The Best 25 & Ico Marketing Videos

Get insight into the world of blockchain explainer & ICO marketing videos. Ready to launch your own ICO, there’s plenty of inspiration to be found here.

The Best 25 & Ico Marketing Videos

Blockchain. It’s the future. It’s revolutionary. It’s powerful. It’s… well, what is it?

Blockchain is the perfect example of an emerging technology that explainer videos can do wonders with. Sometimes, you want to simply mention it.

Other times, you want to go deeper with blockchain explainer video, like how it’s being used for your product. And other times still, it helps to share a detailed demonstration about how the technology works to help customers or investors understand what it is and why it’s so important.

So here now (in no particular order), as presented by the top 25 blockchain explainer & ICO marketing videos.

1. Buglab

Sometimes it can be tricky to create a video that explains highly technical concepts. In those cases, it is effective to use all the tools at your disposal. For Buglab, 2.5D and isometric were the way to go to get across the intricate details of the specialized platform they’ve developed for security penetration testers. You get a sense of the high production value of the video and the amount of work that went in to creating it, and that contributes a lot to its success

2. Civic

Civic’s video keeps things simple from the graphics to the message. It’s a B2C explainer video designed to give potential customers an overall insight into how the app works. It doesn’t delve too deep into the technology behind the scenes, but many times this is what you want when launching a promotional marketing B2C video before the ICO. Clean, simple, and tight, this video gets the job done with the basics.


You don’t often see ICO explainer videos using cute, cuddly cartoon animals. That’s probably why this video from Celsius Networks. You feel the plight of the bear, and root for him when he gets shut down by the mean animals at the bank. It’s a fun video, but it gets the message across too.

4. Game Gold Ico

ICO commercial

Sticking with the gaming trend, Game Gold ICO hits viewers with a powerful message. Like games? Like money? Get paid to do what you like to do. It’s an irresistible offer, and when it coincides with a great art style like the one in this video, you can’t help but have a winning video on your hands.

5. Bitcoin (By The Guardian)

The Guardian’s take on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is a must-watch. It’s Bitcoin blockchain explained simply, easily, and entertainingly in a couple of minutes. It does this so well, that if you’re still a little iffy on what it’s all about, this is a great video to watch to get up to speed. Also, the video is a curious mix of motion graphics production, live action, whiteboard, and more, creating what’s basically a digital version of mixed media. It’s one of the styles that probably shouldn’t work, but does because it’s done so well.

6. 4art

The brilliance in the video promoting the 4ART app is in its simplicity. The script has a single message, the pacing has plenty of breathing room without overwhelming you, and the art is flowing and beautiful to look at. This video is a great example of “a little goes a long way,” which is something we always try to help our partners keep in mind. We all want to share as much as possible about our businesses, but realistically, the simpler the message the better, especially when it comes to tech and blockchain.

7. Dubai Real Estate Blockchain

This video is simply a joy to view. It’s the type of video that you want to watch a couple of times to catch what you may have missed. It’s cute, funny, flows well stylistically, and the art is gorgeous. It’s also the kind of video that you forget is an ad, which is a testament to how well done it is. But, the message isn’t lost in the entertainment factor. The story stays on point, the visuals work with the script and don’t distract, and while you may get caught up with the “fun” for a moment, you’re always brought back in to the product.

8. Eloom

Here’s another great example of suburb style and beautiful art choices (love that transition of energy into a UPC code). But this video from Eloom also targets a major blockchain issue with their message. As a matter of fact, a report came out just this week regarding the massive amount of energy cryptocurrency mining requires. The report stated that it actually takes more energy to mine cryptocurrency than it takes to mine precious metals from the ground. Given that shocking news, I wouldn’t be surprised if eloom’s video starts getting spread around viral before long and helps them with the ICO. It’s always nice as a business to be ready to solve a problem right when everyone becomes aware of it.

9. Blockchain And Middlemen

An explainer video doesn’t always have to be selling something. Sometimes they can just be used as educational and informational sources, and that’s exactly the case here. A great piece by the TED Institute, this video is another great watch to get a baseline understanding of blockchain and how it can potentially change transactions. The message is clear, the visuals are simple and effective, and it feels quicker than the two minutes it actually plays for.

10. Scorum

If you ever needed proof that blockchain can be utilized for anything, Scorum is it. The platform is based on using cryptocurrency to reward people who like to debate about sports online. Is there a market for that? Apparently there because this video helped them raise over five million U.S. dollars with their ICO. It will be interesting to see how their product develops from here on. As far as the video is concerned, it captures well the energy and excitement of being involved in pro sports beyond just watching them. That recipe obviously made a big impact on their success.

