Best product launch videos

We do an in-depth review on 10 of the best product launch videos, highlighting examples from some of the most successful marketing campaigns in recent history.

Best product launch videos

Rolling out new products is a fundamental component of a successful business. Communication can be challenging, especially in highly competitive markets; product launch videos are essential and central to the marketing campaign.

Learning from successful new product launch videos is an excellent way for marketers to draw inspiration. We break down 10 videos that successfully introduce a new product to the business’s target market.

1. Tilder

The first video is from a podcast transcribing, and organization application called Tilder. Marketers for the brand choose a 60-second length to thoroughly explain the innovative product that helps users organize long-form audio.

Tilder illustrates their target audience by depicting a frustrated listener becoming overwhelmed with information.

The animators do an incredible job of combining the lived experience of their target audience with a visualization of disorganized audio files. Through animation and short scenes, the viewer identifies with the main character in the video.

The video clearly explains how the software transcribes and organizes the content by showing animated images of the UI in action. Tilder walks viewers through the entire process, starting with uploading the audio, transcribing the content, organizing it into chapters and summaries, then providing analytics.

2. Eero by Amazon

Amazon’s Eero Wifi router is just one of the dozens of products available on the market, so the tech giant must communicate why their solution is more effective than other options.

The video accomplishes this by animating the benefits of the product. Imagery and audio of light speed capture the superior bandwidth of the router. Then viewers are shown the internet connectivity around the house and how users can control their network through personal devices.

A new product launch video communicating a non-tangible concept like an internet connection can be challenging. The marketers at Amazon chose to use animation to illustrate the abstract idea and identify how their product stands out in a crowded market.

3. 1972 Bourbon

Alcohol advertising is brutal because it is one of the most competitive industries on Earth. There are thousands of bourbon companies to choose from, making a product reveal video incredibly important.

1972 captures the target market perfectly with the video's imagery, voice-over, and relatable story.

A quick 30-second story of an unforgettable night is plenty of time to communicate the brand message and appeal to 1972's key demographic.

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4. Quickbooks x Etsy

Brand collaborations are great marketing strategies to encourage more people to adopt a service. Quickbooks and Etsy are the perfect combinations for independent artists to make their lives easier.

The marketers understand the Etsy user and choose an animation style that will appeal to a creative entrepreneur. Scenes are colorful and tastefully designed with a minimalistic style and simple lines. Frames shift from the busy life of an Etsy seller, their store interface, and leisure time to communicate the advantages of automating taxes with QuickBooks.

Many product launch videos have the intent of seizing a new market. QuickBooks' collab with Etsy is an excellent example of capitalizing on a growing market, in this case, the gig economy. What makes the attempt successful is the producer's understanding of the new market; we can see evidence through their choice of creative imagery and a unique style.

5. Apple iPhone 11

Apple could be the greatest marketer of all time, the company’s ability to convince its loyal customers to purchase at least on new expensive product per year has truly been remarkable to witness over the years. The iPhone 11 rollout is an example of one of the tech company’s most successful campaigns.

Within 2 minutes, Apple identifies nearly every problem an iPhone user could have and offers a solution. The phone gets beat up, spilled on, and an attempted security breach by a baby, showcasing its new durable hardware and facial recognition software.

Apple’s product reveal animation highlights new features such as slow-mo video, all day battery, and night mode. Cramming so much into one video is extremely difficult but the producers pull it off by utilizing quick scenes and text.

6. Purple

Sometimes simplicity is your best option. Purple demonstrates how creative product launch video ideas can carry the advertisement and effectively deliver the brand's value proposition. Animation allows the brand to show how the mattress accommodates even the most ridiculous body shapes.

While the scenario is obviously unrealistic, viewers get the point; if a Purple mattresses' high-tech foam grid can handle the weight transfer of an elephant and the unique shape of a camel, humans will have no trouble experiencing undisturbed sleep.

Animation allows Purple to create the simple yet ridiculous circumstances shown in the video to communicate the product's value.

7. Customer Fields

Customer Fields is a Shopify app that helps eCommerce operators add features to their online store. The video uses shapes to communicate the frustrations of a restrictive platform like Shopify. If a user watches the video they will instantly relate to how difficult it is customizing their Shopify store. By the end of the product launch animated video, the shapes align, thanks to Customer Fields, and harmony is restored in the Shopify universe.

8. GoPro HERO 10 Black

GoPro is uniquely positioned to take advantage of user-generated content in its marketing. When possible, showing the product in action makes for incredible product reveal videos.

New features on the Hero 10 are brought to life using real-life examples. For example, new stability is shown by strapping the camera to a dog, a scuba diver demonstrates the waterproof case, and the wide-angle lens is delivered with footage on a selfie stick.

GoPro also recognizes new challenges and caters to a market beyond people jumping out of planes. For example, steamers are depicted using their camera to broadcast live from their living room directly through the GoPro Hero 10. In addition, the video shows how easy it is to upload content to the cloud directly from the new device.

9. Adobe Shasta

Adobe is known for providing the design industry with multiple essential solutions that create photos, motion graphics, and video but hasn’t planted its flag into audio engineering. Shasta is Adobe’s new AI-powered software that automated audio production.

The product reveal video from Adobe is a little different than our other picks. It is specifically targeted toward creators with a goal of getting adopters to sign up for early access. The Shasta product launch video caters to the market of content creators by using specific imagery.

Throughout the video, you’ll notice the combination of motion graphics and still real-life human body parts. It’s a risky choice but tastefully done. Going outside the box will appeal to the type of person they want trying the new audio software.

10. LG OLED x Netflix

LG’s product launch video is another example of how beneficial collaboration can be for a company releasing a new product or service. By leveraging Netflix, LG appeals to consumers wanting access to streaming services without additional hardware.

The video features intense audio, immersive visuals, and bold text to convey the potential of the new release by LG. Products like TVs require incredibly graphic advertising to communicate their value. LG leans on content created by Netflix and transitions from scenes in the movies to the character’s viewing area and meshing the two together, creating a visually stunning experience for the viewer.

Final Words -  

A product review video is essential component in building customer loyalty and retaining market share. Reviewing examples from successful companies like Apple, Amazon, and Purple can help you create a successful product roll out campaign for your brand. But if you are having trouble coming up with an effective launch strategy, Yans Media can help.

Our team of animation professionals have experience executing campaigns across multiple sectors, reach out today for a free consultation.

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