Blockchain Introduction Video

Blockchain introduction videos have always been The secret weapon of successful blockchain companies. And here what you should know about them.

Blockchain Introduction Video


  1. What is blockchain explained video
  2. Why do you need a blockchain explained video
    2.1 Explain your business in seconds
    2.2 Increase your Google presence
    2.3 Buy your site more exposure time
    2.4 Build the image for your company
    2.5 Explainer video is the most effective medium
    2.6 Grow your conversions
    2.7 People buy what they understand
  3. Why a blockchain explainer video is a good idea
  4. Tips for creating blockchain video
  5. FAQ

What Is A Blockchain Introduction Video?

First, let’s talk for a moment about what an introduction or explainer video is and why every small business needs one for their marketing.

Explainer videos have become customary over the last 10 years. They have been gaining popularity over the last couple of years, and have become a highly effective marketing tool for start-ups and tech companies.

But why are they so popular?

Animated marketing videos are cost-effective and offer a high return on your investment.

It’s a perfect marketing tool to attract visitors from social media platforms to your website. Also when people visit your website videos makes it easy for blockchain companies to inform their target audience about the key benefits and features of their products and services.

Blockchain Promotional Videos: Best Video Marketing Strategy For Blockchain Companies 2

Why Do I Need A Blockchain Video?

There are a lot of fact-based reasons why you should add this to your business marketing plan. When you maximize the perks of explainer videos, you get the most from your budget and the result will be exceptional. Let’s take a closer look.

Explain Your Business In Seconds

You have probably heard this many times: A video or photo is worth a thousand words. If applied properly, this is absolutely true.

Blockchain is a new technology. And if you make a research, you will find out that the most popular search about blockchain technology is “how does blockchain work” or “what is blockchain in simple word”. That’s where explainer video comes in.

Imagine thousands of words and impressions about your blockchain business or ICO can be conveyed in just a few seconds. You don’t need to rack your brains.  You can clarify what your company does simply and without confusion with creating what blockchain explanation video.

An introduction video breaks down complex ideas into easy-to-understand concepts that your customers and investors can digest in an engaging way.

You need to know that blockchain is a new technology for most people. That’s why it can be challenging to explain it to others in text or pictures. An introduction video can help people understand in 60 seconds.

Blockchain Explainer Video Will Increase Your Google Presence

As many of us know, Google has bought YouTube. YouTube has become the no.1 video hosting site in the world. It also ranks in the top 10 for all sites together worldwide. When you search for something on Google, you will see at least 1 YouTube video shown on the search engine result page. Google also pushes YouTube videos to the top of search results in an effort to increase viewership of the platform.

But don’t take my words for it. Go and google “blockchain videos” and you will see what I am talking about

blockchain video
blockchain video google

Buy Your Site More Exposure Time

Statistics show that most users will only spend around 50 seconds on a new site. Site content will likely fail without any visual aids like a blockchain technology video.

Explainer video has been proven as the most effective visual aid to help a site to get attention from visitors. Text is often overlooked or skimmed by your site visitors, but videos are proven to increase engagement. An explainer video can increase visit time on your website by a factor of five, including commenting, sharing, and decision making time.

Building The Image For Your Blockchain

If you have been around with cryptocurrencies for a while, you’ll agree that BitCoin has done a great job in explaining their model. BitCoin has established a unique brand image which has become familiar to most folks.

Well, guess what?

This particular blockchain company has used a lot of blockchain video to build their image successfully. Also, they did a great job with storytelling.

We all know that storytelling has been proven to be effective in anchoring emotions to brands. And people at Bitcoin do too. They created powerful stories that made the audience happy and remember them as the cause of that happiness and a bright future.

It is the true power of a good story that you can use with videos. You don’t need to be an expert storyteller to do this. Just consider all the times you tell a story to your friends or family and the response you get from that!

Why is it important then? Why should a blockchain company need additional promotional videos?

A well-done video promotes the image of the company. With a well-written narrative, sound effects, and video effects, it serves to engage a new audience. With such creative and imaginative content, you can touch a viewer’s heart. And, of course, they will pay more attention to your brand since the image is tied into it so well. You will thank your blockchain explainer video maker later.


Brand awareness is an important aspect of every blockchain company because everything new is hard to accept. So videos help “new” become “old friend”.

The video explainer can bring your brand to the forefront. Exciting and unique visuals allow your company to hit the right target. If you approach the right audience, they will be your brand promoters as well.

Imagine the viral effect that can be delivered by passionate brand promoters. They will share your site, page, and other content with their friends or relatives. Since they are trusted by their friends, family, and co-workers, your brand will be trusted too.