11. Patron

Patron’s video success is found in its uniqueness. Moving away from the same style and narrative that is common to other ICO videos, it instead goes with a cyberpunk art design. Even the VO has a distortion to lend to the message that they are here to disrupt the way social media influencing works. The message is short and clear – invest in the ICO if you want to be part of the future.

12. Tempo Ico

Here’s the first blockchain video on our list created to target an ICO, or Initial Coin Offering. It’s a quick video, but it conveys the message well and gives a detailed description of the Tempo coin. The strong call to action at the end is also a powerful addition. The visuals, music, and VO are all designed to be upbeat and happy, establishing a positive, energetic attitude.

13. Chain

There are times when ugly, messy visuals work. Chain’s ICO explainer video shows how. It starts by showing “how things are”, represented by overwhelming designs, lines, and mazes. Then, right when you get tired of looking at the jumble of it all, the style flips to clean, simple, and beautiful. You immediately associate Chain with the solution they are offering. Chain is clean, Chain is simple, Chain is beautiful. It’s a long-used technique, but it’s an effective one.

14. Millioncoin

Bright, vibrant colors grab your attention right out of the gate, hooking you in to MillionCoin’s ICO explainer video. It hits you with what it is, gives you a few supporting features, and moves you right into the call to action. Quick, focused, and digestible.

15. Itrue

ITrue is another video with a twist in production. Multiple voices are used to express different points of view, making it something you’re likely to give more attention to. The separate voices also create a conversational atmosphere, taking some of the heaviness out of the tech-intensive features that the product provides. It’s an interesting video, and it makes things engaging that are often tricky to get people to pay attention to for longer periods of time.

16. Ripple

It’s weird to say that a video that is only five years old is already a “classic,” but that’s how fast things move now. The Ripple introductory video works because of two major advantages. First, the script is strong and powerful. It’s the kind of script every copywriter strives to create. Second, the style is a kind of hand-drawn design, which is in stark contrast to the advanced technology its marketing. That style adds a humanity and a warmth to the message, something that works quite well.

17. Algory

Another great mix of strong script and warm, friendly art, this video from Algory makes the list because of its surprise ending. Just when you may be about to check out (because hey, that’s what we do sometimes after watching something for a minute), Algory throws a surprise twist at you like an after-credits superhero movie scene. Then, when you’re paying attention again, they hit you with the CTA. Great work.

18. Earth Token

Not everything about the future has to feel cold and bleak. Earth Token delivers a great message with outstanding art. It’s a project that got attention because of its message, but also because of their ability to show that blockchain doesn’t have to just be used for finance and transactions, but also for protecting natural habitats and our own planet.

19. Remme

Everyone hates passwords. Remme taps into that emotion, and clearly explains their solution to the problem with a great script and great design. By the time you get to the end of their animated explainer video, you know exactly what their product is, and exactly the issue we all have that they promise to fix.

20. Achain

Part of the success of AChain’s video is credited to the first ten seconds. Metaphors are a fantastic way to hook viewers in, and AChain starts their blockchain explainer video with three quick visual metaphors in a row. We often talk about how the first ten seconds are the most important piece of the video to get right, and AChain knocks it out of the park with theirs.

21. Cloudbric

Cloudbric’s video contains some of the best visual representations we’ve seen of cyber defense and compromised data. It can be difficult to turn ones and zeros into any sort of effective visual, but they pull it off nicely with their video.

22. Qwin

Sound design can be an important part of an explainer video. Many times it isn’t utilized. It may not be in the budget, an agency may not offer it, or a client may not even know it’s an option. When used well, additional sound effects like those you hear in the Qwin video can have a major positive impact. You can feel the sports car revving its engine, and it pulls you deeper into the video than if there were no sound effect at all.

23. eBonus

With a unique art style and funny visuals (make sure you catch the game parodies toward the end), eBonus grabs your attention from the beginning and never lets go. It’s a fun video and another great example of what creative design can bring to the table.

24. Parsiq

This is a blockchain explainer video that goes a bit deeper, explaining how Parsiq works. It gives just enough information about how blockchain works to establish trust in the process. The visuals add a friendly and informative element, hooking the viewer in.

25. Noia Network

Our final video showcases another tough-to-explain concept with easy-to-understand visuals. And that’s how it should be done with blockchain explainer videos. Break it down, make it easy to understand, and most of all, make it engaging. NOIA Network does all of those things well.


I hope you enjoyed these videos. More importantly, I hope they gave you some insight into the world of blockchain explainer videos. Whether you’re casually interested in how blockchain or cryptocurrencies work, or you’re a CEO ready to launch your own ICO, there’s plenty of inspiration to be found here. And if you are ready to launch an ICO, or you’re a part of a blockchain based company, we’re always available to answer any questions you may have about creating your own blockchain explainer video. Contact us any time!

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