant approach to storytelling, helping brands create relationships with potential customers.

The example below takes a direct approach to communicating with SalonLife’s target audience. Brume’s animators do an incredible job at introducing a common problem and then providing the client’s innovative service as a solution.

Final Words

Choosing an animated video production company is a challenging task that requires due diligence. When assessing which studio to work with, make sure you find one willing to put your business goals as its top priority. In addition, you need to work hand in hand with the design team to create a custom video within your budget.

Contact our team of design professionals for a free consultation if you’d like more advice on finding the best animated video production company.

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