A Blockchain Introduction Video Is The Most Effective Medium

Blockchain introduction video will quickly grab attention and can explain details in just a few seconds.

We know that nowadays time is essential for most folks. People don’t want to waste their time reading long and hard understanding white paperswhitepapers


Only a small percentage of people prefer to spend their time reading on websites. And even then, it only lasts about the first 500-word description in your landing page.

But when you present bright and colorful visuals with a video at the top of the page, you will draw their attention. They will be hooked, and voluntarily watch the content.

video on bitcoin homepage

Explainer videos can also be played on mobile devices, allowing you to spread the word about your blockchain business. That mobile access provides a greater advantage than other promotional tools. As we know, mobile users tend to take in most content on their favorite screen. They love to watch videos on the go, while hanging out, etc. They are multi-taskers, so it’s another important reason to have a strong hook. This visual video content will draw their attention, for sure.

Grow Your Conversions

Starting new blockchain technology is a daunting experience for all startups. Conversions are the fuel to your business success. You can amp it up with a blockchain video. The statistics show that blockchain introduction or explainer videos can grow conversions by around 30 percent.

People Buy What They Understand

You can clarify the meaning of blockchain simply and without confusion. An explainer video breaks down complex ideas into easy-to-understand concepts that your customers can digest in an engaging way.

Explain Your Business In Seconds

1. Video works with all marketing channels. We’ve had clients use their videos for live presentations, trade shows, investor pitches, blog posts, social media, traditional media, and more.

2. You can make changes at any time and those changes will automatically update wherever your hosted video is embedded. If you need to change a logo, or a slogan, or anything, simply take your updated video and replace it in its original hosting location (probably YouTube or Vimeo), and that will automatically get pushed through to every embedded location!

3. You can explain your company, brand, and product to investors in one minute! Investors value their time more than anything else, and with a blockchain explainer video you can deliver your message to them so quickly, it will give you a big positive impression.

4. It presents a serious image to investors. Anyone can hand over a 25-page powerpoint presentation and a whitepaper. Showing potential investors a well-produced, high quality animated blockchain video shows that you’re serious about your business and idea.

5. The video can also be used for general marketing, ICO promotions, and whatever else you need it for down the line.

Tips for creating a blockchain video

1. When creating your blockchain explainer video, work with your marketing department or company so that you can plan your ICO announcement alongside it. That way, the information can be shared and you can save on costs by creating a video that can be modified to work for both. You can save up to 40% on end costs this way!

2. Always check with video production agencies to see their past examples. You want to work with someone who has great experience and compare pricing. For reference, here is our list of 30 top agencies you should consider.

3. Research agencies and their availability ahead of time. You want to allow at least 8 weeks to complete a video just to be safe and make sure they have enough time to create good work. You don’t want to show up to an investor pitch with a half-finished video!

4. There is a misconception that a blockchain explainer video needs to always be futuristic or tech-heavy in design. The truth is, the style should be what appeals most to your target audience. For example, in our Laclary video, the audience is regular grocery shoppers, so a natural style works best. For Buglab, the target is the cybersecurity space, so video in a more futuristic style is definitely appropriate.

5. Should I create my blockchain video in different languages? Yes. And no. English is fairly universal, but if you do marketing and promotion already in multiple languages, then creating the video in different languages would be a good complement to that. Plan on spending an additional $500-900 per language.

6. If you decide to create a video, do it with a professional company and consider budgeting around $3000. There are many new “template” video creation platforms advertising now, but they will not be custom, and viewers (whether investors or customers) will see right through it. It will make you look cheap, there’s no other way to say it. Your time and money are too important to waste in this area. Your video should be custom created from scratch to fit your brand, your needs, and your target audience!


How Long Should Be A Blockchain Company Animated Video

A blockchain explainer video should be short and precise, just long enough to grab attention and deliver the main message. Long videos with a lot of information tend to bore viewers.

How Can I Use My Video?

Blockchain product videos are useful for video marketing presentations, ICOs or ICO announcements, and  as explainer videos on a landing page or homepage. Also you can spread your video through social media channels (Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

How Long Does It takes to Create a Blockchain Introduction Video?

It usually takes 6-8 weeks.

What Information Do You Need For Starting The Video Production?

We work with the information you have. It’s always great if you can provide:
• White Paper
•Company Branding and Assets (logo, brand colors, fonts etc)
•Website or/and mobile app design
•Some style references
•Other info that will help us better understand your compan

How Much Does It Cost To Create A Blockchain Explainer Video?

A typical rate for a blockchain video usually falls between $4500 and $6500, depending on length, style, complexity, and quality level of the video.

Blockchain Promotional Videos: Best Video Marketing Strategy For Blockchain Companies 3

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