Top 10 Most Effective 90 seconds explainer videos

We thoroughly break down 10 effective 90 second animated explainer videos. Each video takes a different approach to promote engagement and drive conversions.

Top 10 Most Effective 90 seconds explainer videos

In our current digital landscape, 90 seconds can seem like an eternity. While there are situations where you need a short, concise video to hook consumers, there's a massive upside to producing longer content.

90 seconds allows you to layout a value proposition, tell a story, and highlight the critical features of your product or service.In this post, we will break down 10 of the most compelling animated explainer videos. There is so much you can learn by evaluating video content that is proven.

After reading, you will have a much better understanding of successful 90-second animated explainer videos and how to implement the format in your content marketing strategy.

1. Carakit

Animation is an incredible marketing tool that can turn any copy into an engaging and influential sales pitch. The 90 seconds video above utilizes 2D animation. Using a professional approach for the concept and style, the creators develop an emotional bond with the viewer and promote their services in an engaging manner.

Carakit’s 90 - second marketing video shows how 2D motion graphics can express a problem through storytelling. The simple explainer video then offers a solution increasing confidence around the business.

2. Lifetime of Adventure

The 90-second explainer video from Matchbox is a medium length for explainers,  perfect for creating a brand introduction.

Matchbox created this beautiful explainer video to address the company’s values and its commitment to sustainability.

After watching the explainer video, you’re assured that 90 seconds is clearly enough to explain the product benefits, highlight your brand mission, and tell a meaningful story.

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3. Why Your Gums Bleed

Today, explainer videos are everywhere; no industry can't benefit from the ability to communicate and engage with consumers.

The Guardian Labs is one of the largest media companies that created this fantastic and high converting 90-second explainer video for Corsodyl. They made a spectacular video discussing a particular type of gum disease while subtly advertising the actual product.

By focusing on information rather than selling, they don't overwhelm the viewer. The video explains the disease in a compelling way and hints at a solution; this strategy is known as a hidden sale.

The lesson we can take from this video is that the less we push our product in the video, the better impression we'll have.

4. Google – Digital Wellbeing

The advantage of choosing a 90-second video is that you'll have time to detail and highlight the benefits of the product. 90 seconds of video gives you around 180-240 words for your script, which means setting a more precise and digestible explanation.

Google has a reputation for producing quality content. The technology giant takes a minimalistic approach concentrating attention on the narrator; a great example is the ''Digital Wellbeing'' video above. The video provides simple explanations within the 90-second timeframe and achieves a natural flow keeping the audience engaged till the last second.

5. Combating Discrimination

An explainer video is a beneficial tool that helps viewers understand complex ideas. In addition, video content allows new brands to engage with potential customers. No matter the length of your video, the main goal is to create a clear message.

In the above 90-second animated explainer, Airbnb uses gorgeous visuals and a clear explanation leaving the viewer with a better understanding of the brand and its project on overcoming discrimination when booking and hosting.

6. William Penn Foundation

Many agencies will tell you that a 90-second explainer video is too long, but the reality is that it's an unfounded statement. The length is dictated by your topic and the story you're going to tell. As long as your content is interesting and offers value, you can make your videos as long as needed.

The ''William Penn Foundation'' video successfully delivers a visually stunning and exciting explanation. In 90-seconds, it keeps the viewers interested and intrigued. In addition, the video features a warm and colorful design that makes the viewer keep watching until the last frame.

7. Permission to Move - Three Easy Steps to Recover from Chronic Pain

Keeping the viewer engaged for more than 15 seconds is a massive challenge; motion graphics designers must think of creative ways to make their audience stay interested in the content.

"Permission To Move - Three Easy Steps to Recover from Chronic Pain" features an elegant design that can give viewers ideas on how we can combine animation techniques with various styles. The 90-second animated explainer video changes every 5 or 10 seconds, leaving the impression that you have just watched several different episodes of the same video. With so much adversity and enjoyable animation, the content feels much shorter than 90 seconds.

The lesson we can take from this video is the importance of visuals. Putting the time into creating stunning animations with a focus on creativity will yield optimal results.

8. Change Explaner Video

Storytelling is one of the best formats that make an explainer video more entertaining; it is also a great way to build a personal relationship with your audience. 90 seconds is just long enough to form a solid premise and get the viewer invested. The “Change” video above is an excellent example of utilizing storytelling in an explainer video.

While the way Microsoft changed Wunderlist is controversial, we love how they communicate the change in the explainer video. Drawing parallels with a real-life situation gave the creators a unique angle to communicate their decision.

“Change” proves nothing is impossible with creative thinking; a simple explanation could be turned into a captivating story.

9. New Mindset

The design is the first thing the viewer comes across when watching your video. You only have one chance to make a first impression; the stronger it is, the better your likelihood of attracting them. The ‘talking head’ featured in the video provides its unique visual, pulling the viewer in and keeping them intrigued while delivering a simple explanation of mental health problems.

10. What is Figma?

One of the reasons people select animated explainer videos is that they offer a highly organic idea presentation.

Utilizing different colors and shapes helps concentrate the viewer's attention and focus on the video's narrative.

The "Figma" hypnotizes the viewers with different mesmerizing graphic animations. All the elements in this video reflect the voice-over escort. The visualization is filled with graphics that make the narration clearer and more understandable.

"Figma" should serve as evidence that motion elements can be turned into highly converting marketing content.


How many words in 90 seconds

In general, a 90-second video will have around 210-250 words, although this can vary depending on the pace and style. On average, a typical 90-second explainer video contains 225 words.

Final Words

90-second animated explainer videos allow you to shape your brand's narrative to drive conversions. When applicable, the extended time can be utilized to create a story, build brand credibility, and provide a call to action. If you need help adding 90-second explainer videos to your marketing strategy, contact our animation professionals at Yans Media for a free consultation.

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